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My Stories: Pelvic Pain, Baby Colic and Lower Back Pain

During my life, I learned different manual therapies, including Yumeiho therapy, different forms of Shiatsu and Reflexotherapy. I have been both practicing and teaching Shiatsu and Yumeiho for the last 11 years, so I am not exactly a beginner. I tried to help Alexandra, but my treatments and manipulations were of no help.

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  • You of course know that many pages on CureZone are encouraging people to "become your own doctor". In reality, there are many problems that can be both prevented and cured without visiting a doctor, without prescriptions, medications, without surgeries, without experts ...

    But, there are also times when we need help from other people. From Experts. Next stories are examples.
  • Testimonial: Pelvic Pain by Webmaster
    During the 2003, my wife Sandra was pregnant. It was a healthy pregnancy, and we were expecting that birth will also be without problems.

    But, just 2 weeks before the expected time, Sandra suddenly developed severe pelvic pain.

    The symptoms of this pain are: every movement of legs, during the day or night, is extremely painful, making it very painful for her to walk, to move legs while laying in bed, while sleeping, while sitting, painful to put clothes on, to go to toilet ...

    Pain! A lot of it. So much pain that it paralyzes any motion.

    In Norway, diagnosis is "bekkenløsning", and means that pain is related to the fact that pelvic bones are stretching.
    In the front of your pelvis there is a connection. It is filled with a cartilage. This "joint" is called the symphasis pubis. This tissue is being stretched to the max during the last weeks of pregnancy, preparing pelvic bones for birth. It is believed that stretching of symphasis pubis is possible cause of pain.
    The ligaments and muscles that are attached in that area are also stressed and their cramps may also be related to the pain.

    In Norway, pelvic pain is considered "incurable". If you are a woman, and you are suffering from pelvic pain, you are suppose to keep suffering until it goes by itself, usually, it ends weeks after birth, in 95% of cases.

    There are so many women in Norway suffering from pelvic pain, that they also formed an association: "Landsforeningen for kvinner med bekkenløsning" (National association for women suffering from pelvic pain.)

    Pelvic Pain Research:
    Elisabeth Clare Larsen and several other Danish researchers have year 2000 published results of a survey done on 1600 pregnant women:

    14% of them have had pelvic pain during pregnancy. I will call that group Pelvic Pain group.
    Pelvic Pain group:

    39% developed pain on their 24th week of pregnancy or earlier.
    12% had to reduce their mobility to 1/4 of what they would normally do during pregnancy,
    44% had constant pain that lasted longer then 6 hours every day.
    Women who got pelvic pain earlier in pregnancy were suffering for more hours daily then those who got the pain later in pregnancy.

    2 moths after birth, of 1600 women 5% still had pelvic pain.
    6 months after birth, of 1600 women 4% still had pelvic pain.
    12 months after birth, 2% of women still had pelvic pain.

    If you go to a doctor, and you get diagnosed with pelvic pain, you are told: there is no cure, do not move, stay in bed.

    During my life, I learned that even when a problem is classified as incurable, we have to try, we should not give up.

    During my life, I learned different manual therapies, including Yumeiho therapy, different forms of Shiatsu and Reflexotherapy. I have been both practicing and teaching Shiatsu and Yumeiho for the last 11 years, so I am not exactly a beginner. I tried to help Sandra, but my treatments and manipulations were of no help.
    Absolutely no improvement. It was only a lot of pain.

    I knew it is time to go to a specialist.
  • I met several great manual therapists in Norway, and I knew that the best one is Samad Sulaiman .

    I knew that hew was successfully curing Pelvic Pain, and after several days of talking and persuading Sandra, she finally accepted, and we made a quick appointment for the next day.

    After the treatment, Sandra, who could hardly walk in, came out and started dancing! Big smile was on her face! She was extremely happy. The pain was 100% gone. She could hardly believe, and was waiting for pain to come back. It didn't come back.

    She received 2 more treatments before birth, addressing other problems, but Pelvic Pain never returned.

    The cause of the pain was curvature of coccyx (tail bone)Click to enlarge!
    Coccyx was slightly bent forward.

    When tail bone is slightly bent (usually as a result of injury), it may cause no pain and no symptoms for years, but suddenly, during pregnancy, the pain may appear.

    The only way to correct this curvature is to access tail bone with finger, from inside rectum, and that makes the treatment extremely unpleasant and painful. But anyone who has experienced Pelvic Pain, would have always traded days and weeks of Pelvic Pain for a few minutes of rectal pain.

  • Testimonial: Baby Colic
    December 2003, my wife gave birth to our son Alex. Birth was difficult, doctor had to use a vacuum cup to pull baby out. What is a vacuum cup? It is metal cup, that is placed on baby's scalp. A vacuum pump is attached to it to insure that cup is strongly sucked into the baby scalp.
    Metal chain is attached to a cup, and a strong metal handle is attached to a chain. Doctor, women with over 10 years of experience, was using all her force to pull Alex out, while midwifes were pressing on the abdomen of my wife, and helping her push baby out. If we were not in the hospital with experienced doctor and with several midwifes, nobody knows how this story would end.

    It was very difficult and dramatic birth, lasting almost 12 hours. I was there all the time.

    The next day, my wife and son were released from the hospital, and we were home.

    But, as a result of this difficult birth and all the pulling and pushing, my son was not very happy the first days of his life. He had huge swollen area on his scalp, he was crying a lot, and was suffering from severe colic. His BM were very liquid, diarrhea.

    We knew that we need help.

    We went to Samad. After the first treatment, my son got much better, but it didn't last longer then 24 hours. We came back after 2 weeks, and again he got better just for a day or two, and he was again back, colic and stomach pain after every meal. He was only fed with mother's milk.

    Anything Sandra would eat would have caused severe colic, especially fruit and vegetable in any form.

    She had to avoid all fruit, all vegetable, all milk products, all fish, all nuts, all beans and even with such strict diet, he was still suffering after every meal, sometimes for hours.

    The only thing that didn't bother Alex was wheat bread and beef meat.

    We were trying for 2 months. Alexr received 5 or 6 treatments from Samad, but his colic pain would always come back after day or two. It was very discouraging.

    We knew that we need more help.

    We knew that Charles Ndifon will be in Denmark from January 31st to February 6th 2004 so we went to Denmark.

    We arrived to Copenhagen by boat, and we went directly to the church where Charles was healing. Over 200 people were there.

    There were several people in wheelchairs, several blind people, many people with serious health problems ...

    We were waiting for 5 hours to finally get a chance to be face to face with Charles. I was holding my son in my hands. He was sleeping. Charles asked me:
    "Why did you come here?"
    "My son is suffering severe colic, we need help." I answered. Charles touched his head for second, and said: "This boy is just fine, he is going to be be OK."

    We finally went to a hotel. Alexandra was breastfeeding Alexander, and we were expecting him to start crying soon after. It didn't happen. We were waiting. We knew it will come, sooner or later.
    We definitively did not want to celebrate early.

    Previous experience have though us that he might be OK for a day or two, but colic would always come back.

    Alexandra said: "I am going to eat some fruit to test him."

    We knew that Alex would get the most severe colic after drinking milk from Sandra 
    just after she ate some fruit. She took an apple, the first apple after a long time, and we were expecting the worst. It didn't happen. Nothing happened. Alex was perfectly OK.

    For longer then a week, we were expecting Alex to start crying, to show any sign of colic, cause we could hardly believe that colic was gone.

    But, colic never returned.

  • That day when Charles touched him, Alex was 2 days to be 2 months old. That was the last day he ever had colic.

    Going from severe colic day after day, to a perfectly healthy child within a single day, that was hardly anything but miracle.

    But, my rational brain wanted to find some other explanation. I researched literature, and it was clear that some percentage of colic kids are colic-free within the first 2 months of life, but in most of those kids, it doesn't happen as a clean cut.

  • Another problem is that those kids who suffer severe colic, they suffer for longer then 2 months, often 3- 6 months.

    If you ask me, I am 100% convinced that my son's colic disappeared thanks to what Charles did.
  • What are the chances that colic disappears totally the same day we met Charles?

    What are the chances that at least 50 other people experience healing miracle the same day?

    There is no way that all those experiences were just a coincidence, unrelated to Charles? Or was it?

    Even if what happen to my son was a pure coincidence, (what is theoretically possible), there is no way that the same day, on the same place 50 other people experience healing miracles, and that those miracles are not related to the fact that Charles was there.

    If you are suffering from an "Incurable Illness", go and visit Charles. Charles is not charging any money for what he is doing, so don't assume that I am trying to send you to someone who is after your money.

    I have seen people being healed, and I have seen people not being healed.
    I have seen a man gets his eye sight back.

    It didn't work for everyone who was there. No. There were people there, who were coming to see Charles for second, or third time, and some of them were still in the wheelchair.

    But those who got healed, they know it was thanks to Charles, cause it was a real miracle. You don't walk out from your wheelchair every day!

    Wait, the story is not over yet!

  • Testimonial: Lower Back Pain

    June 16th 2004, I was moving from one apartment to another. I just arrived from a 2 weeks trip to USA, where I was mainly eating restaurant food. I never eat in a restaurant in Oslo.

    Anyway, I was lifting heavy furniture, heavy boxes with books, all alone. Next day, I woke up with unpleasant lower back pain.

    I was feeling my lower back and my right hip while walking, while sitting, while in bed.
    The longer I was sitting, the more pain.

    It is not the first time that I get back pain.
    I love jumping on a trampoline, and I do get injured now and then, but it goes away by itself.

    So I just tried to ignore it, waiting for it to disappear on it's own. Similar back troubles would always disappear on it's own within a few days.

    After 30 days, pain was still there, always getting worse if I am sitting for a long time, and getting better if I was swimming in the sea or walking.

    I slowly started loosing hope that pain will go away by itself.
    I believe that my poor diet during the 2 weeks prior to getting this injury was the most important factor causing this pain.
    I often do heavy weight lifting. I often use trampoline and often get some minor back injuries, but it is never serious, and it never lasts.
    This time, it was serious, it was lasting too long, and the only factor that was different this time was my diet.

    I went to Samad, just for a 10 min treatment, and he gave me extremely painful Shiatsu in the sacral area and pain went away.

    But only for a few hours.

    Now, I started loosing hope, and I went to to check where Charles is.

    was just coming to Gothenburg in Sweden, and I knew I had to go there. I took a train from Oslo, and the same evening, July 13th, I was face to face with Charles.

    He made me touch my toes with my hands, and he tried to help by commanding pain to leave my body, and sure, most of the pain went away, but the next day, the pain was back. I was still in Gothenburg.

    I was now getting worried. Samad couldn't help me? Charles couldn't help me?

    What were my options?

    I went again to Charles, and there was a women there, working with Charles, member of his stuff. She was very beautiful, dressed in white. She asked me, and I told her what my problem was. She said a prayer while holding her hand on the bottom of my spine, and all the pain went away. I could hardly believe.
    I was pain free for a few days.

    But, pain came back as soon a I was back in Oslo. It would always get worse after I was sitting for hours in front of computer.
    You are now getting tired of my story, I know. But wait. there is a little more.

    I went to Samad again, this time I got the full 1 hour treatment, and it took my pain away. But the next day, pain was back.

    I went again to Samad, August 10th, and I told him: I need spinal manipulations. You need to crack my lower spine and my sacro-iliac joints, my hips, cause this pain is not going away.

    Samad rarely manipulates spine, he always tries other options first.

    But, he did it this time. And the pain went away. It was August 10th, 2004.

    Today is December 11th 2004, 4 months later, and I am still pain free.

    I am using my trampoline and jumping somersaults, and I can hardly remember how the pain felt.

    Samad and Charles, thank you!


  • Charles Ndifon:

Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself
from the unacceptable.

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