Dreaming Alive
by greggechols
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The Fence Post # 7   16 y  
The visionaries and dreamers are asked to bring their experiences back into the day world, no matter what the "divine gibberish" might sound like. Isn't it what is propelling our collective consciousness forward?
Jane Roberts writes in Psychic Politics: Here and there through the ages a man or woman reaches higher than most of us; climbs into a new realm of being, ascends to a peak of consciousness as yet transitory—and for that moment only he or she is a god, and shouts down what is heard or sensed or experienced.  Then books are written about it and translations and transcriptions; but it’s all kind of divine gibberish. We can’t really translate it here any more than a dog, suddenly comprehending mathematics, could later translate the data to his dog fellow, no matter ...   read more

The Fence Post # 6   16 y  
A childlike attitude towards life will do the species some good. That's what one view of archaeology has shown.
Are we doomed as a species to all be walking around in suits and dresses, running madly to the next business appointment while our cell phones are glued to our ears, acting as though life is a little too serious to be taken lightly? Perhaps a little childlike behaviour would serve us all, instead. Here’s page 34 from Hugh Milne’s amazing textbook on craniosacral work, The Heart of Listening : Neoteny hypothesizes that the longer childlike characteristics are retained, the more the species is favored. Childlike characteristics in mammals mean experimentation, exploration ...   read more

The Fence Post # 5   16 y  
Are we along here on Earth, isolated from the rest of the Universe? The late UFO psychologist John Mack didn't think so.
Our world is drastically changing, and, moreso, our individual relationships to our “inner” worlds. Our dreams and visions are taking on different textures, different sensations of “inner” reality, and are no longer allowing us to take these unusual states of awareness as pathological events of the psyche. No, they are more real than this computer on my desk. The late medical doctor and UFO researcher Dr. John Mack addresses this in a lecture he gave on November 16, 2003, in Florence, Italy, entitled “Establishing a New Science of Human Experience:" ...   read more

The Fence Post # 4   16 y  
The soul is always expressing herself. If we would only listen!
James Hillman, Suicide and the Soul , prefatory note (1964), p. 11: Whatever one says about the human soul—if it hits its mark at all—will be both right and wrong. Psychological material is so complex that every statement is inadequate. We can no more stand back from the psyche and look at it objectively than we can get away from ourselves. If we are anything we are psyche. And, because the unconscious makes relative every formulation of consciousness by complementing it with an opposite and equally valid position, no psychological statement can have certainty. The trut ...   read more

Fence Post # 3   16 y  
Tapping into our dreaming and imagination opens new possibilities. Look what Walt Disney did!
You and I have turned over our creative powers to the State. But we can regain those powers—with our dreaming. I have escaped from a real prison through my dreaming, much in the same way Walt Disney escaped from “this” reality through his imaginative powers. We each have those powers and talents of Walt Disney, too. We just ignore them. We can each escape the prison of this life through our dreaming and imaginative capacities. They are as real as the desk I’m sitting at—even moreso . We are told by the “authorities ...   read more

Fence Post # 2   16 y  
Watch out for those thoughts. They may get a little itchy in strange places.
An idea: We have been intimate with far more thoughts than we have sexua| partners, yet we are more indiscriminate with thoughts—and carry them around, unexamined, like radical forms of genital herpes that have yet to expose themselves onto the flesh of our bodies. Our thoughts and beliefs are far more personal to us than any sexua| relationship we’ve ever had. WE have been more intimate with far more thoughts than we have had sexua| partners. Yet, we are incredibly indiscriminate with our thoughts and beliefs, sleeping with hundreds of ill ...   read more

The Fence Post # 1   16 y  
Knowledge isn't always what we think it is. Listening to our bodies is a very powerful source.
Trying as hard as I may to engage other forms of knowledge, I continue to ram up against the prevailing attitudes: not only within myself, but the community at large. It is difficult to understand things that appear to us as symbols—at least, on the surface, as in dreams—without taking them literally. Opening those symbols, however, I find worlds of wisdom and knowledge. Each kernel within these symbols holds immaculate energies of transformation. If I allow these symbols to open me into a deeper understanding of the immediate world surrounding me, strange th ...   read more

The Collective Dreaming Project   16 y  
As we reflect on the tragedy of six years ago on our nation, let us heed the call of a national figure and begin to actively move our dreams into the "dayworld," and let us do so now!
Once again, the tragedy of September 11, 2001 is upon us. The other day I discovered an article by former Reagan staffer Peggy Noonan talking about this event, and she pondered the effect of Sept. 11 on our national psyche in her July 19, 2002 Wall Street Journal article entitled “The Nightmare and the Dreams: How has Sept. 11 affected our national unconscious.” In that 2002 article she writes of a "baby boom" in New York City since the attacks, and, also: "A dream boom, too. The other day I spoke with a friend I hadn’t seen since the world changed. He was t ...   read more

The Dream Is Always Speaking To Us   16 y  
Our nightly dreams are never keeping us from the information we need in our daily lives....no matter when we might need it!
             If today—with earthquakes and hurricanes unleashing their furies throughout the world—we, as human begins, could do something to affect these bodies of Mother Nature—how might we do so? What is it in our beings that could be of service to Mother Nature as she is unleashing her terror on the planet with hurricanes and earthquakes this week?   You can imagine our weather system today as a map of the “now” of our collective consciousness, yet it is a result of our unconscious ...   read more

It's Time to Take Our Medicine   16 y  
Society has given us the wrong prescription for living in a healthy way. So, why not change doctors, change prescriptions, and give this a try?
It’s time to take our medicine. It seems as though we’ve been getting sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker; our days are shorter and are nights are painfully longer. We can’t get up without moaning and groaning, or stand up for too long without our legs becoming weak and frail. It’s time to take our medicine. Whatever we do, however we feel, we must take this time to do what’s right and take our medicine. Our medicine is waiting. It’s time to take our medicine. In what way can we be of service? How are we failing the others? How are we failing ourselves? It’s time to take ou ...   read more

TONIGHT is Collective Dreaming Night!!!!!!!!   16 y  
Let's all hit the sack together, in YOUR bed at YOUR bedtime, and let's focus our dreaming energies TOGETHER!!!!!!
The dreaming time offers humanity the opportunity to collectively “work out” its dayworld scenarios, in addition to moving us closer to our awakening into the reality of other worlds and dimensions. We as humans have been given the spiritual task of looking after the planet, and it is in the dreamtime that we collectively “vote” on how we will do this. Our conscious energies direct the dreamworld energies in this way, with the “voting” showing up in how the world looks the next day. Obviously, the voting isn’t going too good, and it is because humanity is not yet “conscious” of what ...   read more

Quantum Physics and the Ancestors   16 y  
What we do today has an effect on our surroundings, and, also, the past. Quantum physics is showing us there's more to our idea of life than what has been taught in elementary school science books.
It’s amazing to think that what we are doing in this moment actually has importance to the past. It’s something I certainly never thought about until just a few years ago: and it wasn’t a reading of Quantum Physics that helped bring about that revelation, either. Actually, it was in a Mayan Temascal sweat lodge in Tulum, Mexico, that this awareness came to me. I’d never experienced a sweat lodge before, and it was as if the spirit of my ancestors—the spirits of those who came before me—came to my awareness. It was a powerful “vision” of sorts, one that instilled in me the fact th ...   read more

Inspirations for Our Multidimensional Selves   16 y  
We are continually receiving "inspirations" that are meant to move us into our true, multi-dimensional selves. This means moving outside of our limiting minds into the fullness of Who We Really Are.
…Your natural state of being, and what you are evolving toward, is a multidimensional character who will be able to make peace on this planet and take that peace into other worlds as well…These layers of reality are beginning to split and fragment, and you are moving into new aspects of your abilities and expression. Now the trick is to catch these things—to spend more time pursuing what you have been inspired to discover over the years. (Barbara Marciniak, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library , p. 149) If we are indeed multidimensional selves, and if we are indeed our own ...   read more

Slavery and Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron"   16 y  
A "science fiction" short story from 1961 paints a picture of our existence as workers and citizens, no matter where you are on the food chain of corporate workers.
It’s funny how after all these years we still imagine ourselves to be free of slavery in this country. We imagine that when Lincoln “freed” the slaves that everything was taken care of. Then, we imagined that when “equal rights” came about for people of all color in the 1960’s, everything was taken care of. Yet, now, in 2007, the very same spirit that supported slavery when this country was founded in 1776 is still present in this country, and many others. How do such attitudes and beliefs continue to exist after all of these years? After the pain and struggle our Mothers and Gran ...   read more

The Collective Vision of Our Dreams   16 y  
Our psychologies are still using hardware to understand dreams that is over 100 years old. Don't you think it's about time to update the system?
  When Sigmund Freud wrote Interpretation of Dreams in 1899, the world was a different place, and the collective consciousness of the humans on Earth was different. Cultures had yet to migrate from their homelands. Intercontinental travel was limited to steamships. Art had barely succeeding in breaking out of its church-influenced moorings. And, you would have had a hard time filling the Rose Bowl with the number of people on the planet who had experienced altered states of consciousness at that time. There had yet to be a 1960’s movement into “expanded consciousness,& ...   read more

Dancing in an Illogical Psychology   16 y  
Since modern psychology can't explain non-ordinary worlds that more of us are living, let's create our own psychology. Ready, Go!
How does modern day psychology respond to dreams of “other worlds,” of visions appearing in the light of day that are as real as the sidewalk underneath our feet, and of bodily sensations that lead us into movement we hadn’t planned? Well, if it’s the psychology of which I am familiar and have studied towards my doctorate, these experiences would be termed pathological, psychotic, and, well, if you don’t mind the wording, schizophrenic. Our psychologies are not equipped to handle these types of very healthy experiences.       & ...   read more

Tuning into Hurricanes and Galveston, Texas   16 y  
Are our dreams giving us insights into the planet's cleansing process, and are we listening? Perhaps Gaia is speaking to us through our dreams.
Can we as human beings actually “predict” the future? Is it possible that we can be “in tune” with the totality of the plant that we can “sense” events before they arrive, much in the sense that animals can “sense” the Earth changes before they happen? I say we are able to access this knowledge, and our dreams and intuitions are the messengers for this knowledge. Science is beginning to bring these possibilities into their realm of fact, although esoteric and indigenous wisdom has always held such possibilities as “fact.” Here’s something from the 1960’s “channeled” material of Jane Rob ...   read more

Shifting Into a New Reality   17 y  
We are each in the process of being upgraded as human beings, and it is a process that I have only been aware of for perhaps the last year or two. It is nice to be able to get a "view" of what is going on, especially since I've been "under the waves" for a number of months now.
I have been immersed in such a deep process over the last six months that I have failed to ”come up” for a breath long enough to get a handle on how this process relates to the overall scheme of things.  A year and a half ago, I was in Brasil, spending many mornings reading Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn, and that helped me begin to understand things outside of my Western, rational-minded way of thinking. Now, as I swim up to shore for a moment to see what’s going on, I find myself with this book in my hands again, and curiously reminded of the things I had been given 18 m ...   read more

The Veils of Illusion   17 y  
We're all actors in each other's play, but we can't seem to wake up to the fact that we're in our OWN play, also. Waking up is the key to realizing this reality.
       We think we know who we are, but haven’t yet allowed ourselves to open our eyes and see who we Truly are.   Once we do that individually it will create such a rise in the collective consciousness, that the world will never be the same.            We never imagine how our each individual life affects so much.   Imagine us each playing a role in a play, with everyone realizing it’s a play—except you .   Everyone gives you your lines—you never miss yours.   Selected people give you clues to help you realize it’s a play, but it doesn’t work.   You continue to think i ...   read more

Let's Wake Up To Life!   17 y  
It is as though the concrete ideas given to us by religion and government do everything for humans but give them a zest for life. Perhaps that's what each of us should do on our own, without waiting for any institution to give us the go-ahead to life vivaciously and with true zest for life!
…the ‘dialogical man’…is convinced that the power to create and transform even when thwarted in concrete situations, tends to be reborn. And that rebirth can occur…in the supersedence of slave labor by…emancipated labor which gives zest to life. (emphasis mine)                          -- Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed , p. 91 Think of the depressing contrast between the radiant intelligence of a healthy child and the feeble intellectual powers of the average adult. Can we be quite certain that it is not precisely religious education which bears a large share of ...   read more

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