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Re: My Sinus Cure -- Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
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Re: My Sinus Cure -- Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Balancing Our Acid/Alkaline System
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Our natural balance
Effects of acidosis
Acidosis symptom checklist
Aging & water
Degenerative disease
In the kitchen ...
Electrical energies
Our natural balance
Everyone's natural state at birth is alkaline, hydrated and usually without degenerative disease.

Shifts in the body of fractions of a number on the alkaline/acid pH scale make a significant difference in the relationship between health and disease. We function best (with certain exceptions, such as different portions of the digestive tract) when our bodily fluids are nearly neutral.

Most interior living matter (excluding the cell nucleus) has a pH of about 6.8. Blood plasma and other fluids that surround the cells in the body have a pH of 7.3 to pH 7.45. A blood pH of 6.9 could induce coma and possibly death to the body.

Our blood system is always working to keep itself within that narrow range (of pH 7.3 to 7.45). When we drink cola and other fizzy soft drinks, which have an acidic pH of 2.5 to 2.8, the bloodstream does not lower itself to that level. Rather, the blood processes sucrose and other elements in the drink into acid wastes. Some are eliminated. Others are stored at various locations in the body, leading to a greater potential for disease.

The body possesses numerous special mechanisms to aid in stabilising these fluids so that cells will not be subject to appreciable fluctuations in pH. Substances that serve as mechanisms to stabilise pH are called buffers. Buffers have the capacity to bond ions and remove them from solution whenever their concentration begins to rise. Conversely, buffers can release ions whenever their concentration begins to fall, thus helping to minimise the fluctuations in pH. This is an important function because many biochemical reactions occurring normally in living organisms either release or use up ions.


Effects of acidosis
According to modern medical science, the disease "acidosis" is caused by lack of alkaline calcium ions in the blood. Acidosis develops through the intake of acidifying foods, drinks, smoking, air pollution, stress, anger and mental unrest.

Much of our daily food and drink produces toxic acid build up which is harmful to health in the process of digestion and nutrient absorption; it creates the environment in the body in which harmful free radicals and diseases can thrive.

Accumulation of acidic wastes that lodge within the body can lead to degenerative diseases such as cancer, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, kidney problems, gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, gastric ulcers, eczema, constipation, stress and fatigue, and hastens the aging process which starts at the cellular health level.

There are so many demands on bio-available calcium that all calcium sources within the body, particularly bones, are robbed in an attempt to counter damaging acidity. According to Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Water Institute of Japan, a daily intake of Alkaline Water provides the body with the alkaline buffers it needs to be able to withstand the daily acidic barrage from modern life.

People do not have to wait to be sick to take advantage of alkaline energised water, as prevention at any age is preferable to, and cheaper than, cure.


Acidosis Symptom Checklist
from "Alkalise or Die" by Dr Theodore A. Baroody

The statements are for nutritional information only and not intended as medical advice. Always consult your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Beginning Intermediate Advanced


Muscular Pain

Cold hands and feet


Low energy

Joint pains that travel

food allergies

Chemical sensitivities to odours, gas heat


Panic Attacs

Pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping

Pre-menstrual anxiety and depression

Lack of sex drive





Hot urine

Strong smelling urine

Mild headaches

Rapid panting breath

Rapid heartbeat

White coated tongue

Hard to get up in the morning

Excess head mucous(stuffiness)

Metallic taste in mouth
Cold Sores


Loss of memory

Loss of concentration

Migraine headaches


Disturbance in smell, taste, vision, hearing



Hay fever

Ear Aches



Viral infections (colds, flu)

Bacterial infections (staph, strep)

Fungal infections




Urinary infection



Excessive falling hair




Numbness and tingling

Crohn's disease


Learning disabled

Hodgkin's disease

Systemic Lupus Erythematosis

Multiple Sclerosis


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Myasthenia gravis




All other forms of cancer


Aging & Water
A "new" theory of aging
Modern medicine has not been able to answer satisfactorily the question, "why do we age?". However, there is a theory of aging and illness that has been around for many decades. It is voiced by natural healing practitioners in America and Europe, by doctors and scientists in Asia, in Japan and Korea and other Pacific im nations. Briefly, this theory says that aging (and many degenerative diseases) result from the accumulation of acid waste products in the body.

What causes acid waste build-up?
Bad diet, either a present one or one in the past, can cause acid wastes to be stored in the body. A meat and potato diet, for example, can cause the body to become more acidic. When acid wastes enter the bloodstream, the blood, in order to maintain that narrow pH range, will store the acids somewhere else. Acid salts stored in the body, over the decades, will overburden the system. A way has to be found to rid the body of these accumulated acid wastes.

The Hunza people
One of the longest-lived races of people in the world is the Hunza. These people inhabit several high-altitude mountain valleys located in northern Pakistan. Many Hunza claim to be 150 years old, and many others are documented centenarians. Scientists have often wondered what makes them so long-lived, also so healthy. For they very rarely suffer the degenerative diseases the rest of us know so well.

The mountain water that flows into Hunza villages comes from glaciers. Structured hexagonally, it is filled with mineral solutes, and tests out highly alkaline.

Waste disposal
The body uses the blood system to dispose of wastes. These wastes are in liquid form, and are often deposited in the lungs and kidneys. If there are too many wastes to handle, they are deposited in various organ systems, like the heart, the pancreas, the liver, the colon, and other locations. Sometimes these wastes are deposited on the walls of arteries, and over the years can spread throughout the body.

The failing of this disposal process, especially of acid wastes, is what is called the aging process. In order to slow down and reverse this process, one must begin removing acid waste from the body.

The best way we have found to do this is to drink alkaline water. This water, having a pH of between 8.5 and 10, will first neutralise harmful stored acid wastes, and if consumed every day, will gently remove them from the body. Yet, since the water is ionised, it will not leach out valuable alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, or sodium.


Hydrate to function properly
With abundant clean water flushing out a natural system, be it a river system or the human body, it can function in a self-maintaining healthy status and support life. With people, cultural conditioning and influential commercial interests can get in the way of the non-commercial and the simply obvious need for an adequate daily intake of quality water.

As well as ionised alkaline water, fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices also provide the body with water clusters that have a negative oxygen reduction potential, or anti-oxidant.

Beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol and fizzy carbonated drinks do not hydrate the body. They are a diuretic and actually dry out or dehydrate the body by depleting the cells of water. Many people who have experienced a hangover will be very thirsty for water the morning after.

Dehydration (adults not drinking at least six glasses of water each day, subject to body size and activity levels, to maintain base levels of hydration) and polluting their inner terrain will cause toxic acidic build-up. The body organs maythenfail prematurely.

Only water in the right form can penetrate the cells to get in and do the job on both a chemical and physical level. Other liquids come into the body and go out, but nothing much happens in between.


Degenerative disease
Disease treatment
Japanese doctors have treated their patients for over four decades with Alkaline Water and in the past decade, South Korean doctors have done the same. They believe that the immune system loses its power to throw off disease when the body becomes too acidic. They advocate drinking Alkaline Water and eating alkaline foods to lift the body's natural resistance to disease.

Asian medicine assigns two categories to human diseases; communicable and adult. Contagious or 'communicable' diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria. Influenza, the common cold, AIDS, plagues, all fall into this category, and medical doctors are quite proficient at treating them.

Adult or degenerative diseases include heart disease, haemorrhoids, arthritis, asthma, hay fever, allergies, obesity, tooth and gum disease, skin disorders, and many others. They are caused by poor circulation, by deficient cellular activity, and by the accumulation of acid wastes in the body. Asian medicine says that many adult degenerative diseases can be treated by alkalising the bloodstream.

Conventional medicine in Australia does not attempt to remove acid wastes from the physiological system so today's modern medicine can be considered deficient in treating adult diseases. Even if the medicine cures the disease, if acids are not removed from the body, then the treatment's effectiveness will at best only be temporary as the disease-hosting acid wastes still remain.

What causes acid wastes?
Bad diets - including meat and potatoes, fried foods, soft drink colas, sucrose and other sugars - build up acid salts in the body. Often, these deposits by having to be stored away from the blood flow, can remain in the body for decades.

Stress - both mental and physical - can create acid deposits in the body. Mental stress can make you feel depressed. While the physiological, scientific connection to stress in the body has not been completely established, there exists a school of thought in psychology, called psychosomatic, which maintains that one's mental state will influence health.

Doctors in Japan, following more than forty years of research and testing, believe that daily drinking of alkaline water can lift depression.

Being overweight is a major health problem in Australia and its health consequences cost the health system billions. It arises from the overeating of refined carbohydrates and fats. When the metabolic process is not able to burn away this oversupply , the blood must place these fatty acids somewhere. It first stores them under the skin, around the waist in men, and around the hips, thighs and breasts in women. Then it deposits wastes around organs and tissues, which then receive a smaller supply of nutrients and are thereby damaged. This stage is the most deadly.

An easy and gentle way to lose weight is to wash fatty acids out of the body by drinking six to eight glasses of alkaline water a day. This practice has been employed in Japan for the last thirty years and doctors there record numerous instances of weight loss.

Dr. Keiichi Morishita, in his book "The Hidden Truth of Cancer," states that if the blood develops a more acidic condition, then these excess acidic wastes have to be deposited somewhere in the body. If this unhealthy process continues year after year, these areas steadily increase in acidity, and the cells begin to die.

Other cells in the affected area may survive by becoming abnormal. These cells are called "malignant." Malignant cells do not respond to brain commands. They undergo a cellular division that is out of control. This is called cancer.

Modern medicine in Australia treats these malignant cells as if they were bacteria or viruses. It uses chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat cancer. However, none of these treatments will help very much if, after all of that, the acidic environment remains.

Drinking water that has a high alkaline pH, because of its de-acidifying effect, may help in preventing the conditions that lead to cancer. In Japan and Korea, alkaline water is served to hospital patients and is considered a regular part of cancer treatment.

Blood pressure and heart disease
Acidification of the body begins in the blood. Blood must keep its pH within that safe alkaline range of 7.3 to 7.45, and will do so by transforming acidic liquid wastes into solid ones and storing them.

Chemicals called buffers maintain this physiological state of homeostasis or balance. When buffer levels are too low, possibly from the ingestion of too many acidic foods and drinks, then a condition called acidosis develops.

Japanese doctors feel that people with high blood pressure have an acidosis condition. They cite many successful clinical cases where the ingestion of high pH alkaline water has lowered blood pressure. When the pH of blood is raised or alkalised, and if you raise it from 7.3 to 7.45, you increase its pH, then excess oxygen is added to the blood and the heart does not have to work as hard.

Also, the ionised calcium added to the blood from alkaline water may be dissolving the plaque and cholesterol build-up on the walls of the arteries. While the effect of alkaline water is gentle and its greatest health benefits do not happen in a day or a month, blood pressure may be able to be lowered within a few months of drinking alkaline water. Japanese doctors have been using alkaline water to successfully treat high blood pressure for years.

The degenerative disease of diabetes is called 'insulin independent diabetes mellitus'. It usually affects people over the age of 40, though many cases of juvenile diabetes are now being recorded, in line with modern lifestyles and acidic diets. People who have this ailment usually eat too much and are overweight. Age is usually a factor here because the efficiency of the pancreas decreases as we grow older.

A shortage of calcium ions in the body impairs the production and release of the insulin hormone, which can lead to an acidic blood condition. Clogged blood vessels caused by excess protein build-up also impair pancreatic function. Alkaline water, by supplying calcium in an ionised form, and by preventing excess protein cohesive build-up, may help this condition. Asian doctors have been successfully clinically treating diabetes with alkaline water.

Arthritis & gout
Many different forms of Arthritis and gout are the result of the accumulation of acid wastes in the joints. Ointments simply cover-up symptoms. Aspirin (and many medications), being acidic, can offer short-term relief, but over a longer period, can add to the pain. Alkaline water is employed by Asian doctors to alter the acidic condition in the body so that the body can fix the problem by itself.

Kidney disease
As the body consumes toxins, the kidneys become overburdened with acid wastes. Nephritis, uraemia poisoning and bladder diseases are all acidic-related conditions which may be treated by the consumption of alkaline water.

kidney stones begin as tiny specks. They gradually build into solid stones composed of phosphates and urates, etc. They are another form of acidic salts. Drinking plenty of alkaline water may prevent kidney stones from forming, and even after their formation, dissolve them. Asian doctors have used alkaline water for years to treat the kidneys.


In the kitchen ...
Alkaline water
When tap water is split in two by ionisation, 70% as alkaline energised water is excellent for cooking as it hydrates food faster than other water, the same as it hydrates your cells faster. It is a wetter wet with significantly less resistant surface tension for mixing dry ingredients because of its very small cluster size which penetrates dry food rapidly.

The 30% as oxide water separated from tap water and which comes out of a second outlet does not have as pleasant a taste as the alkaline water, as it is the acid component of tap water. This is removed from tap water by electrolysis to leave the clean tasting alkaline water for cooking.

Alkaline energised water enables foods and beverages to reach their full flavour potential. "Smooth" is the word most people spontaneously blurt out when they first taste ionised, alkaline water. It tastes clean, like water should taste like.

Foods optimised when cooking with energised water include pasta, rice, pastries, steamed and boiled vegetables, casseroles, stock, soups and drinks.

Oxide water
The oxide water is used in the kitchen as a safe antibacterial agent without chemicals. It is excellent for washing fruits, vegetables, meats, chicken and fish. By killing surface bacteria and micro-organisms that decay living matter, produce lasts longer if dipped in oxide water for 20 to 60 seconds. This extended life also applies to cut surfaces of fruits and vegetables if dipped in oxide water. They do not brown as fast and this can be observed with a simple kitchen test. This water is safe on food and skin.

Vegetables like broccoli, which cannot be scrubbed, can be cleaned in oxide water.

Hands, benchtops, chopping boards, utensils, sinks and floors can be cleaned with oxide water. Microfibre gloves and mops designed to work with water effectively remove dirt from surfaces when used with oxide water from the ioniser. Rather than spend money on chemical cleaners for the rest of your life, you can probably think of better things to do with your money.

Some people who do not like the germs of tea towels or the chemicals of dishwashers give their dishes a final rinse in oxide water and allow them to air dry.

Try this simple test
Drop a fresh grape with stalk attached in alkaline water for 60 seconds, drop another grape from the same bunch in oxide water for sixty seconds, drop a third grape in tap water for 60 seconds. Don't dry or refrigerate them, just let them sit undisturbed in the kitchen or other room for weeks and watch what happens.

Label each grape after dipping by sitting them on marked paper so they don't get mixed up and observe them at weekly intervals. You would not like to be the grape dipped in tap water. It races towards becoming an aged, dehydrated brown sultana at twice the speed of the other two grapes.

Flowers last longer
The life of cut flowers is extended considerably by keeping them in oxide water. This can also be tested by placing half a bunch of flowers in tap water and the other half a bunch in oxide water. Change both waters at regular intervals and compare notes.

Don't neglect pets. They thrive on drinking energised water just the same as people do.


Electrical energies
If you want to feel alive, eat live foods and drink live water
A key natural function of the body is its electrical conductivity in every cell in the body. It is how the brain communicates with the cells, sending electrical signals to perform a multitude of normal functions. Without this measurable and irreplaceable electrical energy, life is pronounced extinct.

The key to active and natural health is energy levels. When the body is fatigued, suffers from circulation problems, aches and pains and is overweight, the mind becomes depressed and the body's energy levels are minimised. The life force you were given decreases.

What you eat and drink is your choice
To feel alive, put live foods and water into your system. To feel dead, put dead foods and water into your system. This is simply a matter of choice.

The live energy (or lack of it) in various foods and waters is measured in megahertz (MHz). This is the frequency of the electrical charge around a substance.

Food Item Energy
(Average MHz)
Canned foods 0
Chocolate 2
Fast food chicken 3
Fast food hamburger 5
Synthetic vitamin & mineral supplements 20
Ionised water 60
Fresh raw fruit 67
Fresh green vegetables 80

Dead foods and drinks waste the body's electrical energy
Eating foods and drinks low in electrical energy frequency does not provide the body with the vital energy it needs to function. However, this dead food intake must still be processed so the body expends precious electrical energy it already has in the digestive assimilation and elimination processes.

Such food and drinks are referred to as lifeless as they rob the body of life-giving energy. If eating lifeless food and drinks becomes the daily habit, the body and mind become fatigued and the downhill slide towards degenerative disease begins.

Fresh is best
Fresh foods naturally deteriorate over a short time and progressively lose their electrical energy. Man-made food and drink processing ensures loss of energy. Fresh is best for food energy levels by drinking freshly ionised, energised water from a water ioniser connected to power.

The electrical energy surrounding vital organs and body parts has been scientifically measured. In this table, diseased body tissue is shown to measure lower electrical energy than healthy body tissue.

Body Tissue Energy
(Average MHz)
Tumour 30
Liver 57
Colon 60
Stomach 61
Lung 65
Top of head 65
Feet 65
Heart 67
Blood 73
Brain 75

Based on a healthy body's requirement for electrical energy, a life-generating diet should consist of fresh foods and water that have an energy frequency of at least 60-80 MHz.

Anti-oxidant ionised energised water with its natural negative ion charge has a MHz of around 60 to contribute to the body's daily need for energy.

Ionisation & energising
The IonFarm 5000 and BioAlkalizer™ 2000 water ionisers have a built-in transformer that converts 240-volt Australian power down to 48 volts at two watts per minute. This lower voltage is enough to restructure dead tap water into energised, snowflake structured water through its genuine ionising process. This process also increases the alkaline mineral concentration in the water compared to tap, bottled and filtered water.

Ionising splits tap water by electrolysis into negatively charged alkaline energised water (70%) and positively charged oxide water (30%) for antibacterial external use including washing food and treating many skin conditions.

Select your level
Depending on the alkaline levels you select on the BioAlkalizer™ 2000 or IonFarm - press level 1 for pure drinking water in the ideal pH range, level 2 which is stronger for beverages, level 3 for steaming and boiling foods, or level 4 for lengthier cooking with casseroles and stews. The transformer then adjusts the water's energy and alkalinity levels for you. Anti-oxidant negative ion levels increase with the alkalinity levels to counter the acidic substances added to the body through acidic beverages including coffees and teas, and meat which is acidic.

Contact us for further information:

Ann & Brenton Phillis

Phone (02) 6161 6471, Canberra, Australia

Brenton 041 999 8187

Ann 0422 372 452


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