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Master Cleanse "Fakes"

Master Cleanse "Fakes"

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Master Cleanse & Raw Food News - Master Cleanse "Fakes"

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Master Cleanse "Fakes"
2 Sept. 2007

"Straight to the heart of the matter! My Mom was floundering in her 'own version' of the Master Cleanse and it wasn't until she heard [The Lemonade Diet] CD that she realized the importance of following it EXACTLY. The resulting differences were astounding! I personally can't wait to be able to do it again in a few months!"

Nacogdoches, TX

My purpose is to educate you on low- and no-cost ways others have achieved and maintained vibrant good health. Like anything else, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Because everyone's body is different, you must learn what will work for you.

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1. Master Cleanse "Fakes"
2. Win a free 34 oz. Lemonade Brigade™ drink bottle by September 9th!
3. Time to click a couple links to preserve your freedom of health information (again)
4. Res' unlikely, but spectacular juice
5. Save 5% on your purchase of Master Cleanse Kits through September 9th, 2007!

1. Master Cleanse "Fakes"

If you've read my book or website, I'm sure you know that I always recommend following Stanley Burroughs' regimen as he developed it. The reason is quite simple: it works. By actual survey of more than 140 people who had done the Master Cleanse at least once for 10 days, better than 90% got great results. In fact, on average, each person who did the Master Cleanse inspired three more people to try it!

Adding or changing something may make it better for a single person, but after coaching directly or indirectly more than 1500 people, I know that the best results come about from doing what he said.

For example, I was sent an advertisement for pre-made lemonade for the Master Cleanse. There are two troubles with that. First, cayenne pepper gets hotter the longer it sits in a mix! Second, the enzymes from fresh lemons are powerful in helping the body to detoxify, cleanse the liver and, I believe, dissolve mucus. This is impossible in any pre-bottled mix because the length of time it was sitting in the bottle, even if it wasn't pasteurized, would destroy the enzymes.

How do I know fresh lemons are more powerful than processed juice? I coached a woman who had a multi-year history of strong psychiatric medicine. I was concerned that the Master Cleanse would be too fast a detoxification program for her, but she wanted to try it. The first three days were no problem at all. In fact, she felt very little was happening. It was then that I discovered she had been using processed lemon juice in a bottle. The very first day she switched to fresh-squeezed, she had to come off the Master Cleanse because she had too many detox symptoms.

Then there was the 5-day "Master Cleanse." Not much usually happens the first day and days two and three are the roughest. So, one suffers through the worst part and only gets one or two days of feeling good and misses the chance (around day 7) to actually cleanse some of the old waste—there was a reason Stanley Burroughs said do a minimum of 10 days.

The latest "improvement" is "Lemonade Diet" pills. Part of the power of the Master Cleanse is due to the fact that it's a juice fast. Fasting has been used for thousands of years and is a very, very powerful cleansing and healing processes. So, taking pills along with eating anything else, such as psyllium or bentonite clay or some "secret food you can cheat with" reduces its effectiveness. An additional part of the power comes from drinking so much water/lemonade that any possible dehydration is handled. This won't happen by just taking some pills and, as mentioned above, all the lemon enzymes won't survive whatever process dehydrates the lemon juice.

I'm not telling you that you can't do something else. I'm saying that your best chance for getting the best results are from doing the Master Cleanse as written. There are no hidden secrets.

"My husband and I went on the detox after hearing about it from a coworker. It was hard and rough making it through the 10 days, but we both feel great now. I have no desire for meat, alcohol and cheese, which were mostly what I consumed before—being on a low carb diet. I have energy enough now to work out every day.

"[Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days] explains everything in detail and the website has a forum where you can ask any question under the sun. However, the forum in the back of this book will answer most of those questions anyway.

"I lost 7 lbs in the 10 days, my husband lost 10, but that isn't the reason to go on this diet. It's to change your lifestyle and the way you look at food. As a society we are too consumed by food, it runs our lives. Try it and find out how you feel for yourself, it will open your eyes."

H. Richardson
Colorado Springs, CO

2. Win a free 34 oz. Lemonade Brigade™ drink bottle by September 9th!

Just go to and post a positive review on Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days. Then email me at peter (@) with your mailing address. After confirming your review, I'll send you a free 34 oz. Lemonade Brigade™ drink bottle.

Hurry, though. Your positive review must be posted and your mailing address received by September 9th.

Every five years, the $70 billion Farm Bill gets rewritten. In the past, junk food makers have controlled the subsidies of the bill, wiping out small farmers, destroying the environment and making America fat. is the first step in a massive campaign to put the farm bill back in the hands of the people who pay for it—us!

"[Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days] offers valuable insights into this miraculous process and what your body undergoes during the cleanse. After my husband did the cleanse the first time in January, he lost 24 pounds, felt energetic for the first time in years, and his skin glowed! He just finished his second cleanse this past April and lost more weight. He's much happier and healthier. The dialogues and testimonials in the book help you understand the cleansing stages and enable you to identify with others who have already gone through it. Peter is an excellent guide, wisely encouraging you to stick with it and do it right, and addressing common issues along the way. He has taken Stanley Burroughs' Master Cleanse and made it a guide for the common man. We are recommending the cleanse and Peter's book to friends, family, and co-workers. My husband is a walking testimonial to all who have not seen him since his dramatic transformation. I'm looking forward to doing my first cleanse this summer!"

Marianne Rogers

3. Time to click a couple links to preserve your freedom of health information (again)

Yes, for the third time in a year, the FDA has proposed a guideline to restrict health claims for historical food and supplement benefits by requiring them first to be proven by scientific studies agreed upon by scientists in the pay of the pharmaceutical companies before they can be made.

If nutrition isn't being taught to doctors and isn't being taught in our schools, our health will suffer. (It has already.) Who makes money from ill health? The drug companies.

No less an authority than the World Health Organization calls diabetes and heart disease preventable and cites increased vegetable and cereal intake and reduced fat intake as beneficial. (Public Health Nutrition, Vol. 7, No. 1, supplement 1001, February 2004) However, the drug companies would prefer people take expensive medicines.

The last time the FDA proposed this guideline, they reduced the comment period to only 30 days and then, of 588,000 attempted email protests, the FDA only "received" 197,000. They said there was a problem with the comment link on their website.

So, click here to get more information and send a fax. (We're not trusting emails anymore.)

By the way, the organization doing this is the Natural Solutions Foundation. You might want to send them a donation.

"I have done four cleanses using the Lemonade Diet. Peter Glickman's book, Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, is a must read for anyone planning to do the Master Cleanse. I found it to be very helpful as it answered many questions about the cleanse that I had. It was also helpful to read the success stories of others."


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"I lost 15 lbs in ten days, so I've got no complaints. You cannot go back to all your old toxic ways, however. (I enjoy some of my toxins, so limiting more than avoiding is my key.) ... I can't see doing this more than once a year, but, heck, it works!"

J. Vettel
Raleigh, NC

4. Res' unlikely, but spectacular juice

This is a recipe from our Raw Food Lifestyle bulletin board moderator, Res. (It's short for Resonant because she likes to sing.)

6-8 carrots
3 stalks celery
1/2 beet
1 clove garlic
1 zucchini
1 apple
1/4 fresh lemon, peel and all
1 large ring of fresh pineapple, rind and all

Wash the ingredients and don't peel. Cut into size to fit your juicer. Juice it and enjoy!

"In the reconstruction or regeneration of the body by natural means, it is very important to bear in mind that natural foods taken in the form of vegetable juices may start a regular housecleaning process throughout the entire system. This may be, and sometimes is, accompanied by a period of pains or aches in the regions of the body where this housecleaning is taking place. It may even at times make one feel as if he were actually sick. We should not for one moment feel that the juices are making us ill, if these are fresh and are taken the same day that they are made. "

N. W. Walker, D. Sc., Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices

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Go to the web store and use coupon code "5offkit" (without the quotation marks) when you checkout or ask for 5% off when you place your order on our toll-free order line at 866-688-1709.

Do it now. This offer expires after September 9th.
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