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Re: hashimoto's thyroiditis and urine therapy
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: hashimoto's thyroiditis and urine therapy


I went the urine route with my thyroid about 7 years ago. The system won't let me log in under my original login - but if you search under tiratu - I think I posted for while at the time - but have not been back since. Don't know if I gave these instructions....

I have Hashis too.

There is a lot I could write, but it is late here, I am majorly tired and the good news about UT is that it is simple, simple, simple.

So I can be brief and you will get results. D'oh! Showing is brief - writing not so...

Aaaaaanyway - really, really good results.

Drinking is great. I drank pretty much everything. Keep doing that.

I wore the following to bed every night for 3 months. I felt calmer and clearer by the day, slept like a baby and had energy to burn. If I missed a day, my husband could tell just by looking at me.

Around the 3 month mark of doing this, I woke up one morning and realised I felt FANTASTIC. Really, really fantastic. Two weeks later, at the age of 40 and with no other intervention, I was pregnant for the first time ever, after trying for 8 years. My son is now 5 and a half years old.

For the thyroid gland itself, for an even more direct approach, you will need the following - or your own method of achieving the same. If you do come up with an easier/better way of doing this, please post. :)

You basically want to make a what I call a pee pad for your thyroid - but you could a urine delivery device UDD for short, if you prefer. ;)

You will need what is called magic tape over here - it is just regular tape, but has a frosted appearance, so that when you wrap with it, it looks invisible. Out of all the tapes I have tried so far, it works the best. Not too sticky when it comes to removal, but sticky enough to do the job. And watertight.

Cotton wool squares - or circles if you like :) - you can also go the fluffy route if that is all you have, but I find them a little difficult to manage.

Syringe - preferably with a needle, but you can use a regular medicine measuring type syringe without a needle if you prefer - just not quite as tidy.

And pee. I just used fresh and it worked fine.

OK - I find the best order in which to do things is the following.

Take about 7 strips of tape, about 8 inches long and lay them down with a good quarter inch of overlap lengthways, so that you have essentially taped them together to make a large square. Large enough to basically cover the whole of the front of your throat and thereby, also your thyroid.

Be careful to handle the sticky part of the tape around all the edges as little as possible. As you will see later, good stickiness creates a good water tight seal.

At the centre of the square you have made, place enough cotton wool to cover your thyroid, but at the same time, leaving about an inch of perimeter cotton free and sticky. Press the cotton wool down. I usually put three to four layers of the squares, so that they can absorb a good amount of pee.

You now want to stick this to your neck. You also want to be able to move your head once you have done so.

Note, you will not be sealing the top straight away if you have a needless syringe. You will need the top open to squirt in the urine - WITHOUT wetting the unsealed tape - once wet - no seal and try not to touch it. It loses stickiness easily and then you have the dreaded leak.

So - carefully lift it all up - lift your chin up - so your skin is stretched - and starting at the bottom of your neck with the bottom of the square, firmly press, down and smooth the bottom tape onto your neck. NOT the sides yet.

Then turn your head with your chin still raised, to one side and stick that side firmly down.

Then turn your head the other way and do the other side.

If you don't do this and just stick it all down, the moment you turn your head, the tape comes unstuck and you spring a leak.

Syringe enough urine, so that cotton is soaked and seal the top.

If you notice any leaks at this point, all is not yet lost. You don't necessarily need to start again. Wipe the leaky area gently with cotton and apply more tape. Best to stick a few pieces together first and then apply.

The advantage of the needle syringe is that you can completely stick down and seal the dried pad and then from the tippy top, syringe through the tape and then put a sealer tape on that - it also means you can top up without breaking your seal.

Oh!!! Important. Don't go for some super sealant tape or similar. It will rip your skin off. OUCH! The advantage of this tape is that it sticks well enough to be water tight and yet normally, comes off without taking your skin with it. Though, since I moved countries, my skin has changed and I find that it leaves a 'burn' after. Moisturising a good hour before hand, so that everything is fully absorbed seems to mitagate that a lot.

That's it in a nutshell.

Good luck and the best to you.


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