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by jewelsthemonkey

Juice Fast: Day 6

Anyone know why I'm not losing weight?

Date:   1/9/2009 6:56:43 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 4304 times

I got out of bed really late again today, I was finishing off re-reading Susan Sontag's AIDS and its Metaphors in preparation for my interview on Monday. To be honest, despite Oxford being right here on my doorstep, King's is really my best choice--it has the faculty I need and my Truman will cover the two years, giving me all $30,000 of my scholarship; whereas, Oxford is one year and I'll only get $15,000 and lose the other $15,000 entirely. I know: its a bit of a quacked system, isn't it? Anyway, so the KCL interview is on MONDAY! (Which will be day 10 of my juicing, by the way. I'm a bit worried about being away from my juicer for 24 hours, but London is packed with juice bars, so... off we go.)

I haven't wanted any juices yet today and I'm suffering a bit of a headache that began last night and continued after I woke up this morning. I'm drinking a lot of water as that is what sounds good to me right now.

I can't believe I'm about to post this on facebook, and be prepared as this is all about the functions of the human body, but I took the psyllium husk last night as I was suffering a bout of diarrhea. (I wrote tummy ache yesterday as I wasn't yet sure if I wanted to divulge such information to the public!) The body doesn't digest psyillium husk. The husk forms a gelatinous ball as it makes its way through the colon--it both works to relieve constipation and diarrhea--talk about the beauty of Mother Nature. I immediately felt better after taking the husk. Nonetheless, it could be the cause of my headache, as according to some, the husk pulls old, impacted matter off the colon wall and causes the release of further toxins.

I still don't think any of this means my fasting is bad or dangerous. I think, again, this is related to my period, as all these things tend to happen during that time for me. I'm getting all my period symptoms, just elevated, while on the fast. Bleh. Also, be advised all: fresh fruit juice is a natural laxative. Like I said yesterday, I immediately felt better after drinking some veggie juices and then full relief came after drinking a glass of water with two tablespoons of psyllium husk.

Anyway, I have much to do today! Lots of cleaning that I meant to do yesterday but didn't feel I could at the time given how badly I was cramping. Dogs are currently play-fighting... and I already chased Elu around the house today as he had, once again, found a way to steal and attempt to eat, a used tampon. Mmm. And on that note....


Juice fasting is helping me clean up my life--both internally and externally! I just cleaned out the airing cupboard, which was in much disarray. I found two pillow covers we've been searching for the last two months!

Writing is so much easier in a clean house. I cannot write unless things are clean. It's a pretty horrible affliction, to be honest. It was much easier in college when I had my tiny single room in Wright hall--as long as my room was clean (and there wasn't much of it, so it was usually clean) then I could write, write, write! Now, in our own house, its pretty damn difficult, but I imagine, by next week, I'll be furiously on my way again. (There was a definite holiday lull--totally unacceptable.)

In other news, the final piece necessary for my home detox body wrap arrived. Last year, I did three spa treatments of body wraps and I felt that they really worked. I looked thinner; I felt incredibly thirsty after each (and was encouraged to drink as much water as physically possible) and I had the most intense detox headache of my life after the first one. I've come to find, for all their expense, they are very easy to replicate at home.

So tonight my detox body wrap will be as follows:

Preparation in crock pot set to warm:
-4 cups water (add as necessary)
-1/2 cup sea salt
-1-2 cups bentonite clay
-1/2 cup fine seaweed

Additional ingredients that can be added can be found at (things like olive oil, apple cider vinegar, herbal remedies, etc):

-Place 18 ace bandages in the mixture and leave them for an hour or so

Then, wrap up, starting at the feet and working over the entire body. (You may need help with this.)

Finally, it gets really cold, really quickly, so the postal arrival of today: a vinyl body suit. Not kidding. It looks RIDICULOUS, but its what they use at the spas and they do keep you nice and toasty. They're really cheap on eBay, even though salons try to charge you $60 for these things from their websites.

Then, lying down for an hour, looking silly in a vinyl suit, mummified underneath . Voila! I'll let you know how I feel after my homemade wrap in comparison to the spa wraps I had last year.

Okay- walkies!

Currently drinking:

Juice from two mangoes

AMAZING. I've never had pure mango juice before. Its beautiful.


Just went to the grocery store with honey husband:
We bought:
-2 bags organic carrots
-2 bags of juicing oranges
-2 organic sweet peppers
-1 bag of brussel sprouts
-1 bag of radishes
-2 whole cucumbers
-1 head Chinese leaf lettuce
-1 bag organic lettuce
-1 bag organic celery
-5 organic spring onions (not the same as onions I loathe)
-1 bag celery
-2 bags sweet celery hearts
-6 mangoes
-1 papaya
-2 coconuts
-4 fresh figs
-4 passion fruits
-1 bag of gala apples
-1 pomello
-1 plant fresh basil (YUM! I want to just eat it though! *sigh*)
-2 watermelons

Interestingly enough, buying all of this still ends up being about the same price as our weekly grocery bill. I always thought it was more expensive being vegetarian and healthy--and it is, some of the time. Nonetheless, this is pretty excellent.

I'm going to go make a veg juice now! I can't wait to juice the watermelons at some point too! There is a great recipe for watermelons in the Innocent juicing book, but I don't think its watermelon juice so much as watermelon smoothie, so I'll have to wait on that one. I imagine the watermelon juice is going to be abundant and maybe even too sweet.


Drinking now:
-1/2 a cucumber
-1 spring onion (so much better than regular onions!)
-1 head of sweet celery
-2 cups of spinach
-3 carrots
-6 brussel sprouts
-a handful of basil that really didn't give me much juice. Boo!

This is actually, possibly, the best veggie drink I have made yet. It is very smooth, actually rather sweet tasting and goes down easily. This recipe is a keeper!


Did the body wrap- but feel I didn't put enough bentonite in it. Going to try making a paste from bentonite, kelp and salt water and smearing that over my body and then placing bandages on top, followed by my super trendy, super awesome VINYL suit. Yeah!

Didn't actually drink more than two juices today either, but feel fine. I didn't really want any more--though I'm super excited by all my delicious fruit/veggie purchases of the day.

Went to the doctor; I finally have a good doctor here, a young woman named Dr. Scott. She told me my thyroid levels from my blood tests over the last year--its amazing the other doctors didn't tell me the numbers. So, I'm going to explain this in the only way I can, which is by explaining very little. Basically, there is this thing called TSH; on a blood test, I should have somewhere between a 0-0.2 rating. My TSH last January, when that stupid doctor told me I was sluggish because I was a vegetarian, was 18! My TSH was 18! That is pretty insane. So, I got put on this three-a-day medicine; its T3 hormone instead of T4. Its more expensive, so people can't usually get it. *rolls eyes* UGH! Anyway, my levels were down to 16 in June and now 14 as of November, so that seems to work-ish.... I often feel guilty that I ask Kwok to do so much sometimes... and I never knew how to say, I'm simply exhausted; I'm really not a lazy-ass wife who does nothing. Kwok, of course, is the best husband ever and he never complains, but I often feel guilty that I can be exhausted after four hours of work, when he works nine hours every day. I think my blood work at least serves as an indication as to how crappy I feel so often. Meh!

Oh, and I also made a reservation at Salinas, our favorite restaurant, for Valentine's Day. Yes, yes, I'm buying into the holiday, blah blah blah, but any opportunity to go to Salinas is a good opportunity. Also- the food there is largely raw and vegetarian/vegan, given that it is Lebanese. Yummy! Plus they always remember us; the guy even realized it was me on the phone! We don't go there more than maybe four times a year.

Anyway, off to bed now. Stay well all!

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