Trichotillomania and 40 Day Fast
by momfor2manykids

Day 13   15 y  
Water Fasting?
I water fasted yesterday. I can say that I am not able to water fast. I feel horrible and the kids and hubby need me too much to be functional. Iím sure that many toxins are comming out but yuck....ok, just plain yuck. My mother in law came over and I had to cook dinner. Why is it that you always seem to make the best meals when you are fasting and you are not able to eat them. Stangest thing..... This morning yuck report: coated metalic tasting almost brown tongue faster heart rate cold, cold, cold pounding headache We are going to try mixed carrot juicing. If this does ...   read more

Day 12   15 y  
I May Have to Quit!!
Iíve been battling a yeast infection and I am not sure if I should continue with Master Cleanse. Even with the reduced maple syrup, I am still yeasty. I donít do well with just water fast. I love juice fasting but the only vegetable juice I like is carrot. I have come so far with great results of not pulling my hair out that I am really torn. I will need to pray and research a different avenue. Will keep you posted.   visit the page

Day 10   15 y  
Stress Makes Me Really Hungry!!
I have discovered that stress really makes me want to eat. I have had a rough day and it has taken every bone in my body not to pick up something and put it in my mouth. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The airline ticket people...who ever they are.....charged my credit card/bank account twice. It took me fooooorrrr ever to get in touch with a live person. I was in tears. Who the ? Ē:Ē ? will pay for bounced checks should they come in. Oh, I have been assured that they will credit back, but this may take a few business days. You know what that means, weekend is coming. Business days wonít h ...   read more

Day 9   15 y  
Back On Track
Iím feeling really strong this morning. No headache, no hunger, life is good. Now if I can just keep in mind why I am doing the fast. I have to keep reminding myself that physical and mental health is better than unhealthy food. Even with my ĒslipĒ, I am not pulling hair and have remained pull-free for 9 days. This is ultimatly what I am shooting for. So I suppose that not all has been a loss. I will start the day out with a really weak steep of Smooth Move.   visit the page

Day 8   15 y  
Can you Say Do Overs????
Fell of of the wagon, and Iím pissed at myself. Letís see.....I had a big salad, cheese, crakers, and a slice of pot roast. Donít ask.... I just donít know why I did it. All I kept saying was Iím so hungry. The taste of all of that food really wasnít worth it. Oh well. I can say I was sick as a dog for 2 days and of course Iím back on the wagon again. One thing I did notice after eating, is that my eating seems to never be enough. I suppose in my spirit I must analyze why I never seem to be full. I can stuff myself to the gill and still think Iím hungry. I donít want to end up in ...   read more

Day 5   15 y  
Coming Out Of The Woods!!!!!
Well.... I think I may be coming out of the woods now. Who would of thought that my vacation would have taken such a crazy turn. I spent most of the day taking baths and ended up taking an enema. I believe that helped me the most. I have no naseau today and just a slight headache on one side of my head. I just could not seem to get myself out of bed today, and so I have a late start on things. I will salt water flush and make lemonade. I may cut down on the amount a little now that I am starting to feel better. We will see. Good News: I have lost 5 pounds.... Yiiipppyyyy ...   read more

Day 4   15 y  
Someone just shoot me.....
Ok..... I thought I would be better by this point, but Iím not. I have the sweats, body aches, a few shakes, feeling of wanting to vomit, and a really coated tongue. Headache is still here, but I can say that this is better. I was taking antidepressants and I suppose that all of these nasty symptoms are the withdrawl from them. It really goes to show that taking these things can truely poison the system. I am going to do a salt water flush. Iím hoping that if I get some of the toxins out, I will feel better. Good news: Our family received an ĒExtreme MakeoverĒ from our chu ...   read more

Day 3   15 y  
My Head is Pounding!!!!!!
Last night was rough. I had a massive headache, and was really hungry. This morning is much better. I just couldnít bring myself to drink more Smooth Move tea. I suppose I didnít want to wake up with cramps. I did do a salt water flush and I must say it was quite successful....if ya know what I mean. Anyway. I am having my first lemonade drink of the day. Headache is still there. I guess I will try to relieve it with some essential oils. I must rejoice in the fact that as lousy as I was feeling yesterday, I didnít pull one hair off of my head. Praise God!!!! Will post lat ...   read more

Day 2   15 y  
Day 2, so far, so good!
5:56 am - I get up pretty early everyday. My alone time away from kids. Also allows me to have time with God. The Smooth Move is doing a number on my stomach this morning. Cramping and naseau. Yuck!!! I have a slight headace. Iím thinking that caffeine withdrawl has begun. I will do my salt water flush and get on with my day. I alway wake up not pulling hair. This awful, crippling behavior usually appears later in the day. We will see what happens later. 12:32 pm - Ok.... Iím really thinking about food right now. I have had 64 oz of Lemonade. I was planning to have 128 ...   read more

Day 1 and a Quick Intro   15 y  
Fasting for Trichotillomania relief.
I am hoping that there are many who will travel with me on my pull free vacation. If you struggle with trichotillomania, you know that one day of not pulling your hair out is a day of rejoicing. I will begin my fast today using the Master Cleanse, but with modified maple syrup content. I also suffer from yeast, and maple syrup can feed the yeast. There is a school of thought about trichotillomania and yeast. Some people believe that if you follow the John Kender diet, you can lessen symptoms and possibly stop pulling. I have followed the diet. It has been helpful, but has not stop ...   read more


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