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[video/audio] Fuhrman Radio broadcast review - "Healthy at 100" with John Robbins, Author

A summary of Dr Joel Fuhrman's Voice of America Broadcast called "Healthy at 100: Achieving a Long Healthy Life"
with guest John Robbins.

Date:   3/3/2009 1:04:43 PM   ( 12 y ) ... viewed 3348 times

This is a pre-taped show so no phone-ins on this one. Special Guest John Robbins

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Originally broadcast on 11th April 2007

1 minute
Not just about living longer, but healthy into your later years. Image of elderly people we have - incapacitated, multiple health problems. Does not have to be like this
"Healthy Life Expectancy" - last 15 years not good.

Can we increase life expectancy to 100+ and enjoy good health? The answer is yes.

3 mins
No strokes, diabetes heart attacks etc. None of that crap.

People who die in car accidents aged 40 show signs of athlo sclerosis so we are doing something wrong. Change needed. Can we change? Yes

16 years practice - Fuhrman has discovered these bad effects can be REVERSED.

5 mins
John Pelokowski is such an example. He reversed his disease, no longer needed angioplasty. Kept improving year after year. Is now 100/70 BP at 84 yrs old. Docs say "oh it's just age." This is crap.

7 mins
Fuhrman noticed that John Robbins has written "Healthy at 100". Does in depth study of several groups of people with very long life expectancy. Came to same conclusions as Fuhrman, that healthy long life is based on dietary and other considerations.

9 mins
Robbins is introduced. He is 60 years old, parents in early 90s, he sees how some people age badly, they "shut down", bitter experience. On the other hand some people retain their capability for creativity and joy. Robbins wanted to know what choices people made along their lives to be so different. Healthy at 100 was written to address what choices we can make to have a healthy and joyful future.

11 mins
Fuhrman says "who wants to be in a Nursing home". Robbins says he knows some people who don't want to be old and have a "devil may care" attitude, and ill health in later years becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for them. However those who live with respect for themselves and others, and care for themselves and others have a very different experience. We need healthy elders, with wisdom, it's desperately missing in our society.

13 mins commercial break

17 mins
Healthy at 100 is published by Random House, printed on Earth friendly paper, a first for the USA. Robbins asked for it.

18 mins
3 years research into the book. Okinawa Centenarian Study, longest lived and healthiest which are fully documented. 3 other cultures, Abkhasia Vilkabamba and Hunzan region also studied. Not such in depth studies, but there is a lot in common.

Fuhrman thinks western society can't have soil and air as pure as the Hunzas, but we do have technology and knowledge.

Robbins: but what we know and what people are doing is the opposite. Fuhrman agrees. Robbins: insensitive, numb and in denial of our own problems, terrible toll but we can reverse.

23 mins
Robbins says we live in a polluted world and we must repair it. We need to improve qualities of relationships, this affects our health too, to a very large extent.

26 mins
Robbins thinks we should leave bad relationships. We all deserve respect. Being respectful to self and others is a big step.

27 mins
Fuhrman mentions the ice cream connection. Burt Baskin, his uncle, died young with a heart attack. Robbins realised that to talk about the connection between eating ice cream and his uncle's death was taboo. He decided to walk away from that business, even though his dad had a huge fortune that he could inherit. He hopes his work has reversed some of the karma of his dad's business.

31 mins commercial break.

35 mins
Fuhrman: Eat to Live and Healthy to 100 would be a good double set to buy. Robbins agrees.

Robbins tells a few stories about the elder people he studied, which he thinks illustrates the huge differences. They are people of genuine caring. By our standards they eat low calorie diets, but they should be the reference point, not our system. They don't eat crap. They eat very few animal products, but on rare occasions the ones they eat are not farmed, and this usually happens only on ritual occasions. Robbins talks about animal rights, and wonders why we treat dogs and cats as part of our family but other animals we call "dinner" and can treat these animals with any amount of cruelty so long as the price comes down. The people he met would be abhorred by such treatment.

One elder asked "please don't joke like that" to a doctor who talked about people being put in nursing homes. When the doctor said he was not joking, the elder walked out. They consider this disrespect to be worse than child abuse, because the elders are the pinnacles of wisdom. In Okinawa the siblings fight over the delight and honour of looking after their elders. However, Robbins points out that THEIR elders are NOT impaired and demented, as ours are.

41 minutes
Fuhrman: We think "a pill for every problem", and questions US health care.

Robbins: We KNOW how to prevent these illnesses, but we do nothing. We need to respect ourselves, then the outcome will be SO different. "I hope our listeners understand what is at stake". Fuhrman says his patients are amazed when he tells them how do be healthy, and they find they no longer need drugs. They can't believe no one told them about this before.

45 mins commercial break

49 mins
Robbins: They eat mostly whole grains, lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds (this is where their oil comes from. No sugar, low salt, no obesity, very lean people, protein from plant food, less protein than we eat, high carb but good carbs from fresh vegetables.

51 mins
Fuhrman: Protein in fruit. Robbins: Protein in everything, veg proteins. Fuhrman: What about all this low fat stuff? Robbins: I think that is to do with Dr. Dean Ornish's work
- good for late stage heart disease. Fuhrman disagrees with Ornish, based on his own research.

53 mins
Robbins: all our fat is bad fat, really awful stuff, causes much oxidation in the body, which cannot cope with it. Brazil nuts - good fat and source of selenium. He gets his nuts in shell.

55 mins
Robbins: Don't go to supermarkets, use local farmers markets, natural food stores, organic preferred, locally grown in season. Your health will improve.

I dream of seeing a fulfilling society, now is a pivotal time.

58 mins end

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