Detox off paxil/water only fast
by Lizbeth

Day 8/ Started excersise   19 y  
Started excersise/
Todat I started my excersise only for 30 mins Im easing into it.I did some pilates jumping around or aeobic stuff.....just slow easy working on the muscle stuff. It felt good to finally take that step. I only did it for 30 minets and Im already a little sore.will contine another 30 mins tommorow and work my way up. I have also decided to go to the next step in my fast. Which is the juicing part:) Looking forward to having my juice. I preplanned my steps enough before my fast to realize you just can’t go from a fast to solids immediattly.gotta ease it in. And after that al ...   read more

Day 7/ I stuck it out!:)   19 y  
Day 7 Stuck it out! Yeah! Iam betcha ya all thought I was gonna give up huh? Well, NOT TODAY! I did vomit this morning after I got up (of course only water) then I went to the store and got DASANI water instead of my usual cheapy store brand.....and fallowing Rens advice got me some Lemons. I got home and squeexed a half a lemon into my 20 oz bottled water and sipped and there at first.and you know what it’s crazy.......Im not nauseous anymore!!! Actaully, honestly I’ve felt pretty damn good all day!! So I decided to keep on with my fast. I never set a specific goal like 7 day ...   read more

Day 6/nauseous   19 y  
nauseous/can't keep water down
Ahhhhhhh what a day.....i still havn’t eaten yeah! good for me still holding strong but Iam at the point where your senses become keener mainly your sense of smell. I have become smell sensitive like where taking out the trash has me to to ”yacks” where you wanna vomit but don’t. It reminds me so much of the first 3 months of pregnancy. Not fun. Only I realize this time is different. I actually do vomit. Of course nothing comes out but water. still yucky. So I start thinking it’s a symptom of withdrawl..and Then Oh, son who 3 says my tummy hurts adn threw up all over the place. ...   read more

Day 5 Axiety arised BUT I Feel Strong!   19 y  
Anxiety attack/day 5
Okay Day 5. Some of the sick little twisted withdrawl symptoms are lessening it’s teeth on me thank god. I still don’t feel comfortable to drive especially with my 3 year old in the car with me.I still feel really just ”off”. I felt today like my home was a prision and I just HAD to get out. I recogize the feeling from my before paxil days as an anxiety attack..I felt like I could’nt much to do here.never lets done.laundry, dishes, people calling not really friends just all the damn telemarketers. I felt Like I was gonna just throw things so My husband took me and my son out fo ...   read more

Detoxing fast/ Im ON DAY 4   19 y  
detox from paxil water fast.
Aloha. Okay My first BLOG belive me I never thought I’d do one of these. Although I think I need this.Introductions First. Lizbeth here. Iam 30 years old 4’9 and weigh as of today 185. This is my 4th day on my fast On the first day of fast I was 195 pounds. I have chossen to fast as a way to DETOX off my prescibed medication of PAXIL-Used for my poat patum depression and anxity attacks and depression. That was 3 years ago. My moms on paxil and so is my dad. It just runs in our family. We have a chemical imbalance.. Oka, no problem Im cool with that.It sucks but it is a livabele condition! ...   read more


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Detoxing after Anti-depressant/chemical dependence. Water fast. more...

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