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Re: What is the safest/most effective way to cleanse the liver?

Epsom Salt Capsules
Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

Epsom Salt Capsules
Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

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Hveragerthi Views: 4,539
Published: 13 years ago
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Re: What is the safest/most effective way to cleanse the liver?

 Hveragerthi, you wrote your post in bold letters as a fact, You forgot to mention that it is in your opinion only.

Because it is not an opinion, it is simple chemistry. It is also backed by simple anatomy and physiology. When you can explain to me how you can get a golf ball to fit through the eye of a needle then I will listen to your opinion, because this is the same as trying to get what people are calling stones through the bile ducts. Even with the magnesium to dilate the ducts, the ducts CANNOT expand that far to allow the passage of items as big as some people have shown. Furthermore, as it has been explained over and over, real stones SINK!!! They do not float as the so-called stones people are passing in the stool.

The simple science is that sterols, found in the olive oil, have a high affinity for cholesterol. So the sterols bind strongly with the cholesterol in the intestines forming an insoluble complex that resembles gallstones. Look it up if you don't believe me.


I guess you never had a Liver Flush yourself and you repeat statements of some non-believers.

I repeat the statements that science has verified. I don't repeat misconceptions by people who don't bother to check the facts.

You cannot compare taking Swedish Bitters to liver flush.

I can, and I did. Bitters actually do cleanse the liver, and promote bile formation, which addresses gallstones without the risk of lodging a true stone in the bile ducts, which will require emergency surgery.

Furthermore, if you search the threads in the liver flush forum someone had sent their "stones" to a lab to have them analyzed. The lab confirmed they WERE NOT gallstones. And I trust the lab who actually analyzed the stones over someone who does not understand that real stones that big cannot pass through the bile ducts, and that does not understand that real stones don’t float!


In my experience, bitters are helpful to the function of the digestive system but you have to take them for some time to see some noticeable results.

You must be taking imaginary Swedish Bitters because real bitters work right away. 

With liver flush, the very next day you may feel like flying with sudden energy spike, digestion improvement and mood elevation. That's how I feel today, 2 days after excellent liver flush experience. You should see the stones and shaft my body expelled from liver and gallbladder!

And you know they came from the gallbladder how? What test did you run on them to confirm they came from the gallbladder? Or is this just an unsubstantiated claim or guess?

The little inconvenience of taking Epsom Salt and olive oil is well worth of profound health benefits.

Until you end up lodging a real stone in the bile ducts and end up in emergency surgery!!!

I am totally ecstatic and am very grateful to liver flush authorities like Andreas Moritz or Dr Clark for their work and support.

Authorities? ROTLMAO!!! Let's see, Moritz who thinks cancer is beneficial to the body, and Clark who thinks that cancer, diabetes and AIDS are all caused from parasites even though these claims have been proven false over and over. Anyone who would believe these tow would also believe that you can cure all diseases by jumping up and down on one foot while chewing strawberry flavored bubble gum while facing East as the sun rises. Give it a try and let us know if you feel better afterward.


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