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by Chef JeM

Introduction To Cheeta!

The enlightened Individuals at the core of Cheeta.

Date:   11/21/2018 10:05:20 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1888 times

September 9, 2020 - Contemplation -

"Human beings cannot improve anything on earth if they do not know how to lift themselves up in order to contemplate other regions inhabited by more evolved entities who can serve as examples and models to them.

They cannot create something better or more beautiful if they have not beheld a reality somewhere that surpasses their own.

And this is precisely what the work of a disciple is all about. During their meditations, contemplations and ecstasies, they manage to glimpse this perfection on high, which they then endeavor to reproduce here on earth.

This is the only way to achieve true transformation.

And if, despite their efforts, human beings fail to improve much on earth, it is because they do not know how to rise up to contemplate a world that surpasses them."[19]


Inspired with the above quote with the idea of "Cheeta Intensives" - 72-hour events for new life aspirants that are dedicated to rising up "to contemplate a world that surpasses them".

May 20, 2020 - Spirit's Mission -

"...The mission of the spirit is to assume a physical body and come down to work on the earth to impregnate it with its qualities so that the earth may be transformed into a magnificent garden ..."[18]*

November 21, 2018 - Welcome to this introduction to Cheeta (a "creme de la creme" of the approximately two score of entries that have been posted over the years here at this Blog).

Today is the beginning of a renewed presentation of Cheeta and what it represents and - equally essential - how Cheeta will manifest in the world. This new perspective is based on two truisms. First is the perspective of who you truly are as an individual with a unique Life Purpose for being here on Earth. That is why my overall objective in my introductory conversations with each individual is to identify the individual's Life Purpose Function, their Destiny Path and finally to identify their self-determined Highest Ideals. Knowing these fundamental "truths of self" allows the individual to live more harmoniously with why they are here.

Secondly is the perspective that life is most largely experienced within a social sphere that includes interactions with an economic sphere as well as a "Rights" sphere.[13] The heart of the Cheeta vision lives in the social sphere and the vision seeks to restore the proper relationship to the other two spheres. The socializing element inherent within the social sphere is all about interpersonal relationships all of which depend on interpersonal communication. Therefor effective communication requires our mastery in order to relate as well we possibly can with others and thereby contribute to social renewal. Cheeta as a social organism is devoted to this kind of renewal. Social renewal is something that we can begin doing today - without having to wait for the "right" external environment.

"The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The whole community is shaped,
And when in the community
Lives the strength of each human soul."[14]

The social sphere includes the truth of self & other and the quality of their life that flows through all their relationships. Life flows through the living exchanges and most especially through our communications with one another. The quality of our communication (based on the truth of who/what we are) expressed consciously, completely and as lovingly as possible - determines the quality of our life shared in relation to others. Practice makes perfect! Therefore the more we practice having the best quality communications with others the greater our quality of life. Then we will know: "Communication Is Life"! Then we can learn how dialogue becomes the new community that is "shaped in the mirror of each human soul."
(updated 2-14-19)

Here is something that I think may be worth your consideration. What if Earth is a planet that is both in need of healing and provides for healing environments? ……… And what if our life on this planet of healing is therefore for the purpose of our own healing as we allow for that? ……… What if true healing is a matter of Self-healing? ……… If this makes sense to you then consider that we are all able to be healers and/or that we would have to be healers in order to heal ourselves.

The ability to self-heal is a fundamental value according to the many variations of new medicine. The understanding is that all biological life forms have self-healing ability that is guided by innate biological intelligence. New medicine not only recognizes this ability it actively supports it in many complimentary ways that include but are not limited to diet and - most especially - the caring for the psyche that occurs by identifying the emotions, the beliefs, and the environmental stressors associated with what needs healing. This last category has been a consistent core component in the Cheeta vision of "Healing Environments" that "Enlighten" individuals and communities "Thru Arts". "The Arts" themselves become enlightened in the higher purpose that they can serve for healing and thereby become expressions of healing.

"As within so without." The outer expression and manifestation of Cheeta comes from/through inner transformation. "True change can occur only when individuals decide to begin to transform themselves…".[1]

The next step in the Cheeta vision is to support interested individuals in Knowing themselves in greater depth, height and breadth. Tremendous support for this "step" can be had by including dyad communications in one's closest relations with others. The form of dyads that I work with has evolved through a process known as the "Enlightenment Intensive" as it was developed by Charles Berner.[2]

February 14th, 2019 - Happy Valentine's Day - All You Dear Hearts! -

The newest inspiration that suddenly dawned in this author's consciousness (seemingly "out of the blue") is: "The Cheeta Game." Although I do not have the full revelation regarding this game just yet I am attracted to the idea of blending the "game" with real life. (I think there is at least one game in existence where the participants have to reveal radical honesty with one another.) Writing this now I think of "Truth of Self" that can be in the form of the original dyad: "Tell me who you are." I had also thought of certain action steps that an individual could take in real life and when they do can return to the game to advance their position.

I am simply posting the seed idea as conceived so far here with the intention of letting it germinate now. Looking forward to seeing what may sprout from this!

December 22, 2018 A Very Happy Full Moon! -

A significant epiphany dawned in my consciousness during my first hour of awakening today. This came as the result of an evolving synergy of several themes that I have been contemplating over the most recent waxing moon phase and earlier.[8]

In a tiny "nutshell": the "epiphany" blessed me with a personal re-"vision" of my conception of something called Re3[6] (that my good friend Matthew originated some number of years ago). My new conception brings a core principal of Re3 directly to the individual - and - "in my book" - it is an application/process that prepares the individual for their possible activities that are generally pointed to under the original Re3 concept as presented by Matthew. The focus of the "process/application" is "the story" that the individual tells them self about who they are. I've previously blogged elsewhere in a related way with the theme of one's personal biography as their "book of life".[7]

In the preceding entry above here I mentioned: "the 'Enlightenment Intensive'." The very first instruction that every individual receives when they actually begin their first Enlightenment Intensive(EI) is: "Tell me who you are." This "three-day" contemplation is most definitely a process that can harmonize with the idea of: "The enlightened Individuals at the core of Cheeta." The rest of the original set of Enlightenment Intensives are harmonious as well as those contemplations continue with: "Tell me what you are"; "Tell me what life is"; and "Tell me what another is". These first four (the number "4" is foundational) EIs could conceivably take place over four consecutive weekends.

A complete "golden" pathway that is most highly supportive of "The enlightened Individuals at the core of Cheeta" would also include three more "EIs" with the following instructions: "Tell me what love is"; "Tell me what Gaia/Mother Nature is"; and "Tell me what healing is." That would make a total of seven intensives! These "enlightenments" consist of knowing the truth of self, life, and other; as well as the truth of love, Gaia and healing. (Sign me up, Scotty! ; ~ )

I envision Cheeta manifesting with certain "enlightened individuals" who "come together" as the heart and "the core of Cheeta".

Continuing with "the 'epiphany'" - as one who is designed with the ability and strong inclination to think idealistically I think it is most natural to begin with "'the story' that the individual tells themself about who they are" and then organically move along the "golden pathway" with ongoing "rewrites" of "the story". Seven intensives and seven rewrites! I am truly ecstatic at the thought of this!

It is at this point (with possibly the grandest de-conditioning that may be available to any individual in these times) that I would proceed with a Re-clarified "Re3" focused on "Resources" and the like. That is because the Re-valuation of one's Re-lationship with Self must come first and then the Re-lationship to others, the Earth and the things of the Earth follow organically. Self-Life-Others-Things (SLOT). ("Play the slots" in a whole new living way ; ~ )

December 23, 2018 - Continuing - Toward "Heaven on Earth"! -

The original note that I wrote in the midst of my "epiphany" (in the post immediately above here) mentions the moment when it all began with my self "Re3" process that I had anchored with the acronym: HoE which stands for Heaven on Earth. In the process of reviewing that note moments ago I realized that according to the I Ching both "Heaven" and "Earth" have trigrams and in reviewing those plus some additional research I found the following:

"... the eleventh hexagram is just an undeniable pleasure to read and to ponder and to discuss. After all, the condition described here is that of heaven on Earth, the dead center of what we can all recall deep within the archetypes of our mind as the forgotten and long-lost Golden Age. Heavens on Earth and Golden Ages are, in fact, real, the I Ching tells us; in fact, they are but one of sixty-four stages in the cycle of the cosmos. Through examining the nature of this particular stage, however, we gain knowledge of nature, politics, and our own selves. ..."[9]

The 11th "Gift" in the Gene Keys is "Idealism". I have my natal Kyron at the 11th (which may be how I'm "designed with the ability and strong inclination to think idealistically")!

"When the leaders properly channel the forces of nature in order to cultivate them, the effects of this cultivation on nature in turn cultivate and bless the people.."[10]

The High Ideal of Cheeta is the full and permanent manifestation of "this cultivation" plus the cultivation of the "leaders" as well. The later "cultivation" starts with all the support that's required in the preparation of the parents-to-be for the future leaders.

January 9, 2019 - Cheeta Is For Our Children (and for our Children's Children's Children's Children ; ~ ) -

Anna Von Reitz -
"... As a parent, it's not about me --- it's about them. How can I best serve them, their needs, their interests, their life going forward? What is on their mind and in their heart? What are their dreams?

You only find out by asking in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, by creating a little Sacred Space, where they are safe and comfortable telling you the truth every single day."[11]

I know the importance of "creating a little Sacred Space ..." etc. That space is included in the "Healing Environments" in Cheeta! A couple months ago I had changed the acronym to "Children's Healing Environments ..." Dyads are one way that any individual can create "a little Sacred Space" with another individual.

August 23, 2019) Continuing with "Creating a Little Sacred Space." -

Now re-impressed with the realization that " Dyads are one way that any individual can create 'a little Sacred Space' with another individual." Impressed that this is a quintessential source for "Cultivat[ing) Healing Environments." This "quintessence" can evolve further toward manifesting the Cheeta vision with a complimentary "Enlighten Thru Arts" component. A couple days ago this Chef-doctor suggested to one of his clients to "explore new language, new ways of expressing yourself." Moments earlier he read "the binding ties created by a cultus-based community"[16] A day or so before he identified the "Secret Language of Destiny's Way" regarding the current Lunar Node transit that included the following decryption:

"Ideally, they also begin to explore their creativity, possibly beginning to write, paint, sculpt, create music, or experiment with photography, thus joining their conscious and unconscious realms by giving birth to new ideas. They become the midwives of their own and others’ artistic expression."[17] It's a "seed vision" in this moment and it is in perfect right timing as this blog-writer is now in his 11th House of "Choosing Seeds." This is one of the seeds he now chooses to plant!

April 6, 2019 - Before Conceiving a Child -

"Giving life is an enormous responsibility. Therefore, before conceiving a child, men and women must reflect and above all prepare themselves, knowing well that bringing a child into the world does not only mean they add another person to the world's population. Parents, through their inner states, attract either the soul of someone who will be very beneficial to humanity, or of someone mediocre who will be of no help to others, or worse still, of a criminal. ..."[15]

This need for parents-to-be to "prepare themselves" is most largely the purpose for the whole foundation of Cheeta. One dimension of this preparation is on the physical level regarding nutrient-dense nourishment especially for the mother-to-be so to have fully adequate supplies to contribute for the complete development of the new life with her. That is why the Biodynamic (BD) farm is a prerequisite for the community as well as the BD CSK and the New Medicine Wellness Center.

January 18, 2019 - More "For Our Children" -

Birthright To Be Healthy -
I am a chapter leader in Australia and will start working with children next year after completing my studies. I have healed myself using Weston Price principles for the past eight years and find my health improving every year. This is in contrast to many older people I know. I am fifty-eight, and many of my age are experiencing multiple health issues and taking lots of medications.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday about placing my grandson on the GAPS diet to attempt to address some mild behavior and gut issues as I also find Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride an inspiration. I told my friend something that I heard via a WAPF conference, which I downloaded one year. “It’s our children’s birthright to be healthy.” My friend understood this and told me to keep spreading the word. So, firstly, thank you for your inspiration, and secondly, it made me wonder whether the Weston A. Price Foundation could organize a conference with a theme of healthy children. Not sure if this has been done already, but I would love to come!

Rhonda Baker, Chapter Leader
Milton Ulladulla, Australia[12]
Editor’s Response: A few years ago the theme of Wise Traditions was healthy children; maybe it’s time for our conference to focus on that again. We do have a special section of our website devoted to children’s health:

November 22, 2018 - Happy Thanksgiving America! -

Continuing with your "introduction to Cheeta" -

The outermost (3D) manifestation of Cheeta is built upon a BD-CSK foundation. What is a BD-CSK? BD CSK stands for Biodynamic Community Supported Kitchen. The concept is based on the well-established model of CSAs - Community Supported Agriculture. In a certain respect the CSK upgrades the CSA to the next level by providing finished products to the community that are exclusively created from the Biodynamic farm that supports the CSK. The objective here is to grow and raise nutrient-dense real foods that are prepared in nutrient-enhancing - most delicious ways as truly good medicine! "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". This is the vision for food in the Cheeta village.

Why Biodynamic? Biodynamic Agriculture came into existence as of the 1920s as a result of the need for healing the Earth, plants and animals. The need came about in part after the initial onslaught of chemical fertilizers introduced in the years prior to the BD course of lectures by Rudolf Steiner and partly out of Man's need to recover a closer relationship with nature.

Biodynamic agriculture is the mother of organic agriculture however not the "organic agriculture" that the United States currently certifies as "organic". The original organic agriculture was exclusively soil-based. Much of what constitutes as Biodynamic agriculture consists of certain homeopathic preparations that were developed for healing, recovering, enlivening and thereby enriching the soil to support healthy plant-animal-human life. Although the offshoot of organic agriculture continued with the realization that true agriculture is based on soil it omitted the preps as being too esoteric. Actually there is a scientific basis for the Biodynamic preparations that is now revealing and validating which was not readily apparent at the start in the 20s. Biodynamic continues to be the premier approach for healing the earth right at the soil level as an essential basis for the web of life!

"... the only food worth eating comes from the ground or a humanely cared for animal that ate foods that came from the ground".[3]

November 24, 2018 - Nature Is Our Most Primal & Most Vital Environment! -

"Every day nature is a book that lies open before your eyes, and from it you can learn the wonders of eternal wisdom engraved by the Creator in each stone, in each flower and in each star. If your eyes are not able to see or your ears to hear, this is because you are too busy with useless and even harmful activities. You may say, ‘But these activities please us.’ Yes, but everything that pleases you is not always good for your evolution. When you decide to sacrifice some unhealthy pleasures, you will release wonderful energies: your eyes and ears will open, and the book of nature will reveal itself to you. ..."[4]

Comment: All of the "Healing Environments" of Cheeta are conscious co-creations that consist of partnerships between the Healing Forces of Nature and us. When "your eyes are ... able to see ... and your ears to hear, this" then "the book of nature will reveal" these forces to you! Then Biodynamics can be seen as a way to meet our "need to recover a closer relationship with nature". Dyads that focus on these relationships can be stepping stones toward recovering our ability to see and hear. "Tell me what Nature is."[5]

November 29, 2018! - Continuing with: "The next step in the Cheeta vision" -

With "The enlightened Individual at the core of Cheeta" in mind I offer something new that I now call: "The Revelation In Biography"(TRiB). The "revelation" comes through the inclusion of the "languages of light" that I have blogged about elsewhere. In general the insights that can be had from introductions to one's Human Design, the individual's Gene Keys profile, their "Destiny Cards", their "Secret Language of Destiny", and the like can all work together toward enlightening the individual regarding their life's story/biography. The insights and potential enlightenment are supported with the "Dynamic Dyad" process.


[1] Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov -


[3] From the first module of "Future Health Now!" - Pillar One: Vitalizing Foods - Eat What Your Ancestors Ate.
Visit the Doctor of the Future:
To get a free copy of the first module go to:


[5] A three-day Dyad Intensive was given at Harbin Hot Springs in the late 1990s where all the participants focused their contemplation and communications exclusively on their union with Gaia/Mother Earth/Nature. In the event I realized my deep core relationship as a "priest" of Gaia. Our relationship with Nature (by whatever name) is something that can be more fully realized and deepened with our intent to know and to honor the truth of who we are in relation the the Earth. Cheeta is the perfect "venue" for hosting three-day Dyad Intensives dedicated to "the truth of who we are in relation the the Earth". I'm now inspired with the thought of this and immediately see the addition of some contemplative music and movement that is dedicated to support these kinds of events.


[7] "Re-Writing Your Book of Life With Dialogue & Self-Reflection.":

[8] "Re-Writing Your Book of Life With Dialogue & Self-Reflection" was first published a year ago on December 19, 2017.


[10] Ibid



[13] See Rudolf Steiner on the "Three-fold Social Order.



[16] Rudolf Steiner in "Awakening to Community" Lecture IX. Cultus is used most largely in the original Latin meaning.

[17] "The Way of Originality" - Capricorn II to Cancer II - for June 12 to October 31, 2019 in "The Secret Language of Destiny."




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