My journey into the realm of starvation
by jjmars

day 6, halfway there!   18 y  
day 6 of the master cleanse
I think yesterday was the toughtest. I was not in pain or anything, I was just more hungry than usual and bored. I stayed home alone because I did not want to come across any temptations by going out on a Friday night. Again I could not sleep, so I took another 3 hits of weed and fell asleep shortly therafter. It felt really good to finally sleep in this morning. I accidentally refrigerated my big jug of water, so now I am waiting patiently for the water to warm down (making up new phrases here) so I can do the SWF.It is already almost noon, I hope it is okay that I do the saltwater flus ...   read more

day five and staying alive!   18 y  
day five
So its 5:20, on my 5th day. I’m halfway there!! I will not lie, last night I went to see batman returns and I smoked 3 hits of the reefer. It felt good at first, but By the end of the night I knew I made the wrong choice. I just did not feel right. I know that the magical herb IS a toxin and that I probobaly took a step back in my detox process. I have not, however eaten anything. After telling my boyfriend last night that my energy level was low, he said, ”enoughs enough! Lets go eat. ” I must have sat there for 10 minutes fighting the urge to say yes, but I said no, an luckily he lis ...   read more

sleep   18 y  
forgot to add
It is still day four, I just wanted to add that the only main negative side effect I have noticed is that I am fidning it a bit hard to fall asleep at night, I end up staying up later than I want to , toss and turan all night, and have to fight to wake up in the morning. OOOH, you do not want to be my roomate this week, cuz when I awake I look like this. So I only got 6 hours of fitful sleep last night, but you know what, I still feel great!   visit the page

day 4 and I called in sick   18 y  
day 4 of the master cleanser
Not because I felt sick, but because there were no organic lemons to be found in my town so I had to travel to Boulder creek, which is a lovely drive. I stopped off for a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains,meditated with a view of the redwoods, and got a big bag of lemons from a friendly cashier. That is a good enough reason for me to call off of work. This morning I weighed in at 107 and Im starting to look like a preteen. Aside from the weight differece, I have noticed that my head is clearer, I remember to breathe deep more often and my thoughts are different that normal.Its hard to ex ...   read more

1st day of blog, 3rd day of master cleanse 1st entry, 3rd day of the cleanse   18 y  
my first few days of the master cleanser
So I started my first Master cleanser program on Monday. I havd completed 2 seperate 5 day fasts earlier this year so , so far I am sailing smoothly. heres a recap day numero uno: wake up 3 hours before work, do yoga and drink salt water flush.I never experienced the elimination of the flush, but I read that it is not uncommon, and that most likely I had to adjust my salt amount. I drink a total of 64 ounces of the stuff thorughout the day, whenever I started to get hungry. It seemd to work to supress my appetite.I’ve had a total of 3 wimpy bms, but no salt waterliquid stuff comes out ...   read more


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this is my detailed obesrvation of my experience with my first master cleanse. more...

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