Spirit Meets Body
by finallyfaith

Truly Golden Rule   17 y  
Throughout the Ages One Rule Stands Above All Others and Has Been Expressed in Many Ways by Many Masters
Jesus had a way of stripping things down to their essential truths and stating them with precision and compassion. I wish more would take his two greatest commandment more seriously - to love God with all our hearts soul and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Simple, pure, beautiful. How much better of a world would we live in if we all tried every day to put these two principals into motion? If each day we all took one small step to implementing these wonderful ideas, wow! How we could transform this world! I don’t believe in one religion, though I do believe in the Li ...   read more

Science Proves Prayer Works   17 y  
Scientific Studies Show Prayer Accelerates Healing in Hospital Patients and Can Stimulate Plant Growth
One of my strong beliefs is that there is no dissconnect between science and spirituality. Any of the conflicts that seem to exist are illusions that will eventually dissolve in the light of truth. Truth is truth, science and religion are just different means of expressing it that is all. I like it when science and religion get together and work cooperatively to get closer to the truth. Here is a great article about a scientific study that shows the power of prayer and how it affects people whether they know it or not. The first part of the article details a prayer study where a group o ...   read more

Super-Food Recipes ~ Chia Style!   17 y  
Some Fantastic Recipes That Utilize the Super Incredible Amazing Source of Nutrition That is Chia
I have recently discovered chia seeds and I really love them. They are tremendous source of energy, protein, essential fatty acids, calcium and trace minerals. These are a wonderful addition to any diet, especially if you are trying to go raw, have low energy, are dealing with blood sugar issues, or are trying to lose weight. Here are some recipes I came up with. I hope they inspire you to try chia today. I would love any feedback on these if anyone tries one! Quick note: I buy my chia seeds from my local health coop, but you can buy them online from here. http://www.purcellmountain ...   read more

Ancient Super Food ~ Amazing Power of Chia   17 y  
Forgotten Super Food Packs an Energy Whallop, Helps to Lose Weight, Combats Diabetes, and is Packed With Vital Nutrients
Hi everyone I just had to tell you about an amazing new element I have recently added to my diet that has really rocked my world - chia seeds. These things are AMAZING! Absolutely AMAZING! I love ‘em. Chia seeds are an ancient food staple of the Aztecs and legend has it that Aztec messengers could run for 24 hours straight on nothing but chia seeds and water, and having eaten them I believe it! In fact the Aztecs valued this seed so highly that for a while it was used as legal tender to buy, sell, and settle debts. Chia seeds are tiny black seeds often sold as sprouting seeds, but th ...   read more

Vortex ~ Mystical Power Point Pt. III   17 y  
This Simple Method of Energizing Water Uses the Vortex to Create a Zero Point Energy Field, Releasing Power and Energy
I met man a few years ago who lived on a farm that used biodynamic principals to raise crops. He told me about a method of energizing water that involved a big pot, a stir stick, and some crushed quartz crystal. He said you put the crystal powder into the water in the pot, and then you stir and stir in a clockwise direction creating a real nice vortex in the pot. Then you suddenly change directions with the stick and stir the opposite way, counter clockwise. You repeat this process several times and then the water is fully energized and ready to be sprayed over the fields. I was fascina ...   read more

Vortex ~ Mystical Power Point Pt II   17 y  
The Tunnel of Light From NDE's Provides a Fascinating Glimpse of the Power of the Vortex and How We Can Use It
One of my abiding fascinations is NDE’s - near death experiences. These are the experiences of those who have physically died, left their body, traveled to other dimensions, met angelic sprits or Jesus or God, and then came back to their body and were revived. These stories I find to be very inspiring, and always a well of hope and love in times of trial and heartache. Each NDE is unique, but many share similar elements. One of those elements is the tunnel of light that nearly all of them describe they enter into on their way to heaven or the next world. This tunnel is described as a sw ...   read more

Vortex ~ Mystical Power Point Pt. I   17 y  
A Vortex Can Release Energy and Create Magnetic Fields That Raise Enegy Levels of Water and Other Substances
Have you ever sat and watched water flow through a rocky stream? The water is constantly eddying through small whirlpools created by the water and the rocks, it flows, is caught up in the tiny whirlpools, spins around, then shoots out and continues its journey downstream. The water does this over and over again. These tiny whirlpools can each be described as a small vortex. Vortexes are a mystical force that many believe are a way to transport energy and matter to higher dimensions. Viktor Schauberger, the original water wizard, studied water his whole life. As a forester he spent many ...   read more

We CAN Fix the Environment ~ How Flowers are Detoxing Soil   17 y  
Scientists Have "Taught" a Beautiful Flower How to Eat Up Toxins and Detox Soil
Don’t let the dark news about the environment get you down. I am not saying it isn’t all true, it true and more. But what I am saying is that I really believe that if we put our mind to it we can solve the seemingly daunting problems that currently overwhelm us when it comes to the environment. So much genius potential is locked up inside of us just clamoring to burst out and make the most of our amazing gifts. Yes! Genius potential! And we can solve these dilemmas and we can heal this planet and we can figure out how to make this whole thing work the way it was meant to. Believe th ...   read more

The REAL News ~ Healing is Happening   17 y  
It May Not Make it on CNN, But Some People are Taking Giant Steps to Healing Long Term Global Conflicts - One By One
The Compassionate Listening Project is one of those endeavors that can rekindle your hope in humanity and make you believe in love again. This Project brings together Palestinians and Jews, concentration camp survivors and former Nazi soldiers, and other groups that have long standing animosity in an effort to create discussions, engender understanding and begin the healing process. Simply amazing things have been reported by those who participate in the workshops. The man who started the Project first got American and Soviet soldiers together for talks and discussions after the Berlin ...   read more

Forgiveness & Health ~ Healing the Heart & Body   17 y  
Long Term Anger Can Lead to Adrenal Fatigue and Other Health Risks, While Forgiveness Can Heal the Mind & Body
It can be the toughest thing you will ever do - forgiving someone who has wronged you. In fact, it is especially hard when there was seemingly no reason for it, just willful hatred or careless cruelty. But science is just now catching up to what great spiritual leaders have been telling us for generations - choosing to forgive may be a matter of life and death. Frederic Luskin heads the Forgiveness Project at Stanford University. The Project’s goal is to study forgiveness and the many affects it can have on individuals, families, and society at large. They developed a method that teache ...   read more

Stunning Images of Water Crystals   17 y  
Amazing Photos Show the Affect of Emotions On Water
http://curezone.com/ig/viewphoto.asp?i=water_thank_you.gif&f=blogs this water has been imprinted with the phrase ”thank you.” http://curezone.com/ig/viewphoto.asp?i=watersick_gif.gif&f=blogs This water has been imprinted with the phrase ”i am sick.”   visit the page

Heart Water   17 y  
The Heart Produces an Electromagnetic Field That Imprints on Everything Around It, Especially Water
Have you ever had your heart broken? I have, more than once. Have you ever noticed that emotional pain can sometimes manifest as actual physical pain in the area of the heart organ? I personally do not believe it is a coincidence that poets and musician throughout the ages have used the heart as a metaphor for the seat of the emotional life. The physical organ known as the heart is a powerful instrument, and in my opinion is very little understood. Scientists prefer to study the brain, because they believe that is the seat of consciousness. I disagree, I believe it is located in the hea ...   read more

Living Water Pt. IV ~ Scientific Evidence   17 y  
A Simple Experiment Shows That Water Responds to Human Intention
Hello, Well I hope you all are enjoying reading this stuff as much as I am writing it. The universe is interactive, it is not full of dead matter and inanimate objects. Everything vibrates and pulses with the energy of the Creator and as such everything is alive on some level. And part of being alive is interaction. Without interaction and communication there is no real consciousness. So if we can prove that objects we formerly thought were dead actually interact with us, then we have gone a long way towards understanding just how alive all of creation really is. Professor Emeritu ...   read more

Living Water Pt. III ~ I Talk to My Water   17 y  
Two Methods I Use to Infuse Liquids With Healing Powers and Make Them Nourishment for the Body and the Soul
Hello People, This is really something and you have got to try it! After I read Emoto’s book about the ability of water to absorb messages and emotions of those around it (see Pt. I for more on that), I started to talk to my water. It is really very simple, usually I first ozonate it for 10 minutes, then I put the glass up to my lips and speak directly into the glass - ”Thank you Creator for this delectable glass of water, thank you for helping me to grow in love and faith everyday, love and faith, love and faith, love and faith.” I like to repeat that last part in the deepest voi ...   read more

Living Water Pt. II ~ The Water Wizard   17 y  
One Man's Insight into the Living Water Realities and the Technology He Created to Reenergize Dead Water
Hi People, Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite genius’ - Viktor Schauberger (VS). If you do a google search for ”structured water” or ”energized water” or ”hunza water” you find all kinds of interesting water products with fantastic health claims. Each one uses a differnt method of infusing energy into water and turning it into something more than just H2O2. Men like Patirck Flanagan and John Ellis have become famous for their visionary water technologies. But all of the new age water gurus owe their existence to an Austrian forester who lived and worked in the first ha ...   read more

Living Water Pt. I - Water is Listening to You   17 y  
Water crystal photos clearly show that the structure of water is deeply affected by positive or negative messages
All of creation hums and vibrates with the essence of the Creator. As such everything is alive, and everything is interactive. This includes those things which we refer to as ”inanimate” objects. Don’t believe me? Then take water for instance. I want to tell you about two genius’ who opened new doorways into understanding that substance that makes up 70 percent of our bodies. The first one is Masaru Emoto, an independant Japanese researcher who discovered utterly amazing properties of water. Emoto became fascinated by water and developed a method by which he could take exteme closeup ...   read more

n/m   17 y  

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