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** Meaningless CDC Statistics ** Blog: "Vaccines as a primary CAUSE of food allergies"
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Blog: "Vaccines as a primary CAUSE of food allergies"
by llasidog

Meaningless CDC Statistics

The CDC uses scare tactics to promote vaccines. What is the reality compared to your child getting a fatal food allergy?

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We get bombarded with statistics from the vaccine promoters. I love this phrase that they like to use:

"Becoming infected with ____ is much more dangerous to your health than receiving the vaccine to protect against it. However, like any medicine, this vaccine can cause side effects but the risk of serious side effects is extremely low."

Well, of course, becoming infected with a disease isn't good. But WHAT is the chance of becoming infected with the disease? They don't tell you that!!
Vitamin K ·
Without prophylaxis, the risk of early (easily recognized) bleeding in a healthy non-traumatized term baby in the first two weeks of life is probably only 1–2 in a thousand.

Hepatitis B ·
Newborn babies are not at risk of contracting hepatitis B disease unless their mother is infected. ·
Hepatitis B is primarily a disease of junkies, gays, and promiscuous heterosexuals.

The vaccine is given to babies because health authorities couldn't get those risk groups to take the vaccine. ·
Adverse reactions outnumber cases of the disease in government statistics.

Nothing is being done to investigate those adverse reactions.

Those adverse reactions include numerous deaths, convulsions and arthritic conditions that occur within days after Hepatitis B vaccination.

The CDC is misrepresenting hypothetical, estimated disease statistics as real cases of the disease.

The ACIP is recommending new vaccines for premature infants without having scientific studies proving they are safe.

The U.S. vaccine recommendation process is hopelessly compromised by conflicts of interest with vaccine manufacturers, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the CDC.

Hepatitis vaccine:
"Children younger than 14 are three times more likely to die or suffer adverse reactions after receiving hepatitis B vaccines than to catch the disease," ---- Jane. M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director of AAPS

DTaP - Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough)
But the clinic's literature contained a contradiction: the chances of a serious adverse reaction to the DPT vaccine were 1 in 1750, while his chances of dying from pertussis each year were 1 in several million.

the average incidence of Pertussis in the US to be 3.3 per 100,000 people each year.

Between 1980 and 1995, 41 cases of diphtheria were reported to health authorities.

From 1992 through 2000, 15 cases of tetanus in children less than 15 years of age were reported from 11 states. Twelve cases were in boys. Two cases were in neonates less than 10 days of age; the other 13 cases were in children who ranged in age from 3 to 14 years. The median length of hospitalization was 28 days; 8 children required mechanical ventilation. There were no deaths.

Age Structure (2008 estimate): 0-14 years: 20.1% (male 31,257,108 / female 29,889,645)

"In view of the rarity of the disease (Diptheria), the effective antibiotic treatment now available, the questionable effectiveness of the vaccine, the multimillion-dollar annual cost of administering it, and the ever-present potential for harmful, long-term effects from this or any other vaccine, I consider continued mass immunization against diphtheria indefensible"---Dr. Mendelsohn MD

Hib Haemophilus influenzae type b
Before the vaccine was licensed for use in the United States 20,000 people were infected annually and 1,000 died each year.

"In Minnesota, a state epidemiologist concluded that the Hib vaccine increases the risk of illness when a study revealed that vaccinated children were *five times* more likely to contract meningitis than unvaccinated children."

Polio (IPV)
As for Polio, there has not been a documented case of wild Polio since 1979 - every case thereafter was caused by the Polio vaccine.

Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV7)
Pneumococcal Meningitis has been associated with a mortality rate of approximately 1 in 178,571 children.
Each year in the United States rotavirus is responsible for more than 400,000 doctor visits, more than 200,000 emergency room visits, 55,000-70,000 hospitalizations, and 20-60 deaths.

If we take the combined figure of flu and pneumonia deaths for the period of 2001 and add a bit of spin to the figures, we are left believing that 62,034 people died from influenza. The actual figures determined by Peter Doshi, then at Harvard University, are 61,777 died from pneumonia and only 257 from flu. Even more amazing, among those 257 cases, only 18 were confirmed positive for influenza. A separate study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics for the flu periods between 1979 through 2002 revealed the true range of flu deaths was between 257 and 3006, for an average of 1,348 per year.

[2009 Oct] Government Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz To Counter Growing Criticism from Scientific and Medical Community by Richard Gale & Gary Null
Number of flu deaths 753 (2002) CDC

"Doctors maintain that the (MMR) inoculation is necessary to prevent measles encephalitis, which they say occurs about once in 1,000 cases. After decades of experience with measles, I question this statistic, and so do many other pediatricians. The incidence of 1/1,000 may be accurate for children who live in conditions of poverty and malnutrition, but in the middle-and upper-income brackets, if one excludes simple sleepiness from the measles itself, the incidence of true encephalitis is probably more like 1/10,900 or 1/100,000."------Dr Mendelsohn
"The BNF for 1985 states (page 385) that mumps and its complications are rarely serious. For this reason, it goes on to suggest that there is little indication for the routine use of mumps vaccine."--Dr JK Anand (10/2001 BMJ)
"Mumps is a common childhood disease which is benign in the in the vast majority of cases. It is desirable that mumps be contracted in early childhood because, when contracted in adulthood, the disease may cause meningitis and/or damage to the testes, ovaries, auditory nerves, or pancreas. However, and equally importantly, women are less likely to contract ovarian cancer if they have had mumps during childhood (West 1966)."---Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
"The mumps vaccine, a high-risk, low-benefit product struck me and plenty of other doctors as silly from the moment it was introduced........the chance of sterility from mumps is overrated since in practically every case of mumps orchitis (inflammation of the testes) only one testis is affected, and a man could repopulate the entire world with the other one."--Dr Mendelsohn MD

"Study after study has demonstrated that many women immunized against rubella as children lack evidence of immunity in blood tests given during their adolescent years. Other tests have shown a high vaccine failure rate in children given rubella, measles, and mumps shots, either separately or in combined form."---Dr Mendelsohn

Mortality Statistics > Rubella [German measles] (most recent) by country Weighted average: 1.8 deaths

Varicella - Chickenpox
Fortunately, most children do not suffer any serious consequences from chickenpox infections. From a cost-to-society point of view, chicken pox can be expensive and inconvenient. Children miss school, parents have to miss work, causing inconvenience and a loss of productivity all around. However, approximately 1 in 2000 children may develop more serious complications, which account for 1900 children a year requiring hospitalization. [Note: this is 1 in 2000 of the children who get chickenpox. But I used the number because they don't tell you how many actually get chickenpox- bfg]

Hepatitis A
In Europe, the United States and other industrialized countries, on the other hand, the infection is contracted primarily by susceptible young adults, most of whom are infected with the virus during trips to countries with a high incidence of the disease.[3]

106 deaths in the US

MCV4 - Meningococcal conjugate vaccine
The annual incidence of meningococcal disease in the United States is about 1 case per 100,000 population. The case fatality rate is approximately 13%.

HPV - Human Papillomavirus (Females only)
Becoming infected with HPV is much more dangerous to your health than receiving the vaccine to protect against it. However, like any medicine, this vaccine can cause side effects but the risk of serious side effects is extremely low.

SHOCKING FACT # 1: - The cervical cancer vaccines WILL NOT cure or treat cervical cancer.
SHOCKING FACT # 2: - Severe adverse reactions HAVE OCCURRED including ER visits, permanent damage, and death.
SHOCKING FACT # 3: - You can STILL GET cervical cancer AFTER having the vaccine.
SHOCKING FACT # 4: - The cervical cancer vaccines WILL NOT prevent cervical cancer.

this extremely common, and most often harmless, infection
Very rarely, this "vertical" transmission is associated with the development of recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis (warts on the throat) for the child - about 2,000 out of every 4 million newborns (Jay & Moscicki, 2000).

HPV and Cancer It is estimated that in 2001 there will be about 12,900 new cases of invasive cervical cancer in the United States, which will result in about 4,400 deaths (ACS, 2000).


Now given the above, let’s add up the risks of not getting these shots: ==============================
Vitamin K 1 1,000
Hepatitis B 1 300,000,000 – Risk is near zero
Diptheria 41 300,000,000
Tetanus 15 70,000,000
Pertussis 1 3,000,000
Hib 1 300,000
Polio 1 300,000,000
Pneumococcal Meningitis 1 178,571
Rotavirus 70,060 300,000,000
Influenza 1,348 300,000,000
Measles 1 10,000
Mumps 1 100,000,000
Rubella 1.8 300,000,000
Varicella 1,900 62,000,000
Hepatitis A 106 300,000,000
Meningococcal disease 1 100,000
HPV 4,400 150,000,000

Total 77,881 4,891,289,571
1 62,805

So, we boil it all down. Your child's chance of coming down with a horrible case of the long list of diseases is only 1 in 62,805. Compare that with your child's chance of getting a severe and possibly fatal peanut allergy of 1 in 125.

Gee, the choice seems easy to me. No vaccines!!!

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