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Master Cleanse Q & A

Master Cleanse Q & A

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Master Cleanse & Raw Food News - Q & A

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Master Cleanse Q & A
24 June 2007

"My brother-in-law told me about the program. He said he had lots of energy and that he usually has sinus congestion but that while he was on the cleanse he didn't have any of that. He said he felt great.

"So I went online and read about the lemon diet/cleanse and signed up on the bulletin board (it was free.) so I could read the "community email" and found out a lot.

"I am on day 8 of the cleanse. I can't believe that I am not hungry or weak because I think deep down that is what I thought was going to happen. I must be honest—the first day of the cleanse was horrible! I had a terrible headache and I was nauseous off and on all day. After work, I went home and just sat around. Day 2. I was fine. I felt no different than usual.

"I have only been hungry once and that was at work when I relieving someone for lunch and everyone was cooking. I got my lemonade, drank it and some water, and I was fine. I think I just waited too long before I drank the lemonade. On day 5, I figured out something about my lifestyle. My husband and I are very social people, but we are social around food. We go out to eat a lot and we meet our friends for "adult beverages" every weekend. So part of this is a mental adjustment. I told my husband we need to find new activities—something besides eating and drinking!

"Last but not least—I love junk food, but I haven't had any cravings for brownies, chips, etc. I was really surprised because I was expecting to have cravings and was going to have to suffer through them. Last night, our daughter made brownies with ice cream as part of her Father's Day gift. They smelled great, but I wasn't salivating over them nor was I upset that I couldn't have any.

"Of course, this is just my experience, but I highly recommend Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days and that you visit the website. They discuss things on the website that may not be in the book. For example, some of the women noticed they were cold. When it happened to me, I knew it wasn't anything to worry about since I had read this on the website."

S. Hampton

My purpose is to educate you on low- and no-cost ways others have achieved and maintained vibrant good health. Like anything else, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Because everyone's body is different, you must learn what will work for you.

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1. Master Cleanse Q & A
2. Ron Paul sponsors health freedom legislation
3. Win a free 34 oz. Lemonade Brigade drink bottle by July 1st!
4. Raw Ice Cream
5. Save $3.00 on The Lemonade Diet: A Master Cleanse Audio CD by using this coupon code before June 25th!

1. Master Cleanse Q & A

Q: I was wondering if there were ANY supplements that you think we could take while on the Master Cleanse other than Maple syrup, Molasses, Lemons, the senna and peppermint tea, and the sea salt. What about apple cider vinegar? chlorophyll liquid? Is there any beta carotene or vitamin B12 sources that we can take while on the cleanse?

A: Over and over again, I see people get the best results from following Stanley Burroughs' instructions exactly. In this case, he says not to take any supplements.

Many people misunderstand that statement and believe they need to discontinue prescribed medicines as well. I urge people to consult with their licensed health care practitioner before changing dosages or discontinuing their prescriptions.

By the way, the Master Cleanse gets most of its power from being a modified juice fast and fasting has been used for thousands of years to rejuvenate the body. So, everything you add to the Master Cleanse, such as calcium supplements, psyllium husks or Bentonite clay, just reduce the effectiveness of the Master Cleanse.

Q: What about calcium intake during this cleanse? I am concerned that pre- or menopausal women, who do this cleanse and are already losing calcium, would not be supplementing. Should they continue to supplement, with calcium citrate for instance?

A: In addition to the advice above, calcium supplementation does not appear to be necessary during the cleanse.

Calcium is one of the main alkaline minerals the body uses to maintain proper pH. With modern diets so heavily acidic with fried foods, meat, sweets, refined foods, and coffee, for example, calcium is in BIG demand.

Occasionally, if a person doesn't eat enough green leafy vegetables—the most bio-available source of calcium—her body will take calcium from the bones and teeth.

The only area of concern therefore for people on the Master Cleanse, who will not be eating acidic foods, is whether they have sufficient alkaline mineral reserves to neutralize the acidic toxins being eliminated.

If not, they should go on a greens-rich diet to build up their calcium reserves before doing the Master Cleanse. How will they know if they should? Their body will tell them because they will find it very, very hard to do the Master Cleanse even for a few days. These are people who need to restrict their consumption of acidic foods, boost their consumption of nutritional raw greens and use a slower detox method, such as one of those described in last week's article, "Detoxifying too fast?".

So, If a woman can do the Master Cleanse without too much difficulty, there does not appear to be a need for calcium supplementation during the cleanse. After the cleanse, most people usually have an increased desire for raw greens and a reduced desire for acidic foods.

"Great addition to the original book on the Master Cleanse, Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days helped a lot! It had other people sharing what they went through, which answered a lot of my questions. The whole process makes sense and the instructions were a lot simpler to read and understand!"

Linda A. Seay

2. Ron Paul sponsors health freedom legislation

Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. (R-TX) has re-introduced "The Health Freedom Protection Act," H.R. 2117, in the US House of Representatives. This bill allows supplements to carry scientifically justified health claims and shifts the burden of proof to the FDA to prove that health claims are NOT scientifically warranted, rather than assuming that health claims are forbidden for a variety of reasons.

Thus, "Cherries may be good for arthritis" would be permitted since there is strong scientific evidence that they help people with joint pain.

Dr. Paul reintroduced this bill shortly after the US Senate passed S. 1082—strengthening the FDA and setting the FDA up to license new drugs developed in partnership with big pharmaceutical companies.

Prohibiting health claims for supplements, fruits or vegetables is as good as prohibiting their sales because it will eliminate the knowledge of the benefits so necessary to good health.

"The Health Protection Act," H.R. 2117, is cosponsored by Congressmen Burton (R-IN), Shays (R-CT), Bartlett (R-MD), and Duncan (R-TN). It presents a clear opportunity to enhance legal protections for natural remedies. Its adoption would shift FDA resources from over-regulation of safe food substances to protecting people from truly dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Click here to encourage your congresspeople to join as co-sponsors and get behind "The Health Freedom Protection Act."

"I am a very healthy person, a robust vegetarian, active like nobody's business and always striving for more. So, I thought I'd try the Master Cleanse. I did it the first time all the way through... or so I thought. Even though I did the fast correctly, I didn't come off it well—and regretted it. The second time I did the Master Cleanse, I rationalized myself into quitting after only 7 days. I came off the fast better, but binged as soon as I weaned myself back onto food. I loved the cleanses. I really did. I just didn't like coming off them.

"Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days made all the difference in the world. It keeps you on track; warns you about what to expect; and explains the rationale so that you are better equipped to make decisions to better your health."

Jordan Savage
Los Angeles, CA

3. Win a free 34 oz. Lemonade Brigade drink bottle by July 1st!

Go to, post a positive review on Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days and email me at peter (at) with your mailing address. After confirming your review, I'll send you a free 34 oz. Lemonade Brigade drink bottle.

If you don't already have a copy of the book to review, buy it at Amazon first. Read it, post your review and win your free drink bottle!

Hurry, though. Your positive review must be posted and your mailing address received by July 1st.

"I've had digestive problems for years—bloating, constipation and fatigue. My husband and I are doing the Master Cleanse and already on day 6, I feel such a relief. My whole system feels rested and I know that we will not only finish the ten days, but will do future cleanses, just like Peter prescribes."

"Thank you so much."

A. Rudolph
St Petersburg, FL

4. Raw Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth or love ice cream especially late at night or have kids that love ice cream, this is a fast and easy recipe. My 4 year old grandson loves to make it whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner or for a quick snack.

Ingredients: Nuts, bananas, frozen fruit

1. Place a handful of raw (not roasted) cashews or soaked then drained raw almonds in the fruit processor.
2. Blend until smooth (can leave slightly grainy for more texture in the ice cream
3. Add a bit of water (1-4 tablespoons) to make into a thick cream
4. Add chopped frozen fruit (see below for ideas)
5. Add a banana to make it thick, smooth and sweet (can be frozen or not)
6. Taste and adjust sweetness, frozenness, creaminess
by adding more of the above ingredients, dates, etc.
7. Serve right away.
8. If you want the ice cream firmer you can place it in a container in the freezer until it as thick as you like. If there is any left over, you can store in the freezer in a covered container. Allow time to thaw when you want to eat it again.

"Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days makes a lot of claims such as the various symptoms that can be remedied by doing the Master Cleanse. I was a GREAT BIG SKEPTIC. As a person who suffers with asthma, allergies, inflammation, sinus congestion, high blood pressure (HBP), and leg edema, I have been on medications from my doctors for many years. I found it hard to believe the words and claims of those in the book. However, I have done the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) and all I can say is BELIEVE THE HYPE!! It WORKS!"

"After 15 days, my edema had lessened greatly, my sinus congestion had disappeared as did my chest congestion. I haven't had to take my High blood pressure medication and I test my HBP daily because I found this outcome the hardest to believe. I had been told I'd be on my HBP medicine for life. Best of all, I feel better, my thinking is clearer and I have more energy. I still have some allergies and inflammation blockages but I am going to do the Master Cleanse every season. However first, I plan to go back on the cleanse again in the next month. This time, I want to stay on it until my currently coated tongue becomes a healthy pink—the true sign of health. Oh, by the way, I lost 10 lbs., but although I need to lose more, I was more interested in the other health benefits that I received as a result."

"Buy this book and go on the cleanse—you won't be sorry. The Cleanse ingredients are cheaper than most medications and it is better for you because everything is natural. If you care about yourself, do this for yourself."

R. Pryor
New York

5. Save $3.00 on The Lemonade Diet: A Master Cleanse Audio CD by using this coupon code before June 25th!

This offer is good on the CD alone or in any combination which includes it.

So, go to the web store and use coupon code "3offcd" (without the quotation marks) when you checkout or ask for $3 off when you place your order on our toll-free order line at 866-688-1709.

Hurry, though, because this offer expires June 25th.
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