Wedding 2007: Getting in Better Shape
by tambee
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Leaving in a Week for the wedding!   16 y  
7-7-7......... just around the corner.........
Wow, I cannot beleive that it is just a week before I take off to Maui for our wedding and Honeymoon. I feel like I have been talking about it forever. I am actually starting to get sick of people asking about how the wedding planning is coming along. Yep, the question is starting to get a bit old. But, everything is coming along and falling into place. I am even happy with the way I feel and look. I am really toned and have dropped nearly 20 pounds in the past 6 months that I have been focusing on really getting in shape. No, I may not be perfect yet... but I am already getting compliment ...   read more

6th,7th.....   16 y  
broke the fast but back on it for 3 more days.
Well, I did pretty good over the weekend. At least on Saturday. But, Sunday I just felt so completely drained I had to break my fast. It’s all the working out I am doing I beleive that requires more vitamins and energy than the lemonade can provide. All my muscles were sore from my work out and I just felt I needed something to give my body more nutrients. So, I had a couple of eggs for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, and tuna salad and brown rice for dinner. My body is in a much happier place today and I feel more clear headed. I honestly have to say I feel a little bummed that I ...   read more

5/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
mellow, mellow....
On to day 5.... half way point. I feel good today. I did my usual workout routine at the gym and had a pretty good level of energy going. It’s amazing how much more I sweat during the fast. Every inch of my workout shirt was soaked. My Fiance gave me a hug after my workout and kinda wrinkled his nose... not expecting me to be like a soggy sponge. Last night was (kind of) interesting. I was thinking about going to the gym.... and planning on it after work. But, I got in the car and by the the time I made it home I literally could barely keep my eyes open. My fingers were swollen and my e ...   read more

4/10: Master Cleanse   16 y  
a little dazed today
Dun-da-da! Here I am at day 4. Yay! Now I feel like I am really dedicated to this and will make it through. I always question my stamina in the first few days. But, here I am... a little dazed and a bit of shoulder ache. Other than that... not hungry at all. I feel like it is difficult to even drink enough of the lemonade. Starting to get the feeling of what’s the point of ever eating. I am not craving any food. Not even craving chewing like I have in the past. Last night was really nice. I had a challenging work out with my trainer who does mostly ”core training” with me. I didn’t ment ...   read more

3/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
Another day of lemons...
I made it through to round 3! Yay! This fast has been very easy for me so far. Maybe it’s just the extra motivation to see and feel some results this time. The weather here is sunny and beautiful which inspires me to do some internal cleaning. I have a higher level of excitement in my life, more so than usual, which makes the fast a little easier this time. The wedding and honeymoon in Maui obviously are exciting. But also, I am getting my hair done this weekend, I ordered a tiara yesterday to make me feel like a princess on my wedding day, my veil and shoes should be coming in soon, we fi ...   read more

2/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
The light is starting to shine again....
Wow did I sleep well last night. Amazing how my body was so thankful to rest and be in a deep sleep. I woke up this morning feeling kinda slow moving but feel really rested today. For one reason or another, it could be wedding planning, I have been struggling with having a good night sleep. For months I have woken up at 2am and lay there until 5am before falling back asleep. Well, last night I slept very well and did not lay there awake at all. Yay! I feel really focused and on track today. Food thoughts have not been a problem at all. In fact I am very happy to be taking a break from f ...   read more

1/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
Tiered and cold
Just 18 days left until my wedding day and just 15 days before we leave for Maui. I am just ready to be there. As crazy as it sounds, I am also very ready to get the wedding stress over with as well. The little wedding issues and planning have been very time and energy consuming. The stress that comes with wanting everything to be just right can be a little much. Even though I am sure it will be a delightful day once I am there, I still can’t help but wake up in the middle of the night and worry sometimes. I had my Bachelorette weekend this past weekend in Palm Springs. It was a lot of ...   read more

4/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
Think I am gonna stop tomorrow
Here I am on day 4! Feeling good overall. This has been an interesting past few days. I think because this is the first time that I have done the fast while my Fiance is around. Usually I do it when he is out of town and try to keep to myself and do little personal projects. I feel like that way I get more in tune with myself. And it is also a little akward with him not being on the fast and also having a couple glasses of wine at night and playing video games. So, I have been more irritated this time rather than feeling peaceful and relaxed. I did get up and go to the gym this morning. ...   read more

3/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
feeling good!
Day 3 already! Wow... this week is passing quickly. Woke up feeling great this morning and again slept like a rock. It almost feels wintery today but beautiful sunny at teh same time. The air is really fresh and crisp. I kinda feel that way also. I woke up, went to the gym with my Fiance and again just went on the stair-stepper for 30 minutes. It’s definitely hard work though! So, last night I had my training session. We mostly just do ”core training” and barely any weights. The whole idea is to use light weight if any, burn fat and build up the muscles in my core. He didn’t say anythin ...   read more

2/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
so much better today!!!!!!!
Wow do I sleep amazingly well when I fast. And the showers could not be better! I am so glad I pushed through yesterday. Man, not the easiest. Actually, once I got home and could relax I felt fine. But I was dragging my feet all day long yesterday wondering why I signed myself up for this. Well, on to day 2. I woke up feeling tiered and like I could sleep for a few more hours. I went to the gym and was on the stair-master for half an hour. Was a little challenging energy-wise. But once I got home and ready for work, I felt like the work-out had given me a little more energy. I feel grea ...   read more

Day One Over Yet?   16 y  
Hardest fast kickoff I've had
This has been a long day... whew. For some reason I don’t remember my first days on the Master Cleanser being this challenging. I feel exhausted, hungry, and irritated. I have also been having mild caffeine withdrawl headaches. It’s been hard not to think about food today. I just have to remind myself that the first few days are difficult. I am going to go to the gym after work. I’ll probably just ride the bike for 30 minutes or something easy. I would love to just go home and go to sleep. Sigh... well, hopefully tomorrow has some good in store for me!   visit the page

1/10: Master Cleanser   16 y  
Day 1
So, today is my first day of doing the Master Cleanser Fast. I thought I would want to start yesterday but I was just not feeling mentally prepared which is very important when making this commitment. Today, I am ready. I made all my lemonade. I got up and went to the gym. Felt really sluggish.... maybe just anticipation of the fast. For some reason the lemonade made me feel really bloated today. Icky. Hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be a little better!! My big challenge this time is my good friend’s Birthday is Saturday night which will most likely consist of getting friends together for d ...   read more

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Next Summer of 2007 I am planning to get married. I would like to stay on track with loosing a few inches and pounds..... and sharing my experiences along the way. Now that I am in my late 20's I have found that my metablism has slowed a little and may have to try a new angle to getting back in shape.… more...

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