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A New Therapy for Health & Energy V5 has now been published   6 y  
Includes 2 new chapters with a new method for pain relief and a look at the gifts and abilities of the original brain.
a free book available here... https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/476033 V5 has 2 new chapters: Part 5: Honey and Batteries uses the energy from these for pain relief, the type of pain associated with modern living and life and, 9) The Original Brain looks at the gifts and abilities of the brain that we are born with, before what is acquired through education and learning. Have a look and hope you enjoy it. Regards, Richard   visit the page

The Therapy Part 4: Enhancing the Placebo Effect...4   7 y  
The placebo effect is the brain trying to put the body right but lacking the energy to do so.
Continues from...3 The placebo effect happens when the brain releases some of its reserves of energy from the cerebrospinal fluid into the energy of the immune system returning the body, temporarily, to a high energy, robust state . This energy is also released into the bodies clear fluid at the same time as the immune system promoting a feeling of well being. Being an energy process its effects will be limited as to how much it can do, which conditions it works on, how effective it is, how much energy has been released by the brain and how long itís effects lasts. The placebo eff ...   read more

The Therapy Part 4: Enhancing the Placebo Effect...3   7 y  
Without air energy the brain loses the higher mental functions.
Continues from...2 One of the aims of The Therapy part 4 is to fill the cerebrospinal fluid with energy restoring the energy level and robustness to the physical body which will energise and return the immune system to functioning at a high level permanently, so the placebo effect will be working all the time buy at a much higher level. Belief in pills to make it work, or anything else, wonít be needed as itís only needed when the air energy levels are low in the cerebrospinal fluid . So what happens to the air energy? Air energy needs line of sight, plenty of fresh air and wide o ...   read more

The Therapy Part 4: Enhancing the Placebo Effect...2   7 y  
For higher functions the human brain uses only the finest, highest frequency energy available to it.
Continued from...1 The energy the brain needs to work through for high level function comes directly into a person from the sun, not via anything else such as a plant. The sunís energy enters the Earthsí atmosphere where its refracted off oxygen molecules causing it to split up producing energies of different frequencies in the same way crude oil can be cracked into its component parts or white light through a prism. This energy radiated from the sun isnít light or any of the known energies as these energies canít be seen, detected or measured, but the human brain has found a way to ...   read more

The Therapy Part 4: Enhancing the Placebo Effect...1   7 y  
Having a strong mental constitution and operating on a higher level is the brains default position.
Introduction When the brain has access and can work through a certain type of energy, which fills the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and brain stem, the brain acquires a positive outlook as certain of its actions become possible. Working through this energy the brain can deal with challenges from the world and to support the immune system with energy to help it, and the body, stay strong and robust. This energy filling the cerebrospinal fluid gives a strong mental constitution and means the brain can functioning on a higher level not relying so much on middle level func ...   read more

More on Personal Development   7 y  
Due to internal damage, holding people back, the view has grown that people lack something in order to develop and progress, which opens the door to all the beliefs, systems, practices, methods and so on.
Much internal damage to the bodies energy and energy systems has to be dealt with before a person can proceed with personal development which is the aim of Part 3. We donít start from a neutral position, rather having to repair so much just to walk up to the starting line. Due to this internal damage, holding people back, the view has grown that people lack something in order to develop and progress, which opens the door to all the beliefs, systems, practices, methods and so on. This is to misunderstand the situation and then apply inappropriate methods to resolve it. The Therapy P ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy V4 has now been published   7 y  
Many people have tried it over the years and received benefit and it's hoped you will as well. Enjoy...
Available here...   visit the page

Sugar   7 y  
Sugar is used for its carbohydrate energy. It connects and joins all the other sugar and carbohydrate energies used up to now.
A picture of the materials used is below... http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Sugar.jpg The last material used has been replaced with a 500g bag of sugar. Also shown are 2 putty filters with 2 bags of white sugar, about 200g in each, sitting on top, a roll of plastic bags and 28 AA batteries divided into 2 plastic bags. All as before. Thereís no particular reason for using white sugar. If you feel brown sugar would be better to use for yourself, please do so. Method: Place the materials on the lower back, then a day or 2 later, on the stomach for up to 2 hours each time a ...   read more

Soya or Soybeans   7 y  
Soya is a soother reducing what may be seen as emotional and mental inflammation.
Soya or Soybeans http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Soya.jpg The picture above shows 2 100g boxes of soya mince. Each box contained 2 50g sachets. In front of the boxes of soya are 2 clear, plastic bags each filled with 100g of soya and tied. Under the soya bags are 2 putty filters. 20 AA batteries are shown in 2 plastic bags at the front with a roll of bags between. Everything is the same as before except now soya is being used for its carbohydrate energy. Method: As before start on the lower back by placing the 2 putty filters either side of the spine with the bags of ...   read more

Oats   7 y  
As the worlds foods are becoming more accessible new qualities and characteristics will start to appear in people producing humans of outstanding quality, if they are uncontaminated and undistorted.
The picture below shows the materials used with the millet from last time being replaced by a 750gram bag of oat porridge. Also shown are 2 clear plastic bags filled with about 2 handfuls of oats which are then knotted. About half the bag of oats were used. The oats are resting on 2 putty filters with a roll of clear plastic bags and 2 plastic bags filled with 20 AA batteries, half in each bag. All as before and the methods the same... http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Oat_Flakes.jpg Method: Oats are used for their carbohydrate energy and the flake or porridge form is best. ...   read more

Millet   7 y  
The filtered energy of millet is truly a friend to humanity imparting, not so much virtues and characteristics like the other carbohydrates, but a means to get there, a helping, or smoothing, of the way.
The picture below shows the materials used, all thatís been changed from the last one is the rice has been replaced with millet flakes. If millet flakes are unavailable try the nearest you can get such as millet flour or cereal. Millet is used for carbohydrate... http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Millet_Flakes.jpg Above shows a 500gram box of millet and 2 bags of millet resting upon 2 putty filters. The millet bags contain about 2 large handfuls of millet or simply pour it in. About half the box was used. Knot the bags when done. 20 AA batteries are used divided in half into 2 bag ...   read more

Rice   7 y  
Filtered rice energy goes deep into a person blending with the water in their bodies. In the bodies water the energy expands reaching its potential, just the same as when the paddy gets flooded.
The picture below shows the materials used, all thatís been changed from the last one is the corn has been replaced with brown rice flakes. If rice flakes are unavailable try the nearest to it such as rice flour or cereal. Rice is used for its carbohydrate...   read more

Corn or Maize   7 y  
The latest version of the free ebook A New Therapy for Health & Energy Version 3 is available to download or read online at Smashwords. Thank you...
The picture below shows the materials used... http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Corn_Flakes.jpg Above shows a 375gram box of corn flakes, 2 bags of corn flakes, a roll of clear, thin plastic bags and 20 AA batteries divided into 2 bags resting on 2 putty filters. The method and materials are the same as wheat bran except now corn flakes are being used. Corn is used for carbohydrate. If corn flakes are unavailable try something similar such as corn starch. Method: The filtered energy of corn being mostly carbohydrate goes directly into a personís stomach, so itís used on the ...   read more

Wheat Bran   7 y  
Filtered wheat energy has a relaxing, satisfying, releasing quality similar to that of yeast, except it goes much deeper in a person.
Wheat bran in flake form is the best way to use wheat with The Therapy, and thatís true of all the carbohydrate foods used, as in grain form their energies are more compact and retained in the grain, whereas as flakes their energy is already radiating and easier to draw out. If wheat bran is unavailable, try wheat flour, brown if possible. The picture below shows the materials used... http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Bran_Flakes.jpg No particular product is recommended, the 1ís shown happened to be on offer when bought. Use any that are readily and cheaply obtainable. The p ...   read more

Vinegar   7 y  
Fruit vinegar is used here, and along with the energy of baker's yeast, prepares the body for the energy of wheat which are used in bread making. The energies of wheat and yeast work well together.
Fruit vinegar is used here, and along with the energy of bakerís yeast, prepares the body for the energy of wheat which are used in bread making. The energies of wheat and yeast work well together. Baking soda is also used in bread making, but it was more appropriate to use it earlier to prepare the way for the energy of potato starch. Bread is one of the main foods that have helped form humans over the centuries, contributing to what we are which has lead to a type of society and civilisation. The braking of these energies, through the use of petrochemicals, has damaged and distort ...   read more

Yeast   7 y  
Another energy to prepare the body for the energy of carbohydrate.
The filtered energy of yeast in the human body acts as a regulator, especially for the energy of sugar and it reduces the desire to consume sweet things. Yeast also releases much stored energy near the surface thatís in a person such as energy in contradiction, the most powerful being anger which leads to violence, but also includes such things as resentment and frustration. Itís too late to use this energy constructively once itís been stored , as storing it changes it. Also released are the energies of pain, suffering and hurt acquired from others and stored in us simply because ...   read more

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