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More than One Cause/More than One Cure
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Published: 14 years ago
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More than One Cause/More than One Cure

Since Cancer is caused by many things-- wether emotional toxins, physical toxins, parasites.. or whatever..

There is no one silver bullet treatment that will cure all cancer. One must really find out what started the cancer in the first place, and deal with that issue first.

Often it is totally detoxing the entire body from any man corrupted chemicals in foods, toiletries, cosmetics, perfumes , cleaning household supplies,etc. , Doing Liver Cleanses and colon cleanses, etc.

For some it is alkalizing the body or parasite cleansing, and for others it is surrounding themselves with positive energy and laughter.

There are many herbs and nutrients that bring balance to the body and can actually kick out the cancer in one person, but not another.. For some, Essiac (a blend of Sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark, rhubarb root) will balance the body's chemistry and alkalize to the point cancer no longer chooses to remain.

For others it is also eating apricot kernels, and eating astragulus, pau'd'arco, garlic, pancreatic enzymes to destroy tumors, antioxidants like Vitamin C, shark cartilage, cat's claw, green barley, alfalfa, hydrazine sulfate, Siberian Ginsing, etc, etc.

Basically treating cancer the correct way is to remove the cause of the Dis-Ease and healing the damage with alkalyzing nutrient rich herbs and foods, getting plenty of fluids in the body to detox that way as well as cleaning the liver and colon--and never putting any food or supplement in your body unless it is totally from natural sources and not made in a chem lab.

Healing the body from cancer is knocking down and restoring the body. With Alopathic medicine, they concentrate on the knocking down part, but there is no concern for the rebuilding of the body and detoxing. This is crucial in the fight against cancer.

I guess they leave that part up to the patient but most of us will only do what the doctor suggests. If he doesnt bring up detoxing, the ordinary person will have no clue this is what they should be doing. Once when I had a bad flu years ago, I went for a prescription for Antibiotics to knock it out of my system. After about 2 weeks, it seemed to work, but then I was left with a totally wrecked digestive tract , tons of gas and belching, and a fear that I must have some wierd disease.

I went back to the doctor and he told me-- "ohh, did we give you an antibiotic? That is why you are having these symptoms. We will have to prescribe you a pro-biotic to rebuild the good bacteria.

Now why didnt they tell me after taking an anti-biotic that I might need to take a probiotic? How many patients end up taking antacids and over the counter drugs the rest of their lives to deal with symptoms like these caused by Antibiotics because their doctor never informed them their good bacteria was probably killed off from the Antibiotics - and they need to rebuild it back?

This is why we must take responsiblity for our own individual health and read up on these things- because you can't count on the medical profession to educate you on what counts.

One must be aggressive with cancer also- I recall reading the book "Bible Cures" where the author-- a doctor, who put each of his clients before God in prayer was given this Bible verse by God's spirit "the Violent take the Kingdom of God by force"

You can't be resigned with cancer- you must fight the hell out of it and one of the ways to do this is detoxing physical or emotional toxins out of your life!

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