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Re: Adding Turmeric to our everyday spices as a liver tonic - so tastey & more
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Adding Turmeric to our everyday spices as a liver tonic - so tastey & more

I love tumeric. It makes my dishes so very tastey. I recently discovered it & have been adding it to every dish since. It makes an ok meal, out of this world!
For example, my lunch consisted of:
fried bok choy w/
tumeric (go easy on it, too much tumeric ruins the taste).
sea salt
some tahini (for that peanut-butter chinese-food buffet stir-fry taste)
lots of stevia (stevia + tumeric rock!)
Apple-cider vinegar
These are the main ingredients.
To me, it's the most delicious stir-fry.
adding pure Sorgum mollassas, or maple syrup makes it amazing.
I also added basil, ground-cloves & fennel - parasite killers, & yes, they taste good, & yes, I can see the parasites leaving me, though it might have been the massive pumpkin eating that caused it, or the zapping.
Take a pumpkin, put the whole thing in the oven, skin & all, & bake it at 350 degrees until the orange skin is soft to cut through completely. Then stir-fry it w/ those spices instead of the bokt-choy & you got a really tasty treat! & healthy...

Who said eating healthy had to be bland?

I'm working up to a mucus-less diet. Fresh leafy veggies & fruits... that's what is said to heal the boddy, that + occasional fasting. We will see. I have to zap twice a day to keep my stomach, nice & comfortable. It keeps my appendicitis/inflamed-feeling colon in check. The zapping allows my stomach to feel healthy + it gives me a great opportunity to experiment w/ different wave-forms & voltages. Last night I zapped the hell out of myself. I thought I was being electrocuted! I've been electrocuted before w/ 120v AC, raw power from the socket. The sensation was very similar. Luckily, the current just ran from my stomach, down through my feet into the ground & didnt cross my heart! Quite a rush, & a euphoric feeling as well! It was a good zap too, but still, I needed to rezap again half-way through the day, like normal.

One thing's for certain, my zapper works, & it's the only thing I've tried that repeatedly works, to make my soreness go away, but it leaves me wondering, what in the hell is really happening?

When I put the electrode to my head, I feel my sinuses moving around immediately! What the hell kind of worms are living in my head!? I put the electrode on my right forehead temple & my right sinuses start moving around & opening, then I did the other side, & then the other side did the same thing. So here's the big question: Are the worms just burrowing deeper in to my brain to get some relief from the electric current? & if so, could that cause some serious damage? For that matter, are the bugs just burrowing in to my other organs, & then when I'm done zapping, they come out of hiding a few hours later & make me sore again? It doesnt make much sense, because the soreness quits when I start zapping, it doesnt get worse, so maybe it is that the millions of microscopic parasitic bacteria are dying on a huge massive scale, & so they quit attacking/consuming the lining of my intestines... & therefore my intestines feel better for a few hours, but, maybe they just start repopulating as soon as I quit zapping, because not all of them were killed (maybe), or some other factor, like heavy-metals is feeding them back to existance.

Note: I have no dye-off symptoms, no cold, no headaches... I zap for 30 mins or so & that's it. After that, I feel good, & my stomach soreness is gone for a few hours.

One thing that's truly interesting is that I've had smelly crap all my life, but now that I'm zapping, there's almost no smell at all. The difference is very big. I'm a nail-biter too, but I'm seriously quiting more & more recently. I want to find more herbs that kill the parasites & eat them in my food if they taste good.

I quit sugar, but I still crave & use the sorgum molasses, BSO Molasses, & O maple syrup. mmmm. I may be just feeding the bastards & reviving the colonies, I guess I'll find out sooner or later when I decide to zap, & quit the sugary stuff. I'll try everything until I'm cured.

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