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Re: Has anyone read "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Has anyone read "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton?

Yes, my first read of it was 12 years ago.

Funny you should bring this book up right now .....

12 years ago, I was going through a really, really tough time. I had not long split up with my then husband and was having quite a yucky time - working full time and looking after my twin boys, then aged four. I had no support structure as we had moved to an area away from friends and family.

I'd started on a quest for deeper Spiritual understanding and I would spend a lot of time in crystal shops ...

One day, the kids and I were in this beautiful little crystal shop and a little old lady came up to me and told me her guide had asked her to pass me a message. The message was "Go to Glastonbury for the day and drink water from the Chalice Wells."

I hadn't been to Glastonbury before, and it was a 6 hour round trip by car. I wasn't sure if the lady was genuine or not but I needed a break ... so I took a day off work, dropped the kids at nursery school and set off.

As I arrived in Glastonbury, I felt very good. I didn't know then that this was such a special place, steeped in spiritual history. Most people in the UK refer to Glastonbury as the heart chakra of Europe. It is our equivalent to your Sedona.

As I wondered around, I felt drawn to enter a book shop. All the books were on spiritual subjects and I felt overwhelmed at the choice. The book shop keeper came up to me and said: "You don't need to look at the books, I know the book your Soul is looking for" and he then picked up 'Journey of Souls' and passed it to me. I bought it and then went to sit in Chalice Wells and drink the water from the spring and that is when I started reading it.

Everything in that book rang true for me ... and still does. I have reread it several times since. (I also think there is a lot more than the book covers, however, it is possible that Micahel Newton was blocked from receiving it all)

On to the present ....

Last year, I kept feeling this urge to move to Glastonbury ... a really deep calling. (Eventhough I had only visited 3 times since, each time for a day) but I couldn't see that there was any logic to just sell up and go .. especially because my partner was against it and my kids were at an important time in their education. However, everytime I would be quiet .. I would hear Glastonbury .. calling me.

Something else about Glastonbury: In total, I had been there 4 times over the last decade, a day each time. And every time I was there, people would follow me. Not in a spooky way, but in a way as if they were following someone who was famous. People would come up and talk to me, treat me like I was really fascinating .. want to know about me. I felt very at home there, just wondering around.

To bring this story to NOW. A couple of weeks ago, I was channeled a message ... and this time, I was told to take an extended vacation in Glastonbury!!! I was quite taken aback as you can imagine. I asked if I was meant to live there and the answer was "No ... the reason you feel so good about Glastonbury is that one of your lifetimes was in Glastonbury and it was one of your most enjoyable lifetimes. In that life, you were very connected to mother Earth and was 100% supported in every way. It was a time of great power that was used wisely. BUT this time, you are to go to Glastonbury so that you remember how it felt in every way and ground yourself again in that energy. This time, you will be able to bring the essence of Glastonbury back with you to your locality and RECREATE the essence of Glastonbury in your community"

I was also told that my one-to-one therapy work with people was limiting me and that it would be more beneficial for me to work in medium sized groups. (That makes a lot of sense to me in many ways)

Within a few days, the opportunity of taking a 1 month vacation to Glastonbury opened up ... everything just fell into place - the right accomodation, the right situation for me to be able to leave all my responsibilities and know that it will all be looked after

.. so I am leaving the middle of January.

As you can imagine, I'm very excited about going!

This is Chalice Wells:

This is about Glastonbury:


Maya XX


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