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The New Being

We can all become the New Jerusalem!

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August 18, 2022 - Sun to Sun -

A comment by this blog-writer posted at:

“In America the social happens in the circle – sun-sun – each individual voice important”!
Comment: "Worth repeating"!

Re: “cults of personality” – may relate to: “…God is no respecter of persons”: Acts 10:34 (KJV)[18]*

September 28, 2020 - Most Radiant - "Like The Sun"! -

"The perfect human being, the ideal human being, the human being as Cosmic Intelligence created him in its workshop, is like the sun, and everything that emanates from him is of the same quintessence as the light of the sun, but in an etheric state. So, the closer we come to perfection, the more our emanations resemble light, and like light, they travel through space and those with developed sensitivity receive them and benefit from them. This is why we must seek to achieve the sun’s perfection, because it is always this same force, this same solar energy that radiates from our brain, our eyes, our mouth, our hands – from our entire body. And just like light, it extends its blessings not only to other human beings but also to plants, stones, and all of nature."[17]

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

September 12, 2020 - The Higher Form of Love -

The higher form of love is a state of consciousness in which all beings must learn to live one day. This state of consciousness cannot be described, nor can it be explained to someone who is not ready to live it; all that can be done is to try to lead them there gradually.

This state of consciousness allows a person to feel inwardly connected with the universe; they are then like an instrument vibrating in unison with all that exists, they feel a profound sense of peace and, above all, tremendous goodwill towards all beings.

They do not know where this positive disposition comes from; they simply feel that it has permeated their entire being, driving them to express themselves with love and understanding. They see nature and humans in a new light and they are happy.[16]

August 13, 2020 - "... women on earth must unite in a labour of construction, a work on their children and on men, the fathers of their children, so as to lead the way in the task of regenerating humanity."[15]


The deepest root of this Blog-writer's Cheeta vision is represented by the above quote of Omraam. The Cheeta village is an environment infused by the above ideal dedicated "to lead the way in the task of regenerating humanity." This "regeneration" is all-inclusive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Outwardly it may appear to begin just physically through establishing a biodynamic permaculture farm however it actually begins on the higher planes of existence with the High Ideal!

August 8, 2020 - The Power of Will By Consent -

"Human beings have all the elements necessary for the kingdom of God to come to earth. The only obstacle to this happening is their own unwillingness: they do not want to participate in this work for the good of humanity. They are too preoccupied with their own interests. How can the kingdom of God be realized in such circumstances? If we were all willing to make the few necessary efforts, progress would be very quick. But the crux of the matter is consent. Take someone like Hitler, for example: do you think he had such exceptional qualities? Not at all, but due to the prevailing circumstances, he was able to unite and gain the consent of millions of Germans, and this is why he became so powerful. And if we now gave our consent to the ideas of universal brotherhood, instead of to racism and discrimination, the kingdom of God, the Golden Age, would come."[14]

August 3, 2020 - Analyze Your Thoughts and Desires and the Feelings -

At all times, be aware of what enters and what leaves you, analyze your thoughts and desires and the feelings which flood into you, and also be aware of those elements that leave you and that you lose. This is a science in itself. In your inner laboratory, you study the effects on yourself of the reality of things, you note whether you are progressing or, on the contrary, slipping backwards. If you do not have this awareness how can you possibly know what is happening? I sometimes ask people, ‘What are you thinking about?’ and they reply, ‘I don’t know’. This astounds me. Things are coming and going like they do in a mill and they are not even aware of it. How can you expect such people to be in control of the situation? They will always be weak and victimized. Whatever currents flow through you, you should always recognize their nature, and know what regions they come from, so that you can sort them appropriately. This is how you will be able to progress.[13]

August 1, 2020 - The "Gift of the Ocean to the Sun" -

"In nature, the heart is represented by the oceans. .........
Nature offers her heart to the sun saying, ‘My Lord, I give you my heart, my blood. Use it so that plants, animals and humans may live in plenty.’

The sun takes some of this blood and, raising it on high, endows it with spiritual qualities before sending it back to earth, where it benefits all beings and brings them joy.

In opening their heart to the Creator and saying, ‘I give my heart to you’, Initiates reproduce within themselves this gift of the ocean to the sun. This ardent prayer, this sacrifice within the heart of humans is similar to that occurring in nature. Thanks to this spiritual transformation of their love and their blood, humans encounter the sun – God himself – and this meeting enriches and impregnates their entire being with new and divine qualities."[12]

July 9, 2020 - The Laws of The New Life -

"... we are learning the laws of the new life and must train ourselves to be conscious of everything we do.
So when you meet your friends in the morning ... you must put a great deal of love in your heart and wish them a good day. If you learn to work with the positive forces of nature, everyone will value you and love you."[11]*

July 3, 2020 - In man and woman God has summed up the whole of creation -

"A true Initiate seeking harmony and divine perfection knows that this perfection is reflected everywhere in nature, but that nowhere is it better represented than in the human body. Everywhere else, it is dispersed: the oceans, for example, represent one part of a human body, the rivers another, the mountains and sky yet others. Only human beings can express this beauty in its entirety, for it is in man and woman that God has summed up the whole of creation, all that exists throughout the cosmos. ..."[9]


The above comes to this Blog-writer synchronistically to his note of several hours earlier as follows (with minor edits, as if knowing that would make any difference to you! ; ~ ) -

"Centers Aligned - now realize that the 'spark' that was lit within me upon watching the opening scene from the film '2001 A Space Odyssey' of the planetary alignment of Earth, Sun and Moon was an outer macrocosmic depiction of what needed to occur on a microcosmic level within me and all of humanity as well - as we evolve toward becoming the new human."

And More Synchronicities upon reading "the center of centers" a moment ago![10]

June 1, 2020 - Our Ideal -

"Our ideal is to develop ourselves harmoniously so as to become models in every area.
Our ideal is to advance together, united by this fraternal love that God willed for all human beings.
Our ideal is to live the collective life together in harmony, for all blessings are contained in this life.

The time when human beings were advised to live in solitude in order to evolve is past. This is now the era of brotherhood. We must no longer set ourselves apart from others; we must walk together side by side to form a universal brotherhood on earth in which all beings will form one vast family. ..."[8]

May 23, 2020 - Intelligence - "a life discipline" -

"Our intelligence
is the sum,
the synthesis of the multitude of centers and organs within us,
of all these tendencies
and impulses t
hat we carry with us from incarnation to incarnation
over millions of years;

it is a summary of all the faculties and capacities
the cells of our body possess.

We must understand that the more evolved, sensitive and harmonious our cells are,
the more developed our intelligence will be.
Intelligence is not a separate, distinct faculty independent from human beings as a whole,
from our cells or our organs.

This is why correct thinking does not only require an intellectual effort;
it is in fact a life discipline."[7]


Therefore - Love Your Cells! (Because they are all listening to you and to every single thought that you allow into your consciousness ; ~ )
To Love in tis way is a Self-Discipline!
Love Self-Discipline!
By doing so you'll be Loving Your Body-Temple!

Teach Your Children to Love Themselves in this way.
This is what "Cheeta" is all about now!

May 21, 2020 - "Connected to Each Other at Source" -

Richard Rudd explores the changes in the 19th Gene Key and where they are leading our species - to a transcendence of our fear of lack and its need for competition, into truly inter-dimensional beings that are connected to each other at source. This will lead us to a new era in which we will each find superabundant joy at the core of who we are, changing our current view of intimacy in a most radical way..."[6]

"It Is A Quality of The Inner Life" -

"True poetry is not found in literature, it is a quality of the inner life. Everyone loves paintings, music, dance, sculpture, and so forth. So, why not harmonize your inner life with these colors, rhythms, forms and melodies? You have to understand that poetry must stem from within – everything that you experience, everything that you do must be poetic, that is to say, it must express a clear and luminous state of consciousness. It is this state of consciousness that creates true poetry – you are inspired, you feel as though a steady current were flowing through you, because internally, you are connected to the world of harmony. The moment you descend from these higher degrees of consciousness and no longer vibrate in unison with these spiritual currents, you immediately fall back into prose."[5]

May 3, 2020 - The New Human Art! -

"... from now on, the new concept of art will be to learn to live day and night in poetry, in other words to be warm, expressive, and full of life."[4]

April 25, 2020 - Forgiveness as an expression of the higher nature of the "New Human Being" -

"Moses laid down implacable laws for his people: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The slightest misdeed had to be punished – there could be no question of leniency or forgiveness. But that was understandable, since humanity’s degree of evolution was such that it needed strict rules; people still had to learn about justice. In fact, at the time, justice constituted a considerable step forward. But this situation could not last forever. God is compassionate and merciful, and like Him, human beings had to become compassionate and merciful too. This is why Jesus came to teach forgiveness. Think about how he treated the adulterous woman whom the Pharisees wanted to stone: his attitude was a breach of the law of justice, but in breaking the law of justice, Jesus instituted the law of love."[3]


And last night a presentation was delivered regarding "The Lord's Prayer" the heart of which is all about forgiveness.

April 24, 2020 - The High Mediating Function of Art in the Evolution of the Human Being’s Consciousness -

"... Steiner = the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism.

Science=Reason=Truth, born of thinking, is the principle of Air, or elemental intellect

Art=Imagination=Beauty, born of feeling, is the principle of Water, or elemental feeling

Religion=Devotion=Goodness, born of willing, is the principle of Fire, or elemental will

The Human Being’s consciousness, or elemental Earth, is the union of all of the above.

Rudolf Steiner, among others, is aware that science and religion are not actually opposed. He urges, in fact, that a true Science is religious, and a true Religion is scientific. The spiritual mediator between these 'two' edges of knowledge, is Art."[2]

April 22, 2020 -

"The New Jerusalem is a symbol of the new human being whose qualities and virtues are represented by gold, pearls and precious stones. Each one of us must become the New Jerusalem. Over the past two thousand years, many occult groups have claimed to be the New Jerusalem. But how can anyone make such a claim when they cling to old misconceptions and old forms, when they do not possess the keys to open the Book of Life? Only those who possess the keys to the seven seals, that is to say, who have a profound understanding of Holy Scripture, can claim to be the New Jerusalem. Becoming the New Jerusalem does not mean muttering a few bits of Initiatic Science and then continuing as you were – fearful, frail, uncertain, weak and spiteful. We can all become the New Jerusalem provided we have the light, which not only gives us knowledge, but which also shows us how to make it manifest in our lives."[1]-







[6] "Gene Key 19 - Part 1 - Eye of the Needle":














New Jerusalem, forgiveness, the kingdom of God, universal brotherhood, the Golden Age

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