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Re: Look into Neural Cranial Restructuring
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Look into Neural Cranial Restructuring

You know this is amazing! I actually had this done to me in the late 80's or early 90's I believe. I had this chiropractor who did all sorts of things besides chiropractic and he always said that chiropractor was the shingle he had on his door but he was really a healer who knew a lot of methods. He is a Korean guy and I think he is now in Canada because someone sued him or something. I was seeing him for quite a while and he did adjustments and he put me on a special diet and I was doing coffee enemas and eventually he had me do a liver flush when he felt I was ready for it. He was not into a lot of supplements which I liked because they make me gag, but he had me on a complete amino acid supplement and a thyroid supplement for a while - he decided what to give me through muscle testing. This NCR must have been in the beginning stages back then. I had mainly gone to him because I had extremely bad allergies all the time and he was treating me for candida among other things.

So towards the end of the treatment he put this balloon up my nose and did what he said was an adjustment on my skull to open my sinuses - He said that most doctors say that it is impossible to move the bones of the skull but he said that it is not and he was going to do it for me to open up my nasal passages. Well that night and all the next day my sinuses were running like a faucet. When that was over - my allergies were 75% gone.

I was also allergic to cats so severely that I would get asthma when I was even in any house where there was a cat - Even if I didn't know there was a cat somewhere around I could tell of it's presence because I would immediately get a severe reaction. This guy told me to have my friends cat lick a plate and bring it into him and he made a homeopathic remedy for me. I thought this was nonsense but I was willing to try it because everything else he ever did was right on. I was never allergic to that particular cat again and my cat allergy was ever after greatly reduced. I hardly have it at all any more - this guy was amazing - I wish he was around here.

Anyway, he must have been trained in this technique in the earlier days and now since I am familiar with the dramatic effects of it I am really determined to pursue it. This is so exciting!

Thank you again! to azurite and Doc Sutter

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