30 days on juice fasting
by healthylife

1/23   17 y  
22 days to go
day one of my juice fasting. hope to make it to day 23.i want to ask you guys what kind of fruit and vegetable juice you should drink during the fast? soup? and also will i lose weight on my face & thigh area? iím scared to gain all the weight back after my 23 days of juice fasting.How you guys stick to 30 days of liquid fasting?   visit the page

Starting all over   17 y  
Starting all over again
hey this time i have to stick to it. So that means that I need your help (support & advice) i want to do 10 days of juice fasting and if i can do longer i could like to do 10 more days.Iím starting tomorrow. Please tell how you guys did 30 days of juice fasting. please leave me a message. bye   visit the page

only 10 mores days to go   17 y  
what a bad day?!
hey today is day 1 of my new juice fasting. the day started so baddly i had a bad stomach pain and i didnt feel so good either. the reason why itís because yesterday i ate a lot and my stomach didnít like that. iím still in pain but not as much as this morning. hope to feel better tomorrow. today was really a bad day. i slept the whole entire day i coudnít do anything else. i canít wait for tomorrow. ok thatís all for today.   visit the page

i'm back   17 y  
I have to restart my juice fasting
hey i have to restart my fasting i f***ed up. i did plan my meals so what i did i ate what ever that was in front of me. i only have 11 days to lose some pounds before school startes. iím starting tomorrow my juice fast. itís hard to get your mind on the starting mode. when you start eating itís hard to stop and also the reason why ate a lot i was in a lot of stress latetly. so please people could you encourage me . PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! NOBODY is leaving me any message. i think i could lose at least 22 lbs in 11 days will see. ok bye ps.s i need support from you guys.   visit the page

overeating causes aging & one meal a day is a healthy way   17 y  
Did you know that? Why one meal a day is a healthy diet?
Overeating is a popular pastime amongst the bored and affording people. Unfortunately, overeating is thought to be the major cause of premature aging. Although some of us are fortunate to be coded with the right genes, certain practices and food choices that you make influence how you look and feel, influence the length of your life, and contribute significantly to vitality in old age. Forty years of research has shown that when a nourishing diet is eaten sparingly, aging can be retarded and you can add years of vitality to your life. This strategy makes absolute biological sense because m ...   read more

why?   17 y  
leave a comment
How come nobody is leaving me any comments? i thought it was a website where you get support and advices but iím not getting anything. i try to help other people and congratulate them but iím not getting anything.HOW COME??? anyways, i have to go. bye take care of yourself   visit the page

day 4   17 y  
a pretty good day
hey my friend was wrong cause she told me that day 4 would be the hardest day but it wasnít for me. ok yeah this morning i felt weak but after my cup of tea i felt better i got the energy back. i think the reason why i was weak itís because i wasnít drinking enough juice. honestly juice fasting is easy. i didnít have any bad day. the only day that i felt pain was day 1 for me that was the worst day. ok thatís all for now   visit the page

informations of juice fasting   17 y  
Lots of good stuff
hey i learned a lot of informations about juice fasting like the benefits of this fasting, when is the right time to start and other things. the goal of this message is to inform you guys. so letís start. PEOPLE WHO REPORT THE GREATEST BENEFITS FROM JUICE FASTING ARE THOSE WHO HAVE: congestion (e.g chronic sinus congestion) constipation headaches white or yellow tongue coating -- tongue coating can be a sign of congestion and toxicity bad breath acne or other skin eruptions bloating, gas, flatulence postnasal drip premenstrual syndrome runny nose excess meat and fat co ...   read more

another question   17 y  
Need an answer
hey I have another question to ask you guy. I just wanted to know all the benefits of juice fasting. ok bye   visit the page

question??   17 y  
i need an answer to my question
hey i have a question to ask you guys. i heard somewhere that juice fasting help clear up bad skin problems. and i just wanted to know if it was true cause i have acne ok not that much but does it make your skin feel and look better because juice fasting is a good way of cleansing right? can someone answer to my question. please reply me bye take care   visit the page

day 3   17 y  
day 3 already!
hey this morning i didnt feel so well. i felt weak but 2 hours later i got the energie to continue my day. beside this morning i felt ok today. i went on the scale and i lost 3 pounds. iím so proud of myself. my goal is to lose 11 pounds and i lost 3 of those 11 pounds. so i only have 8 lbs to lose. ok g2g   visit the page

Day 2   17 y  
what a better day
hey day 2 of my fasting and it was a better day than yeaterday. i didnt feel any boday pain or what so ever today but i know that day 4 will be the harderest thats what my friend told me. at day 4 you get stomach pain, haed pain and you might feel like quitting but dont worry after you will start feeling better thats what my friend told me. People whos on the juice fasting and your on the 4th day dont quite. ok back to my day. like yesterday i starting my morning with 30 min. of exercise (biking) and i relaxe for a couple of minutes or so. after. i ate ok no i drank for breakfast a g ...   read more

day 1   17 y  
day 1
hey today is day 1 of my fasting. everything started well but few hours later i had a headake but i think itís because i was outside too long itís really sunny today. except my head iím feelling pretty good. what i drank today? i started my morning with a glass of tea and after i drank a V8 tomato juice (itís really good for the skin)at 12h00. But thats not all everytime i thought i was getting hungry i would drink a water or juice. The reason why sometime it will be hard to stick to a juice fasting its because your stomach is use to eat a lot of solid food but just let your stomach ...   read more

tomorrow   17 y  
I can do it!
hey everybody tomorrow will be the first day of my juice fasting. for 30 days i will be on juice diet to lose weight fast before the school start. some people might think that itís not a healthy way to lose weight but there wrong because i know many people that went on juice fasting and they never felt healthier and better in their life. So i thought to myself if itís a healthy way to lose weight fast so why not go on that fasting. everybody wants to lose weight fast and the solution for reaching that goal itís to on juice fasting. i could like people helping me to stick to my diet plea ...   read more


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