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Rhodes Family coming up later but now we have   10 y  
rvd vs del rio
Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio (c) Van Dam and Ricardo Rodriguez come out first, both wearing their Susan G. Komen pink shirts. Out next is Alberto Del Rio. During Del Rio’s entrance, Michael Cole introduces the WWE Spanish announce team. The bell sounds and Lilian Garcia introduces the match and the rules for our opening contest. Rodriguez does the introduction for Van Dam, to the delight of the fans in Buffalo. Garcia begins Del Rio’s intro but is stopped by the World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio tells her to introduce him in Spanish. She does. Here we go everybody! Aberto Del Ri ...   read more

Sandow-Ziggler match is about to get underway.   10 y  
Sandow-Ziggler match is about to get underway.
Kickoff Show Match: Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler Sandow cuts a promo, quoting Benjamin Franklin, on his way to the ring. Sandow carries his Money In The Bank briefcase to the ring and talks about how he’s going to “decimate” another former MITB briefcase winner, Dolph Ziggler. Sandow talks about cashing in his briefcase tonight after the “Battleground Hardcore Rules” match between Del Rio and Van Dam. “And for that …you’re welcome,” concludes Sandow. Ziggler’s music hits and the fans in Buffalo rise to their feet and pop loud for his ring-walk. Ziggler makes his way to the ring as ...   read more

wwe ppv   10 y  
WWE Battleground 2013 Results
Here is a look at the card as it currently stands. Pre-Show: Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow Santino and Khali vs. The Real Americans Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman(Intercontinental Championship) The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella (Divas Championship) CM Punk vs. Ryback w/ Paul Heyman Alberto Del Rio vs. RVD w/ Ricardo Rodriguez (World Championship Hardcore Match) Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship) This show has the potential to produce a lot of great matches, and hopeful ...   read more

WWE Championship Match - Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan   10 y  
yes yes yes
The entrances: Daniel Bryan is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he easily gets the pop of the night, with the entire arena chating ‘yes’. The Champion, Randy Orton, is out next, and Orton gets a reaction out of the crowd, but it dies off significantly from the pop Bryan received. The Greatest WWE Champion of all time poll results are revealed, and Hulk Hogan is shown to beat out John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H and even Stone Cold Steve Austin by a huge margin. We get formal ring introductions, and we’re ready to begin. The start: The bell rings and both men stare each ...   read more

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) vs. The Prime Time Players S   10 y  
tag team championship
Sting wins the vote for greatest United States Champion of all time as The Shield makes their way out for the next match, and to celebrate Dean Ambrose’s win. WWE Tag Team Championship Match - Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) vs. The Prime Time Players The entrances: The Prime Time Players make their way out to the ring to a nice pop, having already won a match tonight. The start: The bell rings and Rollins and Titus begin things for their teams. Rollins slaps Titus across the face, then back into his own corner. Rollins kicks Titus’ leg and slaps him in the face again. Rollins ducks ...   read more

Dolph Dolph   10 y  
r we not sick of the shield
WWE United States Championship Match - Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler The entrances: Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring through the crowd. He’s followed out shortly by Dolph Ziggler who gets a nice pop from the crowd on his way to the ring. The start: The bell rings and Ziggler takes Ambrose down to the mat for a quick one count. Ambrose avoids Ziggler as much as possible, staying close to the ropes. Ambrose works Ziggler down to the mat, working on his arm and floating into a hammerlock. Ambrose transitions into a head lock, and hits Ziggler with a big shoulder block when he ...   read more

- WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs   10 y  
gold berg goldverg lol
the WWE recognized members of the National Guard in attendance tonight. It gets a big USA chant going. Michael Cole teases the upcoming match featuring CM Punk taking on Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman, before segueing into a video package featuring the events leading to Heyman turning on Punk and the aftermath over the past few months. No Disqualification Elimination Handicap Match If Paul Heyman does not compete, he will be fired. - WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk The entrances: Curtis Axel is the first man to make his way out for the match, and of co ...   read more

- Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. The Miz   10 y  
andango is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the next match, dancing his way down the aisle with Summer Rae. The Miz is out next, and he gets a little pop from the fans in the crowd. The start: The bell rings and Miz and Fandango begin circling each other. We get a lock up and Miz backs Fandango into the corner, breaking somewhat cleanly. Fandango dances a bit in the corner before catching Miz with a kick to the gut and punch to the back. Fandango locks in a head lock, but Miz fights it off, only to fall to a shoulder block. Miz catches Fandango with a quick neckbreaker, ...   read more

alberto vs rvd   10 y  
rvd vs adr
World Heavyweight Championship Match - Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez The entrances: Back at ringside, Rob Van Dam’s music hits, and the challenger makes his way out to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez in tow. Alberto Del Rio is out next, and the crowd doesn’t really seem to care as the champ makes his way to the ring. Lilian Garcia does formal ring introductions, though Ricardo grabs the mic for RVD’s entrance. Lillian does Alberto’s introduction in Spanish, and we’re ready to begin. The start: RVD is super over with the crowd off the bat. The bell rings and ...   read more

Divas fatal 4 way   10 y  
winner AJ
Fatal Four-Way Match for the WWE Divas Championship - AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi The entrances: Natalya is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, and she gets an OK pop from the crowd on her way down the aisle. Naomi is out next, and she doesn’t get too much of a reaction at all. Brie Bella is the third competitor to make her way out of the ring. AJ Lee is the last woman to come to the ring, and she gets a pretty nice pop out of the crowd. The start: The bell rings and everyone is slow to start. AJ bails and everyone chases her. She runs out to the fl ...   read more

wwe night of champions   10 y  
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman (c) vs. Kofi Kingston The entrances: Heyman grabs the mic and says this match is taking place under Axel’s protest. Kofi Kingston’s music plays, and Kingston heads down to the ring. The start: The bell rings and we get a lock up. Axel goes behind and Kofi switches it up. Axel is able to clamp on a headlock and Kofi fights out of it. Axel works over Kingston’s arm, but Kingston flips out of it and gets a quick near fall. Axel backs into the ropes. Axel stands and Kofi goes behind, but Axel is able to get Kofi back int ...   read more

still trying to resolve eye discharge problem,   10 y  
Still eye discharge and blurry vision no help in sight
It will soon be 4 years since i got something in my eye. I have seen too many doctors to count. I have been on many different steroid drops. You can see my videos on you tube. same name, blue pastry. Yet, my eyes still get blurry and still have discharge from my eyes 24/7. I am realizing that med profession has no clue. i had eye surgery on left eye. eye lid tightened by a Dr stern in Missoula Montana. Did not improve vision or discharge. After $2000 and no help. He dropped me as a patient because I did not feel I should ahve to make any more payments.   visit the page

the finale? Three Stages of Hell for the WWE Title: Ryback   10 y  
rye bread, the goldberg wanna be. who need sto go away. vs cena
Three Stages of Hell for the WWE Title: Ryback vs. John Cena We go to the ring and Justin Roberts explains the rules of this match. Thirty Lumberjacks start coming out to surround the ring. Stage One: Lumberjack Match The Lumberjacks are in place and out first comes Ryback. WWE Champion John Cena is out next to a very mixed reaction. They lock up and Ryback goes to work on Cena in the corner. Ryback with a bunch of stomps as the referee pulls him away. Cena comes back swinging but Ryback blocks the bulldog with a big slam for a 2 count. Ryback beats Cena around some more. Ryback ...   read more

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan vs. S   10 y  
will orton turn on bryan or verse vica?
once again we are tortured by the oh so bad wrestlers called the shiels. a copy of tnas aces and 8s We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Randy Orton is out next and Daniel Bryan comes out last to a big pop. Bryan and Reigns start things off. The crowd is already behind Bryan big time as he unloads. Reigns runs him over and turns it around. We get some double teaming and Reigns takes Bryan to the mat. Bryan fights out but Reigns takes him right back down. Rollins and Orton tag in at the same time. Orton with clotheslines and a powe ...   read more

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk did not know knock knees was bac   10 y  
punakoholics? who knows
Out first comes Chris Jericho to a mixed reaction. Fans chant for CM Punk. Cult of Personality hits and out comes Punk to a huge pop. Paul Heyman is right behind him. The music stops and Chicago chants Punk’s name. They lock up and go to the corner. Jericho shoves Punk and Punk shoves back. They lock up again and Punk goes behind. They trade holds and Punk takes Jericho to the mat. More back and forth on the mat now. They break and lock up again. Jericho with a headlock. They run the ropes and Punk nails a dropkick. Punk with a headlock takedown for a 2 count. Punk works on Jericho’s ar ...   read more

World Heavyweight title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Zig   10 y  
alberto del rio turns heel
Salir primero viene Alberto Del Rio con Ricardo Rodríguez. El World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler está próxima a AJ Lee y Big E Langston. Lilian Garcia hace presentaciones formales del anillo con Ricardo. Dolph con un poco de estancamiento desde el principio en el partido. Del Rio realiza un big slam tilt-a-giro y Ziggler se remonta al suelo para descansar. Él viene de nuevo y Del Rio toma el control. La multitud ha sido bombo desde el anuncio RVD y están coreando su nombre ahora. Ziggler vuelve a bajar y el árbitro comprueba en él. Del Rio con una gran rodilla en la cabeza y más p ...   read more

the shield...aka bad wrestlers who are out of shape   10 y  
kane vs bad wrestler ambrose. yawn
After the match, AJ celebrates and leaves with Big E. Kaitlyn sits up in the ring and starts crying. A huge ”you tapped out” chant breaks out before Kaitlyn makes her way to the back. She stops and starts crying again before going down to her knees on the entrance way. Fans boo her. Layla appears and starts crying with her, hugging her. The fans boo them both. We go to replays. - Layla, Alicia Fox and Natalya try to console Kaitlyn backstage but she walks off crying. - We go back to the pre-show team of Josh Mathews, Big Show, R-Truth and Cody Rhodes. They talk about what’s happened ...   read more

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