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Some Thoughts for Halloween

Great surprises inside !

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Some Thoughts for Halloween

28 Oct. 2007

"What have you got to lose? Weight? Mental fog? Try doing the Master Cleanse - IT WORKS! It works for me and those I know who have done it.

"And I definitely recommend Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days as your companion. If you were to get one book as a guide (and a guide is very necessary your 1st time) get this one! I highly recommend it over The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs.

"Peter's book is much more user friendly and easier to understand. Go for it!"

E. Schnose

My purpose is to educate you on low- and no-cost ways others have achieved and maintained vibrant good health. Like anything else, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Because everyone's body is different, you must learn what will work for you.

Please forward this newsletter to your friends and family. They can subscribe for no charge at

I offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on any product you buy from our web store provided it is returned in new condition. So, you can buy our Master Cleanse Kits, probiotics, books, insulated bags and bottles with confidence.

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1. Nutrition, sugar and dental decay
2. My two Halloween solutions
3. Raw Food Chef Alex Malinsky's incredible Key lime pie!
4. Save 10% on your purchase of KIDZ All Natural SuperFood (Chocolate Drink Powder) if you buy it before November 5th, 2007!

1. Nutrition, sugar and dental decay

"If we take refined sugar into our systems it does not need to be changed greatly in order to [pass through] the intestinal wall. It enters the blood stream in a flood. ... If there is more than one teaspoon of sugar in the entire blood stream or less than one-half teaspoon, we court disaster. ... The intake of sugar increases the calcium assimilation. [The body must take calcium into the blood from its reserves, or lacking those, from teeth and bones.] ... Nine [large bites] of chocolate can throw the calcium-phospherous levels out of balance within 2 ½ hours and [permit] dental decay [for] at least 32 hours."

Degeneration-Regeneration, Melvin Page, DDS, Nutritional Development, FL, 1949

"Dr. Page (1984-1983) ran more than two thousand blood chemistries and discovered that no ... cavities [occurred] when the calcium to phosphorus ratio were in a proportion of 10 to 4 in the blood. The Department of Dental Research of the United States Air Force confirmed his findings of a calcium/phosphorus ratio to be correct 42 years later.

"Dr. Melvin E. Page [discovered] that sugar increases calcium [in the blood as] drawn from the bone tissue.... His idea that diet and nutrition could ... affect the teeth, and [that people eliminate] sugar among other things, was beyond acceptability.

"Dr. Page's group of colleagues and close friends included Royal Lee, DDS; Francis M Pottenger, MD and Weston A. Price, DDS; as well as J. I. Rodale (of Prevention Magazine). These men were all pioneers in the development of alternative medicine as we know it today. They all believed that since man in his natural state, consuming the proper nutrients, was able to live without degenerative disease, perhaps our headlong rush into industrial age might have overlooked some of life's basic principles for healthy living.

"At the age of 84, this nutritional pioneer still walked a mile to and from his office almost daily. ... His treatment and philosophy was simple and logical. However, it did not offer the convenient and fast cure looked for by so many individuals. The condition of your body at any given moment took as long to develop as your present age. Fad diets, over-night cures and radical therapies can do nothing more than create harmful side effects.

"Dr. Page believed that body chemistry, when properly balanced by proper nutrition and other factors, will not only prevent dental problems but will naturally affect the rest of the body as well. [He proposed:]

* The harmful effects of the use of sugar.
* The harmful effects of using chemical additives and other food preservatives for the sake of “shelf life.”
* Using vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes to supplement daily food intake.
* That milk is not the perfect food for everyone.

"Melvin E. Page, DDS (1984-1983)" by Bob Jackson (

"A faulty diet ... after birth [results] in faulty tooth structure, both in the temporary and permanent teeth. The prenatal months and the pre-school years are, indeed, ... the golden age for the prevention of tooth decay. If no thought is ever given to the requirements of children's teeth until after they erupt [break out from the gums], the chances are that, on our modern diet, the child's teeth will be defective and short lived.


"Unless the mother eats a diet rich in [calcium] some of the [calcium] of her own teeth and bones is taken out and given to the fetus. Her own bone-calcium is depleted and her resistance to disease lowered.

"It is an old proverb among mothers, 'with every child a tooth.' ... A British investigator, Dr. Ballantyne, in the study of a hundred cases in the Edinburgh Royal Maternity ... Clinic, found that 98%. of the pregnant women suffered with 'dental [decay] or infection.' 93% of this number had had one or more [teeth pulled]. More than half (53%) of these patients were under 25 years of age.

"Dr. Percy Howe, of the Forsyth Dental Laboratories, Harvard University, ran a series of articles in the Dental Digest, in 1927. ... [Dr. Howe] found, as was previously well known, that animals fed upon their natural diet, have good teeth; but when fed upon the deficient diet of civilization develop all the tooth troubles of civilized man. If the diet is made worse the teeth are made worse.

The Hygienic Care of Children, Herbert Shelton MD, Dr. Shelton's Health School, San Antonio, TX, 1931

"Our patients sometimes think we tell them too little as to the foods they should eat. We believe their own bodies know far more about the subject than we do. What knowledge we are fairly sure of is that we should eat as our tastes direct providing we use whole natural foods whose taste has not been disguised or altered by condiments or unnatural flavors. That we take seafood, either fish, etc. or kelp every day to eliminate any possible deficiency in the trace minerals so abundantly found in sea food."

Melvin Page, DDS

2. My two Halloween solutions

For Halloween, I've been giving out organic Gala apples to the kids for the last three or four years. Most parents are surprised to see their kids actually start to eat them while walking away. I guess those parents have been brainwashed into thinking kids only want candy for Halloween.

In fact, last week a neighbor drove by and asked me if I was giving out apples again this year for Halloween. I replied I was. She gave a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, good. My granddaughter called me and asked if she could come over to your house for apples again this year!"

My second solution is to have on hand KIDZ All Natural SuperFood (Chocolate Drink Powder). My eight year old grandson loves it mixed with organic low-fat vanilla yogurt.

I know, it's not perfect to feed him a dairy product, but the trade off is pretty good if you ask me. He's getting his greens—the best natural source of calcium—this way.

In case any of you want to see your kids or grandkids get their organic calcium from greens without a food war ("Eat your salad or you can't watch TV." Kid glares back.), I've put the kidz greens on special this week. See 4 below.

By the way, if you're not a kid, we have Green SuperFood Drink Powder without the chocolate and organic sugar cane juice.

Customer review of our Master Cleanse Ingredients Kit

"Excellent - if you are planning on going further than the 10 days you will want to order more of the maple syrup. Also if this is your first time ordering, make sure you order the info pack or the book pack so you have the information to do this properly. I am getting ready for my second cleanse and am actually excited about it. It is so nice to have these essential products put together so neatly in a kit.
Thank You"

Tina M. Lehman
August 2007

Top selling items in our web store

1. Master Cleanse Ingredients Kit
2. Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days
3. Master Cleanse Book Pack (The Master Cleanser & Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days)
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5. Green SuperFood Drink Powder
6. Lemonade BrigadeTM 34 oz. Drink Bottles
7. The Master Cleanser + BONUS: 12 Most Common Pitfalls
8. 64 oz. Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
9. Lemonade Brigade™ Insulated Black Bag and 2 34 oz. Drink Bottles
10. Black & Decker CitrusMate Plus Juicer

"You should eat to live; not live to eat."

Socrates, 470 - 399 BC (Greek philosopher and teacher of Plato)

3. Raw Food Chef Alex Malinsky's incredible Key lime pie!


Put the following into a food processor:

* 2 cups walnuts,
* 1 cup almonds,
* 1 cup macadamia nuts or pecans,
* A pinch of salt, and
* 2 cups dates.

Mix them and then line a pie plate with it.


Put the following into a blender and blend it all together:

* 2 avocados,
* 2 tablespoons honey,
* 2 tablespoons dates,
* 1 whole young coconut
(not a brown, hairy old one -- you might have to find an Asian market),
* Key lime/lime juice to taste,
* lime zest, and
* half the young coconut's coconut water (the liquid inside the young coconut...yum!).

Put the filling in the pie shell and chill it for at least an hour. (Waiting is the hardest part.) Just before serving, top it with Key lime slices, berries, etc. (Remember, we taste with our eyes first.)

"An ounce of education is worth a pound of treatment"

Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management

5. Save 10% on your purchase of KIDZ All Natural SuperFood (Chocolate Drink Powder) if you buy it before November 5th, 2007!

I'm a firm believer in eating a predominantly raw vegan diet, but I'm also a realist. Not everyone wants to do that or will. So, imagine an organic superfoods drink for kids age 2 and up that contains 33 fruits and vegetables and tastes like a chocolate drink! With only 1 gram of sugar from organic sugar cane juice, this drink powder passed my 8 year old grandson's taste test.

* No artificial colors
* No artificial flavors
* No dairy
* No gluten
* Decaffeinated
* No genetically modified food sources

Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood can be mixed with milk or water and contains:

* organic wheat grass,
* organic barley grass,
* organic alfalfa,
* asparagus,
* lima beans,
* green peas,
* kale,
* kiwi,
* organic spinach,
* organic broccoli,
* Brussel sprouts,
* green beans,
* zucchini,
* apricots,
* organic carrots,
* mangoes,
* pineapple,
* sweet potatoes,
* tangerines,
* yellow squash,
* pomegranates,
* raspberries,
* guavas,
* cranberries,
* red cabbage,
* cherries,
* tomatoes,
* beets,
* plums,
* purple grapes,
* blueberries,
* organic oat fiber,
* organic soy milk powder
(organic soy beans, organic cane juice),
* organic cocoa,
* Dutch cocoa,
* natural vanilla,
* apple pectin fiber,
* sea salt, and
* silicon dioxide (to prevent caking).

So, go to the web store and use coupon code "10offkidz" (ten off kidz without the quotation marks) when you checkout or ask for 10% off when you place your order on our toll-free order line at 800-858-3261.

Do it now. This offer expires after November 5th.
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©2007 Peter Glickman, Inc.

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