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Iodine and my personal discovery experience 'wow'

Iodine and its amazing imapct on all body functions...

Date:   6/6/2008 9:27:43 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 3383 times

I started using Iodine, Lugol's Solution of Iodine 5% (Equivalent to USP or Higher) on May 20th of 2008.

For years (I am 47) have experienced great fatigue, pain in different parts of the body that is unexplained, arthritis (2 years ago) inflammation in joints and cartilage, abnormal liver, lipid and blood levels, fibro cystic dis-ease (breast and adnexal) headaches, dizziness, blurred vision at times, and all manner of "unexplained items" that 6 years worth of doctors (and different ones too, not just one) cannot figure out. I am somewhat educated as a patient and understand a lot of the complexities of the human body. Last year I was told I have LCIS and I have had thermal imaging now rather than any more mammo's although I did (now very regretfully) have a biopsy to confirm that. No more biopsies for me. Mammo's and biopsies lead to consequences I don't care for.

Please let me just add in right here, if you are a "do what the doctor tells you" or "take what is prescribed" sort of person you may as well stop reading now. We are talking about cutting edge healing even though the method and format - is truly ancient.

The day I received my iodine I used it immediately in the diluted form (as dilution is proven to make it work on an even better basis) and for the first week also mixed that with (besides 8 ounces of water three times daily) honey and apple cider vinegar. The reasoning there is to create an acidic body rather than an alkaline one to create a place that will not harbor disease in the body.

Now keep in mind here, that for the past year I have worked fervently through diet and supplements to correct imbalances in my body but had not seen the progress I wanted, and was stunned by the LCIS formation. However, I am 30 pounds overweight, never been pregnant or had a child, have all my internal organs except my gallbladder (that is a whole other forum but kids, don’t get that taken out!! CLEANSE IT!) and so have all the ‘signs’ that point to cancer forming. On the other hand, women who died in their nineties who undergo autopsy are 80% of the time found to have LCIS and to never have had any treatment. LCIS is an odd cancer in that it is contained (which is why I say – NO BIOPSIIES! Don’t spread those little cells out.) Iodine will reverse LCIS and all the way up to DCIS – see Dr. Derry’s book for proven research information.

The week of the 20th I had also been told I may have a heart problem. I had shortness of breast, terrific pain in the sternum and back, pain all down my right arm and chest. Therefore I did see a cardiologist (who told me nothing I did not know already) and wanted me to have a stress test which involved shooting poisonous heavy metals into my bloodstream (uh-uh) as the “usual” that is done for patients.

May I say here “question the usual with intelligence and caution!!” You are in charge of that body you are in and YOU should care about it more than anyone else. A physician in this day and age may be trained yet it is only education and nothing you are not capable of. LEARN about yourself and your body. Learn about Lugol’s iodine. It may save you. Personal note: I do not use prescr*iption drugs at all. Or any un-natural substances. That includes make-up, and personal hygiene. If it not safe to eat, don’t use it.
That goes for food too. Where does OUR food come from?

So back to starting the week of the 20th, iodine in hand and so on.

I have done this devoutly for three weeks now. I have not missed a day and will not. I have been through: a chest x-ray, holter monitor, all manner of blood tests (routine) several exams and also have done chiropractic and massage therapy. Energy work is very good for you. I have almost cut out meat and pasta, drinking one bottle of mineral water a day, a kelp smoothie (kelp powder, banana and juice, mango/pineapple—reminder acidic), a salad (large) a day with organic veggies and dressing, exercise an hour (walking) a day (my normal), taking C0Q10, Hawthorne, graviola and magnesium/potassium, and using quantum physics (I am healthy) to create that possible outcome.

My Doctors’ visit June 5th revealed ALL of my blood analysis is NORMAL (has not been in three years) and my TMI showed fabulous symmetry in both breasts compared to previous and nothing around heart (my cardiologist can find nothing wrong either) my symptoms are all gone, and I mean all of them form the past five or six years and I actually can make it through a day with no nap, in fact a very long day and still have energy late at night.

Having read the books and articles on Lugol’s I can only apply that it has been the defining factor in my health changes. Without that basic body element (the four are iodine, salt, water and soda) NONE of the supplements I have taken could do there job but as soon as what was truly depleted was given back to my body it SPEED its’ way to healing immediately. Which is what it is designed to do.

Iodine used to be in about everything we ate. It was used as a stabilizer. And no that iodized salt is not doing it for you. After WWII there was an ‘iodine scare” and it was replaced with bromides – the ones that poison you slowly. Millions and maybe more, people are suffering from slow poisoning at the hands of the government and at the same time the lack of iodine makes the body organs break down slowly. A friend asked me ‘but why would they do that?”
How much money, did our gov’t, doctors, hospitals, big pharma and cancer research make last year off sick people? The figures would stagger your imagination even. People would make people sick for money? Yes they would.
And not cure them either.

I want you to start to use Lugol’s iodine (which the gov’t regulates BTW so you cannot buy too much—isn’t that interesting) and take REAL NOTE of your health improvement in these categories. (If on thyroid, read further medical journals, documentation before usage of course, or for anyone, yes read! Learn)

Riddance of parasites (they come out dead at high dosage)
Energy / fatigue
Improvement in cell health
Improvement of pain
Improvement of IBS
Improvement or body aches
Improvement of arthritis
If you have cancer, shrinkage of cells
And a myriad of other things.

Just take note. I will post more on what is happening and more about Lugol’s in this blog.

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