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The truth about foods (read medical studies in context)

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Published: 14 years ago
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The truth about foods (read medical studies in context)

Unfortunately it's not as simple as that. Whenever you read anything from classic medicine, you have to take it in context. I tell my friends and I'm telling you, doctors and current medicine actually knows VERY LITTLE about curing disease.

On Red Meat
For example, in my experience meat is the best thing you can use to beat cancer. It's actually the key to beating it permanently. But not cooked meat. And definitely not processed meat. And definitely not microwaved (which will kill you) and/or fast food meat. You see, how your meat is processed and where it comes from (organic?) is actually more important.

I eat red meat every day. So how is it that I not only stopped my liver cancer, beat liver hepatitis, beat ulcerative colitis, beat Candida, beat fibromyalgia, and am now leading a normal life again? According to this study, my colon should be worse off, not 1000% better. I should be dead, not playing hockey again and running marathons (first time active in years).

My mentor, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, eats red meat at least 2 times per day. Was given a death sentence and "two months to live" at age 20, the man is now 65 years old and look better than most (fat) 30 year olds these days. How can that be?

^^^ You see, it's not as simple as "red meat is bad". What else is eaten with it? What other foods are eaten in general, to complement it? It's complicated.

I can tell you one thing, using microwaves is a HUGE mistake. Huge. Fast food is almost always thawed out using them. Just eliminating this cooking method will slowly increase your health over time.

On Chicken, Fish, (Raw) Milk
To make it more complicated, some people are better off eating chicken. It really depends on the person. For cancer and in general for health, raw is always better. I've eaten raw chicken before, before trying it you'd think that it was the most poisonous substance, but it's all lies. When it comes to food, much of what we know and think are lies.

For example, the Weston Price Foundation has shown that saturated fats are actually very important for our health. Ancient people (some of which had an average cultural lifespan of 100 years and never had cancer) ate saturated fats as part of their diet, yet they were extremely healthy. I'd advise joining the Weston Price foundation if you'd like to know more.

Regarding fish, this is also complicated. Some people are better off not eating fish (or carefully watching the type of fish they eat) because of mercury. I know because I'm highly mercury sensitive because of my fillings. Tuna and swordfish are definitely not good for me. Other than that, yes, fish are extremely healthy. And some brands of Cod Liver Oil (Radiant Life brand? minimal processing) are also extremely healthy.

The section about dairy fat is true for pasteurized dairy but untrue for unpasteurized dairy. Raw butter (from unpasteurized milk) is a godsend to anyone with health issues. Raw cream comes a close second. If you drink raw milk (unpasteurized), the fat is one of the healthiest things you could ever have.

That's another thing, you'd think that (raw) fat would make you fat, but it actually makes you slim and toned. It's a strange world we live in.

Regarding low fat diets, sure the low fat diet decreases (some) cancer, but low fat kills your blood vessels and heart. Your body needs (raw) fats to lubricate the cells of your body. This study also promotes veganism but from simple observation over thousands of years, it doesn't work.

On Veganism
Being vegan (no animal products at all) is also not good. You could write a book on it (Dr Bass has written several)

Some facts that stood out for me are:

A) No vegan has ever lived past 100 years old. EVER.

B) Throughout his entire life, Ghandi tried to be vegan. During those 20 years, he always went back to drinking goats milk. In the end he declared that any man supported that people in India become vegans was "an enemy of India". I find this to be a strong statement from one of the greatest pacifists in the world.

C) Dr Bass, a man who has studied diet his entire life and supported a vegan lifestyle, admitted that "he probably hurt his health" by supporting a vegan lifestyle earlier in his life. Through his practice, his own health, and his rat studies, he believes that raw eggs and/or some complete source of protein is important to injest each and every day.

D) Dr Huggins, a pioneer in mercury free dentistry, in his dentistry practice he will not operate on vegans for one simple reason. In his 30 years of healing, he has noticed that vegans don't heal well, they don't recuperate from the removal of mercury fillings.

E) I've known plenty of vegans in my life and although they are thin, they often die at 60-70 years old, no better than people with other diets. So, I'm not impressed.

Some people can eat only plant life and be extremely healthy and energetic their entire lives. It's possible, but Aajonus estimates the numbers to be quite low, it's something like 1 in 1000. Maybe you're one, maybe you're not. You'll find out when you hit that "brick wall" 2 months into the diet or maybe it will be 10 years.

One thing I'll agree on, vegan or vegetarianism is a LOT better than eating the crap diets many people eat these days. So in that sense, it can definitely help, especially in the first few months.

Anyway, I'd stop reading the erroneous (and highly useless) medical studies that come out. One day they'll tell you coffee is good, the next day it will be bad. If you read enough of them, you'll think that every food is bad. Studies like this are rarely helpful, often confusing, and don't contain any practical information at all. If you read enough of them, after a while you won't know what to eat. I've been following them for the last 10 years or so, and this is what I've found.


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