30 day juice fast
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Day 2   17 y  
Wow the lemonade is not half bad!
So today started out just like any other day I left work at 7 and on my way home I listened to the radio. Im going out of town next friday so I had to plan in my head what I was going to take. Im going to a wedding for the weekend and I usually pack about 3 suitcases. I always figured it was my just in case clothes or at least that’s what I tell myself (im a girl what can i say). So as I drove through the gates in my community I was thinking can you drink lemonade with maple syrup anytime? I mean honeslty the sweetness of the syrup gives the lemonade such a great taste. Anyway I had a ...   read more

I finally started   17 y  
I am on my way to a healthier me!
Well, Im finally starting my fast/ master cleanse. Work was so hectic that Im just getting around to it. Besides im taking another vacation soon so this is something I really need, I can honestly see and feel the difference. My first juice fast was awesome and I felt light, clear and alive (for lack of a better word). So I decided after much research that I will do a master cleanse. So I will need all the help I can get if anyone is willing to give me some advice. I have had the lemonade all day today with some water and that is about it. Is this stuff supposed to move your bowels like ...   read more

The Dawn of a new day!!!!   17 y  
Dawn of a new day the second coming
Hey kids i’ve been gone for a while and now im back. My first juice fast went good and I enjoyed it a lot minus some of the suckie side effects but all in good health right. So I decided I will do this again because it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to go back on solid food. Since my first fast I gained a few pounds during my fast I lost a lot. Then I went to Vegas and im not sure if anyone knows but there is a reason people call Vegas ”Sin City”. But as the old saying goes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But to make a long story short I need this cleanse and fast again. ...   read more

Day 18 im back in action   17 y  
day 18 back in action
Sorry i missed some days right there in the middle work got rally hectic. But im back and i am ready to report. I decided to do a master cleanse on monday. So for the past 3 days I have been driking the lemonade and doing a SWF daily. Wow tyou wuld not believe the stuff that comes from your body during thei process. I feel so weird and I think it’s because im not used to feeling so light and clear. I’ve always thought that if you don’t eat then your body would shut down and you would have no energy. I went to the park today and I only did two miles instead of the four becuase the weathe ...   read more

Day 13   17 y  
Day 13 letting you in..
I was doing a little research last night and I started reading this blog for master cleanse. Im not real familar with this process I was just wondering if anyone had an input. But from what I understand you drink this lemonade for 10 days or how many days you want Im not real sure about that. Well, anyway more about my fast im holding strong Im feeling better and better everyday. Im not sure if its normal but I don’t really feel the blues that I hear most people do. Im mean the first couple three days were horible but now not so much. I feel like I should be drinking more juice like I ...   read more

Day 12 still holding strong   17 y  
Day 12 still holding strong
Today was a good day who would have thunk it that fresh juice would be a yummy as it is, not only is it yummy but it’s very filling. Im a complete freak over fresh orange juice because before I couldn’t dink it without getting major heartburn. Now I drink it about 2 to 3 times a day without any heartburn. I started missing food yesterday and I haven’t really done that in a while my sister went to Target and they had CPK (for all who don’t know California Pizza Kitchen). It reminded me so much of home. When she was cooking it I was taken back to my childhood and i can remember not think ...   read more

Day 10 and 11   17 y  
Day 10 and 11 still feeling good
Well, ive been doing really well with the jucing and I have taken the advice of some people. i found a market in my area that sales nothing but organic foods and fruit and veggies so this is helping a lot. To be honest I never wven thought about that kind of stuff. So I hope Im on a better path now. I was going to go back on food when I go to Vegas but I think Im going to juice on my trip. I still feel like crap with the congestion and coughing but all in all Im doing great. I know that to truly detox I must feel like crap and this is something Im willing to do. Im drinking a lot mor ...   read more

Day 8 and 9   17 y  
day 8 and 9 not so bad
Well, my days have been getting better no hunger pains at all. My energy level is awesome. Im just wondering is it normal to get about 4 hours of sleep but wake up energized. I mean i honestly make it throught the night on just about 4 hours of sleep with no coffee. I also have another question perhaps someone can answer is it alright if I drink on fruit juices or should I sorry about the sugar content. I mean I will juice a carrot or sweet potato every now and again but not always. I love fresh apple juice with kiwi and strawberries. so if anyone can shed a little light I would appr ...   read more

DAY 7 wow   17 y  
Day 7 wow can this really be true
well i had the mistake and I ate food but the I guess i started over. Ive lost more that 10 pounds and my energy level is throught the roof. Dude all the crap I was feeling is almost gone. Im not sure if all this is supposed to happen but I got pimples, a fever and cold, a sore throat mad nasal congestion and not so bad breath anymore. Im telling you this is not for the faint at heart. Im super glad I read up on this before I did it or I would think I was dying. Im sore all over like I’ve worked out for many hours but i haven’t. I deserve a treat so i figure after I get through all thi ...   read more

Day 5 and 6 oops!   17 y  
oops i made a mistake
Well, day 5 started off like any normal day and I had my breakfast juice but somehow during the evening I ate food. I was not thinking It was more habit than anything I had toast. And on day 6 I had maybe a half a cup of brown rice again not really thinking more just reacting. I wasn’t even hungry but it’s more like a routine than hunger. When i realized what I had done I went back on my water fast so I am drinking lots of water with lemon. But here’s the kicker I jumped on the scale and I lost 10 pounds in 6 days. I had my colonic (not my favorite) and I felt better. That is the sc ...   read more

Day 4 no such a good day   17 y  
day 4 it sucked
Wow today sucked big time I am so congested I feel like Im coming down with a cold. Im new to all of this and I guess that’s one of the side effects. I just felt kinda out of sorts today like I was living in a fog. I almost caved but it isn’t even about the carving food for me anymore. Honestly I don’t really miss it it’s so strange because before I was a lover of food amd I ate a lot. I am having a colonic on monday maybe I will feel a little better. Im not into the drink salt flushes to move my bowels. I also heard about a coffee enema and that scared me so I think I will leave that ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
day 3
Today was a real good day I had very little hunger pains and I felt lighter. My head didn’t feel so heavy I guess you can say. The only bad part about this entire process is the bad breath and the coating on the tongue. When working in the field I work in it’s really hard to have contact with people when your breath smell. In the three days I have been doing this I have lost about 5 pounds which is kinda wierd. Veggie juice is not my favorite and it takes me a couple of tries to get it all down but I manage. But if anybody wants to know tomato, cucumber, celery, with lemon juice and a ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
day 2 not so bad
Well, it’s day two and now Im starting to feel it the hunger pains. So my day began at the store buying fruits and veggies to make juice. For breakfast I had a banana, orange and pear juice. I must admit it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not overly sweet but it was sweet enough. I work in a hospital at night so after I had my first juice I went to sleep. Then after I woke up I had a grapefruit, orange and pear juice. Between my juices I drink lots of ice cold watervery filling. For a late afternoon snack I had a mango, orange, and apple juice. My family thinks Im wie ...   read more

Day one of 30 day juice fast!   17 y  
My fast journey..
To everyone who may read this I just want to welcome you into my 30 day fast. This is not for everyone and you have to have courage in your convictions while doing it. So today is day one of my fast and I went with all water today just to see how I could handle that. I have to tell you it was not that bad and I am actually feeling ok. I have a a few hunger pangs and I thought that was going to be the end of me but it’s ok. I have been fasting now for almost 24 straight hours. I will start with the juice in the am I know if the water fast is alright the juice fast is going to be awesome. ...   read more


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