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Earthing, Grounding, Barefooting Support Forum
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Earthing or Grounding is an attempt to encourage health by getting in contact with the ground. The Earth. Soil, grass, mud.

Until now, it wasn’t understood why people felt better after walking bare foot on the grass and soil or sleeping outside on the ground.

We all love walking barefoot in the sand, lying on the grass, breathing in the fresh air as one wanders through the Wood, listening to the sounds of the sea and birds, feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin and the wind on our faces and in our hair.

Dr. Oschman believes that direct exposure to the earth’s electrical rhythms may help promote a normalizing effect on hormone production, sleep patterns and stress levels. An interesting side note is an additional theory that “free and mobile electrons from the earth can resolve chronic inflammation by serving as natural antioxidants”.

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