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Potato Starch   7 y  
Energy from food is what makes humans work.
Below are the materials used: http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Potato_Starch1.jpg Everything is the same as before with the Epsom salt bags being replaced with 500grams of potato starch divided into half, shown in the 2 bags sitting on the putty filters in the picture. Only the lower back and stomach is used for this as this energy goes directly into the stomach, so 1 or 2 sessions each of up to 2 hours each session will be enough. Place the putty filters on the lower back and stomach, above or below the belly button - alternate each time, with the bags of potato starch and batte ...   read more

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)   7 y  
Use of magnesium sulphate also acts as a supporting energy for carbohydrate energy giving it a boost.
This is the same as the method just used except the sodium carbonate bags are replaced with magnesium sulphate, otherwise known as Epsom salts. Magnesium sulphate is used in agriculture for crops such as potatoes and tomatoes and from which it enters humans where its action gives rise to a type of human behaviour or character. This character may be seen as straightforward and honourable without malice or spite. Its action in humans has been changed by the action of consumed, and/or inhaled, petrochemicals which, like sodium bicarbonate, over stimulate the action of magnesium sulph ...   read more

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)   7 y  
Following on from using sea salt as an aid to personal development comes Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
Please note if baking soda is used please use the soda and not powder which is a diluted form. A Wikipedia link is here. Sodium bicarbonate has been added to human diet for the last 200 years in bread making. It has been used before then, but adding it to bread made it more widespread. Itís a chemical which appears to stimulate the analytical parts of the brain giving rise to a more technological society. Itís action in humans has been accelerated in recent years by the addition of petrochemicals in the diet and environment, through inhaling, for instance. The difference between f ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 3: Sea Salt   7 y  
The Therapy Part 3: Using Sea Salt. More on this is in the companion blog to this giving the explanations.
The following may be used after The Therapy: Part 2 has been used: Please note, as with The Therapy, nothing in the following supplemental section is consumed - ever. The materials are used in the same way as in The Therapy. Sea Salt Until recently (May 2015), sea salt has been overlooked and not used, but itís probably a good thing as serotonin needs to be used first to empty and prepare the cells, especially the brain cells. The materials used are 2 - 350g tubs of sea salt, 2 putty filters, or 1 large one which is a bit easier to use, all the batteries you have, 20 are shown ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 2:Injury and Accident   7 y  
The Therapy Part 2: Injury and Accident
Part 2 may be used on any damaged part of the body, such as broken bones, knee/cartilage/disc injury, by placing the putty filters and materials on or near where they are needed. Extra materials, i.e. a handful, may be added to the bags such as calcium, glucosamine, silicone, collagen, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and so on to aid repair. Itís a good idea to use The Therapy: Part 1 first if possible as its probably high energy pollutants in a person thatís hindering recovery. Part 2 use usually lessens pain and speeds up recovery time. Part 2 being used on Wrist or Arm Injur ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 2: Method   7 y  
The Therapy Part 2: Method
Method: 1) Place the putty filters on the lower back each side of the spine so the lower back is covered. Place the 2 bags on top of the putty filters. Each bag contains 4 batteries, 1 bag of earth, 1 bag of rice, 1 bag of vitamins & minerals and 1 bag of oils. So it can be seen the picture shows face down, but laying on a bed face up with the materials under your back is probably easier and more comfortable. Picture Below... http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Part_2_Back.png 2) Leave on for up to 2 hours. 3) Please be careful not to cut off the circulation. 4) Re ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 2: General   7 y  
The Therapy Part 2: General
General: The putty filters and Part 2 materials are used on the lower back, inside the forearms, back of the neck and throat and stomach in turn. Only work on 1 area per day though the 2 arms count as 1 area and the neck and throat count as 1 area. Each session should last for about 2 hours. Place the bags with vitamins, minerals, oils, earth and rice in with the 2 bags containing 4 batteries in each. More batteries may be used if desired.   visit the page

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 2:Preparation   7 y  
The Therapy Part 2: Preparation
Preparation: 1) Putty filters, 2 from before. 2) Batteries. Place 4 batteries in 1 bag and 4 in another. 3) Oil. If using liquid pour a small amount into a bag about the size of half a hens egg, squeeze out the air and tie. Repeat so you have 2 bags in total. If youíre using capsules divide what you have into the 2 bags. 4) Vitamins and minerals and any other supplements you wish to add. Divide your supply in 2 and place in bags. 5) Earth. Collect a sample about the size of a hens egg from a garden near roots as thatís where a lot of microorganisms are. Include a few roots if ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 2: Materials   7 y  
Part 2: Materials
http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Part_2_Materials.png 1) Putty filter (right on tub). You will need 2 from Part 1. 2) Batteries (centre) - the 8 from Part 1. Renew them, if theyíre not rechargeable, if you have doubts about the amount of energy they have left. 3) Oil. Any oil - olive, fish, flax, linseed liquid or capsules (back row and centre left) - is fine so long as whatever is used comes from a fish or plant, not a petroleum product. Using more than 1 oil is ok and may be more beneficial as they are all slightly different, but donít mix them up, please use separate bags. 4 ...   read more

The Therapy Part 2: Adding Life Supporting Energy   7 y  
The Therapy Part 2: Adding Life Supporting Energy
Now the harmful energy by-products from burning the dead material of fossil fuels has been drawn out itís time to for the body to absorb useful, life supporting energy which comes from, at this time and will probably be added to, oil, batteries, vitamins and minerals, damp earth and rice with a few drops of water added. Water activates the earth & rice - the rice needs very little. Vital life supporting energy comes from the sun and is absorbed by plants and other living things. Humans consuming living things such as plants, fruit and vegetables absorb their energy and combine it with o ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Supplemental   7 y  
Additions to the main therapy
Supplemental to The Therapy: Part 1: Silica gel may be used after The Therapy: Part 1 to receive more benefit and for more specialist conditions. A recent development is the use of Silica Gel which is sometimes found in small packets in new electrical equipment and itís also used in dehumidifiers, amongst other things, but the bags used here are larger 4oz or 100grams sold online. Caution: silica gel must not be thrown away or eaten, so please be careful with young children. Silica gel helps different conditions, mostly bones, fluid and overall body conditions, it draws out art ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Infections   7 y  
A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Infections
Infections: With infections, such as in the ear or leg ulcers, an extra bag of materials can be placed on putty filters near the infection to release harmful energy. Avoid using on broken skin. Using Part 1 on Ear Infection, below: http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/A_New_Therapy_for_Health_Energy_Part_1_Infections.png Please consult your Doctor/Physician first regarding any infection. Apply 3 times as in the Therapy Part 1, as desired.   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Method   7 y  
A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Method
Method: 1) Place a putty filter on the outside edge of each ankle joint and the inside of the forearms. 2) Place one bag of materials on top of each putty filter. 3) Bandage to hold in place being careful not to cut off the circulation. http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Method_1.png Above: Materials on ankle joint held in place by a support bandage. http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/A_New_Therapy_for_Health_Energy_Method_1_Side_View.png Above: Side view of materials on side of ankle joint. Itís easier to bandage the materials to the ankles first then rest the forear ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: General   7 y  
A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: General
Using Part 1: General: Please note nothing is consumed. Only harmful environmental energy by-products, mainly from burning fossil fuels and insects, thatís not life supporting is drawn out of a person by The Therapy. The Therapy is helped in this drawing out process by a personís immune system which helps release the harmful energy by-products, ensuring that no life supporting energy is released. The energy by-products from fossil fuels not only does harm when in people it also takes up space blocking life supporting energy from getting in, so the first step towards health is to ...   read more

A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Preparation   7 y  
A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Preparation
Preparation: 1) Putty. Take some putty about the size of a hens egg, roll it flat and place it in a plastic bag. Repeat so you have 4 bags. These are your putty filters and all energy passing in and out of a person will be filtered by these. 2) Detergent. Pour a small amount, about the size of a hens egg, of your detergent into a plastic bag and tie it. Work the air out of the bag before tying so it will lie flat. If youíre using the tabs use 2 or 3 per bag. Repeat so you have 4 bags. These are used by the immune system to pass harmful energy out of a person and the detergent has a p ...   read more

The Therapy Part 1: Removing Harmful Energy   7 y  
A New Therapy for Health & Energy Part 1: Materials Used
Part 1 materials used: http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/NewTherapy/Materials_2.png Picture above shows... 1) Antiseptic (left) with some in a plastic bag (red). A small amount of a powerful antiseptic will be needed. 2) Detergent. Any detergent powder or liquid placed in plastic bags can be used and the biological (with enzymes) ones are best. Powder is shown in yellow box, liquid shown in a green box in pouches which are less messy and easier to use. Either is fine. 3) Putty. A 1lb tub or half a kilo will (right) with a putty filter in a plastic bag in front. Please use rea ...   read more

Introduction   7 y  
Hi Everybody, my names Richard and I'll be posting extracts from my free book here about the new energy therapy I've developed.
The main point has been to spot a common, underlying cause for many of the illnesses and conditions which effect peoples health and to develop a therapy to hit that underlying condition and so help people. Please Note: I am not a Doctor or Physician, Scientist or medically trained in any way. I am not a therapist or trained in any therapies, complementary or alternative. Nothing here in this blog is meant to be a replacement for proper medical diagnosis and care by your Doctor, Physician or Health Care Professional. If you are on any medication please stay on it and follow p ...   read more

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