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Depression, anxiety, headaches - feeling awful 8 days after flush

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Published: 13 years ago

Depression, anxiety, headaches - feeling awful 8 days after flush

Hi guys,
It's been a while since I last posted. I have been doing flushes since 2004, but have never been consistent enough with it. I would flush, then feel great, then not flush for while until i felt bad again. I have learned now that you need to keep flushing until all the stones are out.

So I just did my 9th flush 8 days ago. Not a lot of stones this time, in previous flushes I would get a large amount (last flush I did was 3 months ago). This time mainly small bits of gall gravel + bile, and a maybe 5-10 or so bigger stones (between pea and penny sized). I did the Hulda Clark protocol with the Epsom Salts , same one I have always done. I kept drinking water the day after, and (after the stones) I consistently would just poop out a bunch of water. My insides were squeaky clean from the Epsom Salts . So I figured I was all good.

At first after the flush, I felt noticeably better. More energy, better mood, no more nausea/tight feeling in abdomen. That lasted a few days. But now I am just feeling awful again. Really bad mood problems, depression, anxiety, irritability, hopelessness, etc. This is a familiar state that I associate with liver/gallbladder problems. It also accompanies a tightness/nausea feeling in the gut. Its very specific, I'm sure some of you experienced folks know what I'm talking about. These symptoms can be brought on by eating fatty foods. I ate Indian food the other day and paid for it for an entire day that followed. Just terrible feeling the whole day. Then yesterday I made the mistake of eating an omelet (w/cheese). Ok for first part of the day, then just a hellish afternoon + night. Also should mention that I can get some very debilitating headaches throughout all this as well. And honestly, almost all food seems to be aggravating it now, just had a bowl of cereal (corn flakes, bananas, blueberries, organic milk) and it made it worse too.

So my question is, what should I do? I feel that I definitely still have stones, most likely blocking ducts and clogging stuff up. Should I do another flush soon? I have been reading about how if the liver is congested it can not properly expell the stones. My feeling is that this is what is going on. I am considering getting the Julia Chang / SensibleHealth herbal products to help with detoxifying the liver (and softening the stones). On that level I have never done the apple juice preparation, but have always gotten a large amount of stones out (until now). I have also done a parasite cleanse years ago before my first flush. It could probably be repeated, but my gut/internal sense says I do not have parasites in my liver (I could be wrong).

Another question, in the immediate, when I am feeling so awful, the mood probs associated with gallbladder, is there ANYTHING I can do to break that? I have tried vitamin C, it might help a tiny bit? But not enough to really knock it out. Is there a supplement or tea or something that would provide relief? Peppermint tea maybe?

And what exactly is producing said awful moods and feelings? Stone stuck in duct?

Would love some help and advice from the experts! :-)

Thank you very much!

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