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eye problems..parasites???
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Published: 15 years ago

eye problems..parasites???

Hi, I"ve posted this on a few forums already, and I'm very thankful to everyone who has responded, I've learned a great deal!!!! I'm posting it here because I
think this may be parasitical in nature, as well as my son needing to cleanse out
his body. OK, I'll try to make this shorter than what I posted on the other forums....basically, for the last two yrs. my 21yr. old son has been getting, what
he calls "mesh" over his eyes. NOw, his actual sight (under the "mesh") is fine, he can read better than I can for pete sake! He can read tiny writing, or street signs across the street, but it's horribly annoying to live with this! It started two yrs. ago, with only a little "mesh", and has gotten worse. He can see fine, but
his eyes are EXTREMELEY dry, burning, and his sinuses are really acting up! Last
week, he had some sort of "episode", he had been on his comp. reading, got off it,
and in about 10 min.s or so, the eyes started to ache, then the headache started,
and soon, his eyes were really hurting him, he described it as a stabbing pain in
his eyeball (which I have since found out are migrane symptoms),,,but, once this
passed, (he took Benedryl and within about 1/2 hr. his head wasn't hurting, the
stabbing pain was gone, but some of thepressure in the head remained)...however,
I should also mention here that, sometimes when he looks up, or down, he sees these
oval shaped things with "tails" swimming across his me, that's got to be
a parasite. So, he's been offwork now for a week, he's getting better, the head
pressure is better, and he's up and eating and all ... but the "mesh" is still there. I had read on the internet about Maria Treben and SWEDISH BITTERS,,,so, I bought a bottle, and he takes two teaspoons in juice a day, and then makes a compress to lay over his eyes at night, for an hr. So far, a lot of the BIGGER
floaters have disappeared, thank God! But HE'S STILL STUCK WITH THE "MESH", LIKE
A COBWEB(sort of)....ok humaworm....what do you think, parasitical????

I want to buy your parasite cleaner ... but I want your opinion first...
thank you so much!!!!!

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