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Re: Is the Liver Cleanse Bullsh*t? -- n/m

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Is the Liver Cleanse Bullsh*t? -- n/m

[These excerpts taken from Andreas Moritz ' website include a personal response to skeptic naturopathic author Michael T. Murray]

"Responses to Those doubting the value of the liver flush"

Responding to detractor of the liver flush
Q. Would you comment on this article: The "Truth" about Liver /Gallbladder Flush
from Quackwatch comments?

A. This doctor seems very sarcastic to me, which makes me suspicious about his true
motivations or insecurities (often revealed by usage of such words as "disgusting"). He
certainly has never done a Liver Flush himself, which doesn't make him a good
candidate for what he is talking about. His medical explanations are one-sided and at
least partially medically incorrect or outright false. Many of these doctors are actually
employees of the pharmaceutical industry intending to curb the spread of the
alternative medicine movement. Seeing his other articles, this would not surprise me.
I have worked with the Liver Flush since the early 1990s. It certainly saved my own
life, after 40 gallstone attacks and nothing else being able to help me. My 240-page book
The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush ( is the most comprehensive,
medically correct work in this field. It is being used and recommended by thousands of
doctors and at least a million people around the world. It also provides the necessary
information on colon cleansing in combination with liver flushing, which is very
important, as well as the kidney cleanse procedure, and information about how to avoid
making new stones, etc.

Responding to critical doctors
Q. How do you respond to the doctors who say that this Liver Flush isn't doing
anything useful?

A. I think it is their loss, believing what others say about something with which they
have no experience or haven't even tested. The idea that you can make soap stones in
the intestines was first promoted by Dr. Weil and Dr. Anderson, who had their own
reasons (liver products to sell) to discourage their patients from doing liver flushes.
With all due respect to Dr. Murray (see following), it would help him if he actually
studied medicine and learned that Gallstones do not just occur in the gallbladder but
also in the liver. Johns Hopkins University calls them intrahepatic biliary gallstones,
made mostly of cholesterol, colored pea green the same as the ones that you release
during liver flushes. I trust Johns Hopkins more than Dr. Murray in that respect (see
diagram at bottom in this link).


If he checked the archives of medical schools and looked for dissected livers, he
would also find numerous pictures of large numbers of these stones bulging from the
liver's many bile ducts. German medicine is starting to discover this now. Many of the diseased people now undergo autopsies of their liver and doctors find these stones to be
extremely common. An old friend of mine from 30 years ago recently died of cancer
in Germany. The autopsy revealed that he had over 70,000 of these stones in the liver!
Another friend with chronic hepatitis, who died from a heart attack, had over 50,000
Now you can drink a glass of olive oil or sunflower oil without any of the other
ingredients and still pass stones (I can attest to that) because oil/fats trigger the
gallbladder and bile secretions. And if there are stones in the gallbladder (calcified or
non-calcified), they will also come out along with the bile. But this can cause some of
them to become stuck in the common bile duct and trigger a gallstone attack because
the stones were not softened with malic acid beforehand and the bile ducts were not
relaxed with Epsom Salts , etc.
It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people can believe that somehow a cocktail of
oil and grapefruit juice miraculously turns into pea green cholesterol stones, loaded
with bacteria producing putrid smells. These couldn't possibly be caused by Epsom
salts because that is gone from the stomach or intestines two hours after ingesting it.
The apple juice or malic acid is nowhere to be found 8 hours after taking the last sips on
the days of the flush. And what about the hard, fully calcified white stones many
people pass during liver flushes? Where are they coming from if not from the
gallbladder? It takes years, not moments, to make such rock-hard stones. Many people
with a diagnosis of Gallstones in the gallbladder did Liver Flushes and passed them
painlessly, and afterwards the ultrasound scan revealed no more stones. Besides, when
patients recover from chronic illnesses and pain in the body after cleaning out their
livers in this way, it makes one think, not doubt.
Before I did my liver flushes, I tried all kinds of liver cleanses, such as herbs, enteric
peppermint oil, spices (including tons of turmeric), but I did not pass a single stone and
continued having gallstone attacks (a total of 40). Just after one liver flush during which
I passed 500 stones (certainly more than half a cup of olive oil could produce), I never
had another attack in my life. After 12 flushes in the 1990s, and now 10 years later, I
have no more stones. The theory that the cleanse ingredients form stones falls apart
simply for that reason. I do the flush once every year using the exact same ingredients,
yet no stones!
It is sad that some well-respected practitioners such as Dr. Murray let themselves be
influenced and fooled by people who know nothing about the subject, without even
checking out the procedure or going through one themselves. But again, it's their loss
and the loss of those who miss out on a great healing method.

Skepticism from a naturopathic doctor

Q. Andreas-- Have you seen the attached article saying Liver Flushes do not clear out
gallstones? It seems others have investigated this situation just like I did in 1981 and
found the same thing. What is passing with the flush are NOT Gallstones – they are
formed in the GI tract. Sincerely, Michael T. Murray, N.D.

A. Michael- I am very well aware of the anti-liver flush movement and its tactics of
deception. This is one such example: There is a journalist (not a health practitioner) who
has made a niche by collecting all sorts of information and rewriting it into books. He is
a great marketing and copywriting expert who knows how to persuade people. He
follows up on anything that is popular and writes either for it or against it. His range of
topics cover what most people want to know. In this instance, he tries to divert the huge
Liver Cleansing market to his website through excellent web-marketing tools. Had he
just put out what he is trying to sell, he wouldn't get much traffic. So he posts
something that looks convincing, like a published letter in The Lancet, making it appear
to be a proven fact. However, what appeared in the Lancet is not a study that requires
peer review, but "correspondence," which is basically someone sharing an opinion.
It is naive to believe that everything written in an established journal is true. There
was actually a paper published by the Lancet earlier that showed Liver Flushes work,
and the previously mentioned correspondence letter was written to dispute that. As I
stated, to expel these intrahepatic gallstones (which consists of organic matter such as
cholesterol) and calcified gallstones from the gallbladder, you don't even need any of
the other cleanse ingredients but olive oil, sunflower oil or any other oil. Try it out for
yourself and you will see the evidence. The problem comes when the stones that are
released get stuck and trigger an attack. The other cleanse ingredients are used to
prevent that attack. Why do think so many people have gallstone attacks after eating a
lot of fatty foods? Well, they pass these same stones.
If you think that these stones, green sludge, etc. are also just products of your
digestive system, I must doubt your good sense of judgment. So, if in addition to the oil
ingested, you add citrus fruit juice (another trigger of bile secretion), and malic acid
(doesn't have to be apple juice) for several days before the cleanse, does this make the
strong bile discharge any less pronounced? No, because the fat is the main trigger. I
personally suffered 40 gallstone attacks before my first liver flush, usually after
drinking high fat milk, a fatty steak, or eggs (the number one trigger of gallstone
attacks). I don't wish a gallstone attack on you but, if you ever have one, try to
remember this tip. It can save your gallbladder and a lot of other problems.
The liver flush community is very strong in New Zealand with incredible recoveries
from chronic diseases, and the medical establishment is becoming concerned about the
competition. I cannot speak for these people and organizations; it's a mystery to me
why they have such a need to discredit other practices and methods that have helped
hundreds of thousands of people regain their health and overcome some terrible
diseases. I know that it saved my own life and that of numerous others. These people
will have to deal with what they are doing in their own heart. I wish them well.

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