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Healing The Body From Mandatory Vaccinations
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Published: 15 years ago

Healing The Body From Mandatory Vaccinations

Carefully look through the lists below for what to get now- to keep on hand in the event they make us take these vaccines.

Here's some extra info I saved from newsletters and forum replies to questions regarding this:

NaturalNews Tip of the day:

If you ever find yourself forced to take a vaccine injection (if the health authorities force mandatory vaccinations at gunpoint, for example), you can help protect yourself by loading up on microalgae (spirulina, astaxanthin, chlorella), superfoods and raw vegetables juices for 14 days before your vaccine injection. Vaccines are most likely to harm those who are nutritionally deficient.

If you want to fight the cold or flu (including the H1N1 virus), consider using the Homeopathic remedy Gelsenium. During the Spanish Flu it was used by many people who subsequently did not experience any symptoms. You can buy it at many health food stores and Homeopathic centres. Be sure to take it at the onset of any symptoms of a cold or flu. Compliments of: Richard Robbins, Amateur Naturopath Toronto, Ontario"

Hello everyone,

In the event Obama requires every U.S. citizen to be vaccinated against this overhyped Swine Flu "pandemic"-- or if you regularly get vaccines as a member of the military or nursing profession, then....
here is a list of things I've found online- and given to me by herbal and health experts that you can take a week before and at least a month after any mandatory vaccine. These things are also safe for your children (and even housepets for many of the herbs and oils.)

From what I understand-- if we must get these swine flu vaccines, there will be a series of THREE for each citizen of the U.S. - One regular seasonal flu shot- and two swine flu shots taken 21 days apart.

Don't forget ,too, that they are not going to be testing these vaccines a heck of a lot- because as per a bill former president Bush passed over a year ago, in the event of a "pandemic", the pharma companies are not required to thoroughly test vaccines because the priority is on getting them pushed out to the public fast. Also, our rights were taken away to sue pharmacuetical companies if we have any side effects from immunizations. The pharmacuetical companies and government covered their behinds very well legally during the last bird flu scare a few years ago.

First and foremost, put this situation before God's Throne-. We need to take responsibility for our personal health now more than ever.

Starting now, we all should be paying extra attention to our immune system. This entails eating more raw fruits and veggies (cleaned with veggie wash from pesticides) and drinking more water, herb teas or juices throughout the day. Cut back on refined sugars.. --- ESPECIALLY during the times of innoculations. Refined Sugars will lower the immune system and actually encourage yeast and candidas conditions in the body that vaccines and anti-biotics tend to create .

You want to start excersizing-- not overdoing it, though, because your body loses anti-oxidents during strenous workouts. If you do workout like that, then be sure to replenish your immune system by drinking some rich antioxident juices like Mangosteen juice, etc. During the time of any immunizations-- make sure to take it easy to give your body an edge. Do alot of stretching and low maintenance exersize to help keep your lymphatic system moving. Brushing your skin with a natural bristle brush every morning will also help keep the lymphatic system flowing as well.. something to keep in mind. Also washing yourself with hot water then switching to very cold water right afterwards will help keep the lymph system moving.

We need to make sure we are getting enough sleep- to help raise our immune system levels at the Cellular level. And we need to take advantage of any Sun that is out that day- and spend at least 15-20 minutes out there in the Sun hitting the skin without Sunscreen, so that your body can make vitamin D. Not enough vitamin D by the time September/October hits, will not exactly help your immune system withstand any flu- nor even mandatory vaccinations which weaken the immune system even further.

Same with lack of sleep as sleep helps the cells rebuild and helps organs , hormones and all systems in the body- as well as fights depression. If you can't get to sleep - I recommend Valerian Tea or capsules. I found out by accident that Valerian herb fights insomnia. I drank a cup of it just for the fun of it and got really sleepy-- and could'nt understand why. Then I read a day later that it beats insomnia. it works!. Alvita Teas sells Valerian/Mint --Plain valerian tea smells horrible, but it tastes awesome.

Okay with that said, here is a list of things to buy now and keep on hand in the event of any possible mandatory vaccinations.

Take a week before and the day of: Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids- take three times a day the week of and afterwards. This will help in detoxification and prepare the body and immune system.

The Things to start taking right after the immunizations.

1. Vaccine Detox--

homeopathic tincture. $12.99 at

For adults and children 12 years and older take 15-20 drops under the tongue every 1-2 hours until symptoms are improved or relieved.

2. Fulvic Acid-

This is not an acid but an organic mineral complex found in certain areas like the Himilayas, etc. It detoxes heavy metals as well as is an extreemly magnificant antioxidant from the crap that we would undoubtedly get from those stupid vaccines. I googled it online and there are many places that sell it-- some places sell 32 oz's of it for $20.00 . It was successfuly tested in clinical trials in China for bad lung disorders. So if you were even to get the swine flu, and pnuemonia was an issue, this would be the thing to take even then as well. A great deal for this is found at:!32&keyword=2Afulvic+acid2A&match_type=content&gclid=CIX7q42xvJsCFRJxxwodBQIyAw

3. Astaxanthin-

This I found over at for very inexpensive. I think it is only $9.99 or so a bottle of capsules there depending on the brand. It is extracted from micro-algea and is more powerful than vitamin E. It is also known as vitamin X and is effective in treating arthritis, moscle soreness, back pain, joint pain (Joe, take note!) and other chronic pains. It crosses the blood brain barrier so that it can protect your nervous system from damage-- especially the damage caused by vaccines!! This is what can help towards preventing Gullian Barre Syndrome- as well as Vitamin C taken before and after the shots. I would go with 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C-- and make it the type that has the bioflavonoids.. as natural as possible.

According to Mike Adams from Truth Publishing, it is also documented for antiviral effects.

4. Sodium Alginate-

This is the greatest stuff to take in sponging up heavy metals from the body-- and it works great with mercury. In fact, I used this when I was detoxing from mercury after I had my metal fillings replaced. Sometimes detoxing from heavy metals gives you temporary side effects as some of the mercury gets dragged around in the organs during detox. Algin will sponge absorb it up and push it right out of your colon. Drink a big glass of water or juice when you take this.

5. Vitamin C and Vitamin E--

(only the natural version E which is d-tocopherol and NOT dl-tocopherol- the imitation lab copied Vitamin E is toxic) Take this before-- the day of -- and continually afterwards to help the body as it tries to detox from all the crap injected in the bloodstream. These will help your veins and bloodstream and are valuable anti-oxidants. Take with a meal or snack-- not with a glass of water so you can absorb them better. It enhances the strength of vitamin C when taken along with it.

6. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes. --

Take and eat anything with probiotics -- yogurt, raw sauer kraut , Kefir (has high amounts of probiotics)
at least get some of those probiotic capsules from the healthfood stores. This will help the immune system withstand invasion from viruses and other crap they will be adding in those vaccines..

7. Pau D' Arco--

This is an herb that you can get in tea form or capsule. It is very anti-viral and anti-biotic. Start taking this right after the shots.

8. Golden Seal and Astragalus--

Other anti-viral and anti-flu herbs that you should pick up -- Wegmans sells in thier organic section- as does House of Nutrition.

9. Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil Two of the Best herbs /plant products to take for anti-viral reasons. Especially the Oregano Oil. If I were to only have one of these herbs-- it would be the Oregano Oil. It kills viruses and pathogens on contact. It even kills a sore throat if you put some drops under your tongue. Vitamin World in the Mall sold it last I knew for $18.99 or so. You can get this online too.

10. Raw Garlic and raw onions--

- Of all the Cullinary garden foods, this is the BEST to also start taking. I would chop up a clove and eat right before and right after they shove the needles in. Also Rub a sliced clove over the needle holes afterwards.

I would also dab some hydrogen peroxide over the vaccine holes as well as this does enter the tissues and kills any viruses, etc., that may be hanging around the vaccine wound. Then rub that area with garlic again.

For the rest of that week eat at least one clove a day of garlic with your meals so it can get in your bloodstream and fight the junk you will be injected with.

11. Lomatium Dissectum-

This is an herb sold in tincture form-- and you can get it on the internet. It sells for about $12.99 a 1 oz. bottle. Take every day after the shots- and also take if you get the flu or any flu . It was used
during the Flu pandemic of 1918 very successfully and actually saved alot of lives.

12- Raw Apple Cider and raw apples--

-- or apples juiced with the skin and pulp intact. Raw Apples detox mercury and other metals from the body-- and are often reccomended by herbalists and holistic doctors for a patient's diet to help them detox and clean out these things from thier body.

13. Skull Cap Herb and Cat's Claw herb--

-- More great anti-viral herbs that actually keep the virus /flu cells from multiplying in the body. This is especially good for the Swine Flu strain.

14. Reservatrol-

Vitacost sells this very very inexpensively for the average guy. It is concentrated antioxidants found in red wine and grape juice- but it is much more concentrated so is ideal for emergency protocols when the body is under assault.

15. Green Tea!--

yes, There is something in Green Tea that stops the multiplication of swine flu T cells in the body. Keep it on hand

16. Magnesium Citrate--

I mentioned Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Don't forget Magnesium Citrate. This will alkalize your body to keep it from bad reactions due to vaccinations. Most of us are deficient in Magnesium. Epsom Salts is a good way for the body to absorb this in a pinch if you don't have any supplements on hand. Soak the body -- or at least feet, in a warm bath with Epsom Salts . You will actually notice a feeling of calmness when doing this. This is because the Magnesium from the crystals are being absorbed into your body and blood stream. I feel this calm sensation even just from taking a foot bath in a basin of warm water and Epsom Salts .

Take it in supplement form and while you are at it- pick up a box of Epsom Salts at the Dollar Store. It will come in handy.

17. Milk Thistle--

This herb is ideal for supporting the liver from any onslaughts of toxins and pathogens. Take one capsule three times a day for 1-2 weeks after any shot you may have to get. Especially good for the military folks out there to know- and it will give your liver an edge over any toxins-- You may even be surprised to find you may even eliminate a hidden gall stone after using this!

18. Essential Fatty Acids--

As in Oil of Evening Primrose, Flax-seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Pumpkin seed Oil, Cold pressed Olive oil This will help the nerves and Mylean Sheath-- especially with the threat of Gullian Barre syndrome. If you were ever to get Gullian Barre syndrome, these will also help you in recovery. Thankfully, Gullian Barre syndrome is not permanent when treated early- and people do often recover in less than a year -- especially if they take a nutritional approach-- with all raw fruits and veggies, as well as essential oils.

Keep these oils or gelcaps refridgerated so they don't turn rancid-- With Olive Oil, keep in a cool dark place.

19- NAC and ALA-- are also known to help the body detox from toxins--

20-- Germanium is a good supplement for adding oxygen into the body- and the more oxygen in the body, the less chance for impurities surviving in you. Germanium is found in all plants and organic non-GMO fruits and veggies , but especially in tomato juices, garlic, beans, onions, ginsing, shaitakie mushrooms, comfrey, barley, suma, chlorella, seaweeds, Aloe.

The FDA outlawed Germanium supplements, but if you get these foods in your diet, you will get the same benefits without any side effects.

These are some post replies I received from herbal experts- on wether they had any vaccine detox suggestions:

"....Maintaining health is one step to prevention. Proper dosage of vitamins and minerals alone can keep a child healthy. In cases of exposure, it is always a good idea to support your child's immune system with soothing stimulants such as IMM-C and THIM-J, Defense Maintenance or VS-C. Other options include *Elderberry, Rose Hips, Red Clover and Yarrow that will also supply various nutrients to the body.

(note -- Elderberry is not good to take if you actually get the swine flu-- because it will encourage a "cytokine storm" which is how poeple die from this flu-- your immune system attacks your body. So only take with the vaccine, but not if you get the flu from the vaccine.)

However it is possible to reverse damage, to some extent, caused by vaccines and to aid in detoxification of the body. Devil's Claw, BLG-X and HRP-C should aid in detoxing from the Hepatitis B shot. Vaccine Detox, a Nature's Sunshine Homeopathic Remedy has proven beneficial for a number of clients. Since encephalitis is a common side effect, it is also important to nourish the spinal column and brain with essential fatty acids, Gotu Kola and other nervines.

Supplementation works its wonders, but there are other avenues to make sure that one adheres to for healthy children. Breastfeeding will enable the baby to acquire numerous antibodies that the mother has already built up in her system. Proper chiropractic adjustments will also allow for proper flow of energy to all organs of the body, enabling a hearty immune system...."


This is info Adonis posted over at the Barefoot Herbalist's forum regarding this. MH , the moderator at that forum also reccomends a raw juice fast after the vaccine and all the herbs you can get your hands on.

"Go here and check out this entire video.

It deals with Vitamin D and its ability to reverse many diseases. Vitamin D will activate genes in macrophages, which will in turn attack a virus, and we get Vitamin D from sunlight. Cheap!

When dealing with an in vivo virus, Oxygen is our hero here. Oxygen will "burn" or "singe" the outer protein envelope of a virus, preventing it from attaching itself to a host cell and replicating. The body will break down the damaged virus and use its amino acids, ect, for use in the body. Look for a form of liquid stabilized oxygen in the 250,000 PPM range, about $60.00 for an 8oz. bottle. Yes, its a lot for a small size, but a little goes a long ways.

Anti-virals like Garlic, Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Tincture/Extract/Powder, Grapefruit Seed Extract, ect will be a help to be sure, but Oxygen would be my number one choice in conjunction with the above.

Formaldehyde, Aluminum, and Mercury:

A low cost extraction method for these pollutants would be the Bugleweed, Yellow Dock and Lobelia combination, either a tincture or syrup. You can find it online or make it yourself. Knowing the ingredients is the first big step.

Mercury will be attracted to cilantro, one of the very few herbs (in traditional methods/preparations) capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier. Get a ton of organic cilantro, chop it up, add pure water, simmer as long as needed to make a thick stew of it. You want the water to be a VERY dark green color. Pour off the water and keep in the fridge, this is something you can do on short notice, as long as you know where to get organic cilantro.

Magnesium will help keep the cells from absorbing all kinds of junk, including aluminum. This article is a good primer on using different methods for removing the junk.

Aluminum is a metal that Yellow Dock apparently will remove from the tissues as well. If you know where Yellow Dock is growing, go get some fresh roots and make your own cheap metal removal formula, remember, we are doing this "on the cheap"!

Here is a cool article on using foods to cleanse the body of radiation, if Korea launches a nuke at S. Korea in October as some believe, it sadly may come in handy:

Zappers, soundwaves, fasting, upping our intake of trace minerals, Desert Parsley, Spearmint, Marshmallow root (to protect the liver), Chanca Piedra (liver protecting, anti-viral), well, the list is endless. Look into what is closest to you and works within your budget.

As for the RFID chip and DNA altering components that some suggest are also in "the shot", I have some theories, but will leave that to brighter minds as that day draws near, (looking to be after September of this year) so you have a few months of research and prep time to look into possible solutions.

Conduct Yourselves Accordingly"

ps... (I read that neudynom magnets taped over the vaccine wound over night will ruin any chips that they may be implanting in people through these vaccines)

Detoxing From Vaccinations

The following text regarding detoxifying vaccinations is from a forum post. A family adopted a girl who had previously had all of her vaccinations and was now showing some signs of ADD and other learning disabilities. The family posted a question asking if anyone knew anything they could do to detox the mercury and other heavy metals in her system.

This response was exceptionally informative:

Children that aren't vaccinated never get autism. Our children are the most precious things in our lives... I am not a medical doctor, but I will share with you what information I have on the subject.

First, Intravenous Chelation Therapy has been shown to be extremely effective in detoxing heavy metal. It was originally developed right after WWII to treat lead poisoning. But it will also chelate/remove mercury and other heavy metals in the human arterial system. It has also been very effective in treating autistic children. ( The clinical evidence strongly suggests that mercury poisoning is the cause of autism.)

Fortunately, (for obvious reasons) you can now buy a chelating product that is administered orally and contains the same powerful enzyme used in the intravenous treatment. This enzyme is known as EDTA and is completely harmless to humans.

Also, there is a product on the market called Serrapeptase. It is a proteolytic enzyme that will do the same thing as EDTA. ( Some will argue that it is even better than EDTA.) Serrapeptase will remove/chelate heavy metals. It was originally developed in the orient and uses an enzyme found in silk worms. (That is how a silkworms dissolves its cocoons.)

Also, I would get your daughter started on Vitamin E (D-Alpha tocopherol) 800 I.U. to 1200 I.U. per day. Also vitamin C, about 5,000 to 8,000 Mg. should be alright. This should be given throughout the day. If she gets diarrhea, she is taking to much. I would also get the chewable C, and the highest quality you can find. It is really tasty and the kids love it.

Finally, I would give her Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM). All three of these natural compounds are harmless to humans, available at any health food store, and extremely effective as chelating agents.

If you do a Google search you will find the Serrapeptase right away.

Good luck.... All the best...

P.S. Enchanced Oral Chelation is produced by Health Resources, Box 3323, Hueytown, Alabama, 35023. They can be reached by phone 24/7 at 1-800-471-4007. They have a customer service line to answer any questions you have. It is 1-866-604-6402. EOC contains EDTA (ethyline diamine tetraacetic acid) vitamins C, B-6,B12, folic acid, royal jelly, bee pollen, magnesium, bromelain, selenium and mixed tocopherols (VitE). This product is so effective at pulling heavy metals the company recommends a wide range, high quality mineral supplement every day.

These are all the valuable things I found so far. Pick up what you can and store in a cool dry place. Even if this turns out not to be a big deal, these things are great to have on hand for your children during school immunizations and also from detoxing normally with all the lead, chemicals , car exhaust, aluminum, teflon, etc, pesticides, etc... that we take in every day.

Hugs and Be Well!

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