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Re: Rock-based Calcium (and other rock-based minerals)
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Rock-based Calcium (and other rock-based minerals)

I know you mean well and you truly believe what your saying, and that there is a truth to what your saying, but we cannot miss the bigger picture.

We have to put things in perspective and like the readings of Hulda Clark that would make anyone paranoid of their surroundings, it's un-necessary. We cannot avoid toxins nor organisms around us, but what we can do is control the conditions within our body and the amount we are exposed to.

the less that goes in and the more that comes out - cleansing, then we will not accumulate and cause ourselves dis-ease. Perfection is not normal or healthy cause it can't be achieved nor should it. It's all about balance and sressing someone over something un-necessary is unhealthy.

In any event, do you believe that the information from
Weston Price Foundation is incorrect and not factual?

From your posts you seem to continuously make an argument that due to the number of insults that we are exposed to in our diet and environment today, that we are somewhat different in body and circumstance to ages ago, but i'd have to say that for the most part, our bodies have not changed and we can create our own world which is what is so special about this life. You can choose to live it the way you want and you will earn your results whether good or bad.

Not much has changed, we all need to eat, sleep, satisfy ourselves sexually and emotionally, and go to the bathroom. The body has been the same for ages, needs to be nourished and cleansed. Then our interpretation of what that means, and how to get results, can only be obtained through experience, again why we are here, to live it and know it, then can't question someone who's lived and breathed it.

i've suffered from so many serious ealth challenges, and got out of them !!! Nobody can really tell me that I don't truly understand them cause i've probably been in their shoes, very little unfortunately i haven't experienced with conditions and disease. Thankfully i'm grateful that it has blessed me !!! That is i understood it enough to not become extinct but to continue to help mankind with my understanding which is how i got into this to begin with.

I try to save people time, money, aggravation and stress. Cause all too often, the simple is complicated and seemingly complex, AND LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WASTE IT WORRYING ABOUT HEALTH, CAUSE ONCE YOUR HEALTHY, YOU HAVE THE LUXURY OF NOT HAVING TO THINK ABOUT YOUR STATE OF HEALTH.

In any event...

Can you explain why vegans and vegetarians suffer ill health and once I adjust their diet to include dairy and meats they turn around considerably !! I understand it now and how that works being a holistic practitioner now for a full decade and have also followed the works of Christopher and Schulze.

I think everyone has something to offer and no one person is right on all accounts, including myself. I try to put all the pieces together that is out there and keep it all in perspective and still keep an open mind.

I believe that vegetarianism and veganism, although initially successful for a short time, is NOT healthy long-term ans many find out and understand that now and why, etc. I think those dr's meant well, but there is more to it. Details would require a book lol In any event, i'd love to have a conversation with you sometime.


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