Blog: Urine Fast for Lyme & Co-, Day 3
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Day 3, beginning

Day 3 of 40? 30? 75? Urine fasting for Lyme disease, chronic, and a number of deadly co-infections

Date:   7/1/2008 8:39:08 AM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 3454 times

This fast is proving rather difficult even at this stage. But I don't think I have an option. I'm not physically hungry, and I'm not detox-ing or die-offing. The first night I had nightmares and the restless, electric feeling one gets when one is actually stirring up some toxins. Yesterday I had a few brief memory flashes from childhood; this also seems to happen when some "housecleaning" is going on. But last night I just felt the discomfort and insomnia that one usually does fasting.

Not sure whether I am fasting to completion (i.e. being CURED of Lyme disease, HHV-6, co-infections and whatever else like hyothyroidism and adrenal failure), or whether I'm just hoping for a deep rest that will improve my immune system and alleviate severe fatigue and brain fog enough to enable me some basic functioning like being able to read or manage the garbage. I do know that one of my newer symptoms, tinnitus, which developed last winter after an Escape by Ostrich concert (I truly doubt it was the concert itself, it was the pneumonia afterwards or something), will have to be cured before I stop (cocky words, of course). Same for a much-longer-standing sleep disorder that is like having seizres at night. It's my most mysterious symptom in most ways, and certainly the most life-threatening of them to date. It seems very stubborn. I won't be able to tell how much it is cured for a while, since there are periods when it goes away for a week or so. That is the nature of Lyme symptoms, not all of them but some, that they can come and go, bafflingly. So I would need, say, a straight three weeks of not "night terroring", before I gave up the fast.

However, I am caring for 7 KWA (kittens with AIDS) and trying on them some of the things I read about as antivirals when I was researching the HHV-6 (as well as my urine, which hopefully contains vaguely antiviral antibodies), and I could see stopping the fast if there was a crisis with them. I am surprisingly weak and not too able to do much, already!, so I could see having to abandon my own fast for their sake. Otherwise, I am (or ought to be) deadly serious about this.

Being the sort of climb-Everest-without-oxygen purist that I am about fasting, at first I thought it would be just distilled water and urine (my 5.5 pH urine, which is as low as it gets pretty much before you are dead), but on consideration, I think that foolhardy, unnecessarily, and in fact not a replication of the classic urine fast, whatever that is. I very much doubt that Armstrong, or whatever rishis in Inja supposedly did urne fasting, used mineral-less water - I no longer have my copy of Armstong, but I strongly suspect him of being the sort of twat who would use tap water. Anyway, I am mixing some Mother Earth brand alkalizing angstrom minerals into the distilled water and will still carry on as though I am doing a true urine fast. I realize that Natural Hygiene recommends only distilled water during fasts, but 1) I am not a Natural Hygienist, and 2)I am not using inorganic non-bioavailable minerals in the water (or so I believe - I don't know it empirically), so the hope is that I am not adding to the toxic load. In any event, this is not a Detox Fast, it's a Kill Whitey fast or something. The idea is, cruelly enough, to kill all these opportunistic infections and bacteria and malaria-like red-blood-cell-scavangers, or at least negotiate with them so that my immune system can fully control them. I don't know why, but I'm just not thinking of it as a matter of detox. At all events, I think that to ingest nothing but 5.5 pH distilled water and 5.5 (or less, as more acids are released) pH urine for weeks on end is a situation asking for trouble and one that has not perhaps been safely brought off. If anyone knows verifiably of someone with disastrously low urine pH (such as an AIDS or cancer person) undertaking successfully a long urine fast with DISTILLED water, please let me know, but I just don't think that the distilled is an essential point, and indeed the (angstrom) minerals may be an essential point for success or even survival.

I am also making a token swipe at the urine massaging. Certainly not an hour or two a day - that seems unreal - arrant fantasia - what world would that be in? but twice a day putting some old late evening urine on my torso, legs, arms.

I am doing Zapping from the Terminator unit at the same time, as often as I can, but it is a cheap unit and (though brand new) has already largely broken. In any event, I don't think it is a crucial factor in what is going on, but perhaps it is working synergistically with the self-vaccination therapy, or will do.

That's all I can think of the say right now. Please forgive any typos. My eyesight and coordination, etc., are quite failing me.

Physically I look gallows awful, the usual mysteriously red nose still in effect and the usual deep circles under the eyes even more severe. At my fattest and heaviest ever; I suspect that this will correct itself after a few weeks, but, again, this isn't even a cosmetic fast to deal with that or other issues. It'll be a nice bonus, but if I don't lose any fat at all, I can't give up the fast i frustration about that, since it's not about that.

I do fear its not working at all, the frustration of , say, day after day, monitoring how my hearing is improving, and finding it isn't at all. I don't have much faith in this, but I have more faith in it than anything else, certainly in any product or modality, since I have tried them all (before the blood results were in and I was sure what I am dealing with). I'd love to think that you could just eat alkaline, but it has proved impossible to raise pH as long as these guys are in my bloodstream, dumping their acidic by-products. pH won't change until the great majority of them (including yeast) are in fact killed or unmanned.

I really must drink more today. I am not drinking enough fluid. Perhaps that is why I feel so weak and uncomfortable. However, especially lying in bed resting at night, there are moments of physical peace, which have been rare recently. It's very peaceful for the body not to eat, and one suddenly becomes effortlessly aware of one's body as a breathing mechanism. It's much more oceanic and primal than one usually gets to be, however tortutously one strives at meditation, yoga, relaxation, bodywork and breath and so forth.

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