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the addition of fluoride, a potentially toxic substance,


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Many of the speakers at the Total Health 81 conference referred to the problem we have with our fluoridated drinking water:
DR. JAN DE VRIES, Dr. H.Med., Ph.D., D.Ac., D.O., N.D. "I was very shocked that you poor people in Toronto have to drink this water. We have had a tremendous fight in Holland, which we won. This fluoride water is a chemical soft-working tranquilizer. Hitler put fluoride in the water to keep his prisoners quiet, and the same thing happens in other parts of the world. If I put a homeopathic remedy in this water, the remedy is destroyed. If you can work at getting this out of your water in any way at all, I would be very happy."
DR. WILLIAM ELLIS, D.O. "The environmental protective agency in the United States has shown that the water in the 90 largest cities in the United States' all cause cancer. It's been proven in U.S. federal court that fluoridation of the inorganic form, which is the end product of aluminum manufacturing, is a cancer causative agent."
DR. WILLIAM MORRIS, D.C., N.D. "Fluoride hardens the arteries and it does a lot more damage. It's toxic, but it happens to be a waste product of a very influential type of industry. We don't need the fluoride in our water. It's an infringement on our freedom. That's what Consumer Health is all about. We must make our rights known, and we must fight for it. Air and water are our first two needs, and they are being politically polluted. I think you should get behind Consumer Health and let's put some pressure and lobby to get better air and water."

Diseases connected with fluoride ingestion are cancer (of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, large intestine, rectum, kidney, bladder, urinary organs, breast, ovary), goiter, mongolism, kidney disease & osteoporosis. Additional problems are caused by fluoride in anaesthetics, gases and aerosol propellants.
Symptoms can appear as long as 20 to 30 years later, as fluoride is so very prone to accumulate, not only in the bones and teeth, but also in the soft tissues of the body. Physiologically, the fluoride ion is an avid bone seeker and a potent enzyme inhibitor according to Dr. Albert Burgstahler, University of Kansas. He states that fluoride depresses growth rate of human cells, causes dermatitis, affects thyroid and heart function, circulation and reproduction, is more potent than cyanide as an inhibitor of respiration, disturbs hormonal balance, and increases the incidence of mongolism by 15%. Upon its accumulation in tissues, fluoride may incorporate itself into naturally occurring compounds to form, for example, fluorouracil, capable of producing cancer or giving rise to deformed babies.
Symptoms associated with low-grade fluoride poisoning include excessive thirst, headaches, blurred vision, arthritis, gastrointestinal disturbances and excess urination. These will usually disappear if fluoridated water is replaced by distilled or spring water with a low fluoride level.

In 1971, Dr. Dean Burke, Ph.D., began a study of the effects of fluoridation in drinking water in the United States. Dr. Burke was for 35 years, head of the cytochemistry section, and was co-founder of the National Cancer Institute, U.S.A. He has received many awards for cancer research and biochemistry, including the Domagh Prize, 1965, for cancer research. He has been involved in cancer research for 50 years.
Results of his studies show that a large increase in human cancer mortality in the U.S. is associated with public water fluoridation. "One-tenth of the 350,000 cancer deaths per year in the U.S. are linked with artificial public water fluoridation." (See graph on last page)
"We took the ten largest cities that had been fluoridated and compared them with the ten largest cities that had not been fluoridated. The fluoridation didn't start until 1952 to 1956, and has been continued ever since in the fluoridated group. Between 1940 and 1952 these two groups were identical, could not be distinguished on this curve. But from 1952 on, the curves have been continually widening to the point that there's now a difference of approximately 35,000 a year. There's no question about the data or our particular arrangement of it. The data is from government sources, which any high school student can look up and confirm. Nearly all of the fluoridation-linked cancer deaths are found to begin at the age of about 45 and then steadily increase with age. This situation is sharply different from the increased cancer deaths resulting from cigarette smoking, asbestos or hormones given to expectant mothers. Here a lag of 15 to 30 years is common. Increased death rates due to fluoridated water commence within a few years after initiation of fluoridation with marked continued increase thereafter."

In October, 1944, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an editorial: "We do know that the use of drinking water containing as little as 1.2 to 3 ppm (parts per million) of fluorine will cause such developmental disturbances in bones as osteosclerosis, spondylosis and osteopetrosis, as well as goiter, and we cannot afford the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances in applying what is at present a doubtful procedure intended to prevent development of dental disfigurements."
Nevertheless, in 1945, two experiments were started, one in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one in Newburgh, New York, where 40,000 people were subjected to sodium fluoride, one of the most toxic substances known to man (even in minute quantities) without ever having done an animal experiment to prove its safety. Simultaneously, fluoride was introduced into Canada in the city of Brantford, Ontario in 1945. Subsequent to this, artificial fluoridation of public water supplies was initiated on a large scale in the U.S. by the Public Health Service. It spread to some other countries, including Canada, but was banned, or not tolerated in even more. At present 49% of the population of the United States drinks artificially fluoridated water, 37% in Canada, about 7% in England and 2% in Europe. Most European countries have rejected it altogether. Many cities in Canada have opposed it. Strong opposition has developed in Quebec due to a recent adverse report on fluoridation presented to the Minister of the Environment (Environmental Fluoride, 1977 by Rose and Marier) and has been given much publicity.

The fluoride which is added to our water supply is common rat poison, a byproduct of the aluminum, steel, ceramic, phosphate fertilizer, and other chemical industries. It is added to usually soft city water in the forms sodium fluoride, sodium silica fluoride or hydrofluoric acid. However, the fluorides occurring in nature, usually calcium fluoride, are found in hard water containing high levels of calcium and magnesium. Physiologically, the body copes better with the effects of fluoride if calcium and magnesium are present, and in cases of chronic and acute fluoride poisoning, the antidote is calcium. Sodium fluoride is highly soluble in water, whereas calcium fluoride is only slightly soluble.
In the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1959 and 1960, Dr. William Costain reported every one of his patients given 3 mg. of sodium fluoride a day suffered ill effects ranging from bladder irritation to mental disturbances, while no one given 25 mg. of calcium fluoride suffered.
Because fluorine is so highly reactive, even when dissolved in water as the fluoride ion, it is still highly corrosive, and most water engineers are opposed to it as it has damaged many city water systems.
Presently each liter of fluoridated drinking water contains I mg. (or 1 ppm.) of fluoride. The State of California Department of Public Health has stated: "Increases in fluoride concentration in excess of 1 ppm do not further decrease the occurrence of dental caries but do increase the risk of objectionable fluorosis (mottling of teeth)"
In addition to fluoride ingested in water, fluoride is also contained in many foods, such as black and green teas, some wines, meat and fish, gelatin, some processed foods, insecticides on fruits and vegetables, and fluoridated toothpaste (200 mg. in a 50 g. tube). Tea drinking alone can cause low level fluoride poisoning and possibly arthritis if done to excess.
It is usually accepted by medical authorities that children should have no more than 1 mg./day, and adults, 1.5 to 2 mg./day. However according to Dr. Albert Burgstahler, University of Kansas, the average adult daily intake today is 2 to 3 mg. Two liters of water alone used in drinking and cooking will contain the "safe" dose.
While chlorine is evaporated in the process of boiling water, this does not happen with fluoride, and the concentration can become dangerously high in long periods of cooking.
According to the Canadian Public Health Association, the acute lethal dose of fluoride for the average person is 2.2 grams.

At first there will be an initial hardening of the enamel and resistance to decay, a delay in the occurrence of cavities and a delay in the eruption of teeth of about one year. The shape and size of the teeth may also be effected. "The difference in decay between fluoridated and unfluoridated teeth is about one tooth decay less in a mouth at the age of puberty." (Dr. Dean Burke).
According to Smith and Smith, two researchers at the University of Arizona, fluoridation causes the enamel of teeth to become brittle. Although the onset of decay is delayed, the tooth structure is weak. If excessive fluoride consumption is continued, mottling (dental fluorosis) will occur and in time the teeth may become stained. When decay does set in, the result is often disastrous. Tooth mottling is the earliest sign of what could become crippling skeletal fluorosis which is well documented in hot climate. Fluorosis actually means "chronic fluoride toxicity".
Adelle Davis stated: "In 1962 our Public Health Department reported that the children in Newburgh, New York...had slightly more decay after fluoridation than before. In Baltimore, Maryland, where water has been fluoridated since 1952, rampant decay has steadily increased. In Puerto Rico (where water has been fluoridated for 17 years) not only has tooth decay increased, but 64% of adolescent boys have permanently stained teeth from fluoride excess". Dr. Monte lone observed the younger Puerto Ricans seem to have rampant dental caries, mottling gingivitis and malocclusions. But he noticed the older and pre-fluoridated Puerto Ricans all seemed to have strong, healthy teeth. In Sweden at the time they decided to ban fluoridation, there was much talk of 'black teeth' and press reports in Billesholm, which has a high natural fluoride content, reported young people of 16 to 17 had all had their teeth capped because of yellow discoloured teeth.

In conclusion:
ON APRIL 14, 1981, DR. DEAN BURKE, STATED ON A CANADIAN RADIO STATION, CFTR: "We estimate that since fluoridation was introduced into the U.S., there have been almost as many excess deaths associated with fluoridation as the sum total of all American military deaths since the founding of U.S.A. 1776. Now that's an awful burden for pro-fluoridationists to bear if they can come to see that they have been responsible for this. The underlying clandestine force behind water fluoridation is a need by various industries to get rid of various toxic fluoride byproducts, about as tough to get rid of as radioactive wastes. The dentists are by and large pawns."
* * *
Dr. Pierre Morin, Ph.D. and Jack Graham, LL.B., co-authors of a report which resulted in suspension of the Quebec fluoride law, appeared in Toronto for media interviews and public lectures both in Toronto and Waterloo, May 29 and 30, 1981.
According to Dr. Morin, "This report, by a large multidisciplinary committee was prepared at the request of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry for Social Affairs. From the data studied, it quickly became evident to the members of the committee that the great toxicity of fluorides has been played down by promoters of water fluoridation. Toxic effects ranged from increase of cancer death rates to increase in the frequency of Down's syndrome and genetic mutation."
The Waterloo Safe Water Society lost their plebiscite on June 8th by approximately 300 votes. They are presently examining the costs and legal procedure for a recount of the vote. They have already approached the Regional government to determine the most effective way of making untreated city water available to the public. One or more centrally located unfluoridated water sources that would be accessible all year round would be one method, although it must be stressed that this would be a strictly temporary solution. From time to time the Waterloo Safe Water Society will announce its plans for opposing the fluoridation of the public water supply.

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