30-40 day water fast - on day 13 now
by lovesolvesall

day 16 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 16
My doggy has been a bit sick so I have been preoccupied with her, and watching 2 other dogs, plus class yesterday. I want to go another 10 - 11 days till day 27, but I am taking it day by day. I have been in the fast for so long now, I know the healing only gets deeper. This time I gained weight because I thought I would beat my 36 day fast and do a 40 day one, but honestly I donít think I need that long of a fast, or could do that long of a fast unless I had no school or work or priorities. Some days are calm and easy, like yesterday, others I am releasing emotions, like tod ...   read more

day 14 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 14
I am enjoying cooking food for my dogs and husband. Normally I donít cook, but while fasting home cooked meal every night lol. It;s funny though because I canít taste it Dogs are getting, 5-6 organic carrots, 2 eggs, potatoes, lots of veggies, some salmon and if I have any meat (I donít normally buy meat) then I throw it in there Husband got an amazing mix of pasta with 2 sauces mixed with lots of added stuff like mushrooms, green peppers, onions etc. Tonight Iím making large burritos with beans, lettuce, avocado, tomato, salsa, cheese (I donít eat cheese but he prefers it) , gr ...   read more

day 14 started an hour ago   7 y  
day 14 of water fast
Day 14 - Very glad I have beat the thought and temptation of food each time. Man this fast has been so healing so far. I think God gave us fasting to heal because honestly this is the best way. No meds or anything and I have cured skin issues, eye issues, digestive issues, the list goes on! I recommend   read more

day 13 update   7 y  
water fast day 13
feeling so glad I didnít end it. Thank you God for getting me through ! I am feeling the healing and know there is more to occur At this second feeling VERY happy I didnít eat any oranges blueberries or juice. Almost gave in but didnít Did a coffee enema and that seemed to help with detox.   visit the page

day 13 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 13
day 13 - so glad I made it through the night. I need the fruits out of my house. Those are the only things I think of at night. And look at vegan recipes online when I get through another night I know Ill make it another day I am not done detoxing. I have white greasy tongue still. and about 10-15 pounds of toxins I can still release I feel I am healed of bad eating habits so far on this fast. When I eat again no more fast food, meats etc. So God has healed one thing so far He has also healed rash on tummy He has been healing my eye sight Healing my mind and body ...   read more

day 12 water fast   7 y  
water fast dat 12
trying to push on. 18 minutes into day 13   visit the page

day 11 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 11
I almost broke today.. I have like 100 cuties in my fridge and some blueberries and thats all I could think about. But I resisted and now at day 12 (officially 1.5 hours ago) I am happy I did. I feel a lot clearer and I have a lot more prayers I am asking God about before I want to quit. God   read more

end of day 10   7 y  
water fast day 10
still feel I am peeling off layers of emotions as the pounds shed. Some days are blissful, others are emotional. When you want to turn to food. Nope! So you feel everything. My rings are getting looser on my hands. I am still in 130s so I have along way to go. When I did my 36 day fast I started at 136 but I was all muscle and at the end I weighed 109. The end of a fast is very nice. I wonder how those people live who donít eat and fast their whole lives. I believe it is possible, but not sure the harnessing power of it. Maybe meditation a lot. Questions for God while Iím fas ...   read more

day 9 (yesterday) day 10 today   7 y  
day 9 and 10 water fast
day 9 was very active. I had a bowl movement in the am which I was happy about day 10 - still no hunger but I want to do possible an enema for anything that is stuck. Last fast I had 5 bowl movements the first 5 days. But this fast none except on day 9 I feel like I am emotionally purging a bit. As the layers come off so do old emotions. Itís wild how that works. weight: 132 starting weight: 146 symptoms: after exerting a lot yesterday my tummy hurt a bit but other then that nothing noticeable besides white tongue greasy white/yellow) and Iím sure bad breath , ...   read more

Day 8 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 8
Day 8 -I am so glad I didnít end my fast yesterday! It was first first day I had cravings but then today I woke up soooo glad I didnít break. Day 8 symptoms - skin is clear and inflammation in my face / legs has went down (puffy edema etc) cramping a bit but Iím on my period tongue is white and   read more

DAY 7 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 7
omg this was the first day I was soo hungry ! Just at night though. symptoms: clear bright skin, rash on left cheek when I woke but went away. rash on tummy is still there but not getting worse. Got my period today and since Iím fasting no medication. I used heat to help the cramps. daily activities: I take daily warm baths if I can I feel that helps. I cleaned for a while today and finally got to lay and do nothing from 2-now :) busy day tomorrow though weight: unknown I do not have scale with me but ill know in a couple days spiritual: felt overwhelming joy last nig ...   read more

end if day 6 water fast   7 y  
water fast day 6
Day 6 - omg never had such an active day while fasting.. lol went to work for four hours then cleaned (deep cleaned because Iím moving and have inspection tomorrow) my whole house... two people today asked me if I was okay and said I looked tired lol .... unsure emoticon This is why i normally donít do anything and just lay which fasting .. If I get some waitress shifts next week Iím wondering if I should take them.. Advice? Rest or make 500-1000   visit the page

day 6 water fast 10:45 AM   7 y  
day 6 water fast
Feeling good. Just took a long bath. Today I feel peaceful, yesterday I released a lot of emotions and todays my mind body and soul swims with contentment so far... weight: 134.8 symptoms: facial skin is very dry and shedding, rash on tummy seems to be better but is not gone, not even sure what it is but it popped up a few months ago. Very thirsty as I have been doing partly a dry fast During the later days of a fast you can not dry fast at all and consume a gallon or more a day so right now that is why I am partly dry fasting. Iíll blog again later tonight how I feel.   visit the page

day 5 of water fast   7 y  
day 5 of 40 day water fast
Day 5 symptoms - energy is good. rash on tummy going away (kinda) height: 5í5-5í6 weight start: 146 weight day 5: 135.8 weight loss: 10.2 pounds s goals: spiritual - cut off internet and TV, read books instead of TV, write, do yoga, take walks and detox - lots of toxins in the form of cellulite, bad teeth, white tongue, hard stomach, feels like ulcer, dry skin, skin issues on legs   visit the page


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