Attempted Fruitarian (let's see if I can do it!)
by lynda22

All-fruit. Losing weight. Feeling happy.   16 y  
Day 3 and I've unexpectedly lost weight. Beautiful day outside and I'm feeling pretty good today.
Well color me surprised. I lost 5 pounds. Lately I haven’t been weighing myself obesssively like I’ve done for years now. I’d just gotten to the point that I didn’t even want to know anymore :( But a few days ago, prior to switching to all-fruit I weighed in at 165. My weight had been around that for a while. It had gotten over 170, and after a couple days of fasting a few months ago, I got it back down pretty stable at 165. The idea, back then was to go until I hit my goal, but of course that didn’t work out. But it was like, 3-4 days of fasting, and then my body seemed to settle ...   read more 2   16 y  
Slowly, surely, and it could definitely be worse! Kind of proud of myself for sticking with it for even just 2 days so far.
Day 2 of fruitarian. Not quite on-track and feeling great yet. I had TWO coffees today. So that’s gonna have to stop. I was so hungry and the coffee curbs that so well. I woke up late and had to get some reading done for class, so didn’t feel like washing and cutting any fruit. So I ate handfuls of raisins. Then on my way to the library after class, I was really really hungry. I was tempted to break my thingy here and go for some deep fried cauliflower at a nearby seafood restaurant that has the BEST side dishes (since I obviously don’t eat the fish), but abstained from it all. So ...   read more

Waited to post again until I actually started...   16 y  
Getting started on the fruit, finally. A couple days late, but I'm trying to take it easy so I don't get frustrated.
I didn’t start when I’d originally planned. My boyfriend and I are both far too into food to be helpful to each other with that stuff, and I think I wasn’t QUITE ready. He was over here this weekend, so we indulged a little. Weekends are always hard for me too. I’m not saying those are good excuses, but it’s why I didn’t start as planned. So today’s my first day on fruit. I have eaten some pistachios and a banana so far. Not remotely hungry right now. Actually, I feel kind of bad about starting out with the nuts, when I should have started with an apple or something. I probably sh ...   read more

Tomorrow I'm all-fruit...   16 y  
Tomorrow starts my 2-4 week fruitarianism, after which I'll be moving toward raw vegan. I want to be healthy, youthful, happy, and thin again!!
Well, let’s see. I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 years. I do it for ethical, as well as health reasons, but the health thing hasn’t been playing out like it should be. I still eat total crap, even though I don’t really want to! I can’t say that a lot of my motivation to go fruitarian to start my little journey into raw veganism isn’t from a desire to lose some weight. I’m 5’8” and about 165-170 pounds. I need to lose at least 25, but preferably about 40 pounds. I’ve yo-yo dieted (ie: alternately starved and binged--no purging though!) for years. I used to compete in pageants, and let ...   read more


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I'm a vegetarian who still eats like crap, but I hope to go all raw fruits and veggies in the very near future. I want to go 2-4 weeks fruitarian and see how that goes, and then add veggies, nuts and possibly about 10-15% cooked legumes, etc into my diet. I HAVE to get healthy! I'm a 27 year old female, but know I'm on the road to horrible health if I don't do something NOW! I'm excited to see what changes I'll undergo once I institute a long-term change in lifestyle.… more...

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