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There ARE other ways to heal your gallbladder besides liver flushes!
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Published: 17 years ago

There ARE other ways to heal your gallbladder besides liver flushes!

HI----After having gallbladder problems for over 3 YEARS, I finally found something that has worked for me! I have been doing this for one month now and am down from ALL-DAY ATTACKS that continued for a week, to 1-2 episodes of five-minute back pain! The "distended feeling under my right rib" is gone! It is worth a try, easier than these flushes------with no risk of stones getting stuck in ducts, vomiting excessively, possible visits to ER, drinking foul-tasting stuff, etc. Here is what I did to get rid of my pain!

EVERY NIGHT, castor oil packs using castor oil with a heating pad, usually 2-3 hours at a time...(perfectly safe to use, old remedy, I have been doing this now for a month)
Daily, drink APPLE JUICE AND GRAPE JUICE as well as loads of water. NO fried or fatty foods. No chocolate!

Daily supplements:

Taurine (an amino acid) 2000 mg daily----mice were made to get Gallstones by chemical induction and then given taurine daily and all the mice's Gallstones disappeared! (Taurine is known as the "savior of the gallbladder!")

Milk thistle--(cleanses and repairs LIVER) ---3 capsules per day

N-acetyl cysteine (amino acid---1200 mg daily

Beet root (500 mg-----6 capsules per day)
Spirulina---six 500 mg capsules per day--(green SUPERFOOD--this will REALLY clean you out!)
Calcium/Magnesium Citrate w/Vit D----3 caps daily (relaxes muscle spasms in the back)
Chamomile capsules----4 per day---an antispasmodic---relaxes back spasms
Hydrangea Root Tincture (liquid)---2 dropperfuls per day (yucky taste!)
Vitamin C----2000 mg daily and Vitamin E-----400 IU daily

At these doses, all 10 of these supplements are safe----the most expensive one is the N-acetly cysteine, (about $15)

All these cost me about $40 month----way less than the $10-15,000 for GB surgery....give it a try if you don't want to try flushes! I am certainly glad I did! Good luck to all!


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