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Helping   18 y  
longing to have this again
When I get the privalage to talk to someone its the best feeling in the world. I love hearing about life experiances and conneting with someone. When I can help someone and tell them what I have been through and let them know that there not alone. I want to become something that helps people. Either a nurse or phycogysit. Im not sure yet thought...   visit the page

teenage love stinks   18 y  
What really goes on in a guys head?? Thats what I want to know.. They complain we are so complex but they are the ones playing thehead games..
I ended up going out with James and he cheated on me. I cryed for the longest time then I just got mad at him. I have forgiven him because I fell hard for him when we were going out. He dosent even see it as cheating. He made out with a girl the whole night and asked her out. He calls me when he can. My mom dosent like him because she caught me crying. She dosent want me talking to him. He tells me every night that he loves me and he feels like a dork among other words. He dosent even like this girl and I guess that night some sort of drug was involved, but I can take that for an excuse. I ...   read more

Secrets   18 y  
Secrets kill families.
Instead of a father-daughter relationship is was more like I was his wife or girlfriend relationship we had. He would tell me everything that went on in my family and talk to me as if I was either one of those. He told me my uncle and him were abused by there dad. At that point I didnt really hate my dad as much as my grandfather. He never told so he never got the help that he needed. When all this came out I told my mom and she knew. My grandmother found out and she basicly told me I was lying and my mom needed to make me believe that. She asked my grandfather about it and he said he didn ...   read more

James   18 y  
I think I might really like someone. Can the readers leave me some advice??
I met James in a class we had together. When I first met him he had me almost in tears because I was laughing so hard. My past was non existant when I was talking to him. He made me feel like a real person and I wasnt afraid of him. After my abuse I couldnt trust very many guys. If I couldnt trust my dad then who could I trust? I began to develope stronger feeling for him. As soon as I found out that I was developing a crush I found out he just started dating a girl that I had problems with for years. I figured I shouldnt talk to him and just forget about him so I didnt start anything. He ...   read more

My life now   18 y  
How I am doing now.
I have only begun my journey, with telling was only half my battle. I have done so much work to get me to this point. I have tried so many ways to deal. I just have to continue to go from day to day. Being a teenager is hard enough then to deal with everything else... I dont know how I do it have the time. The teenagers in my school have boyfriends or girlfriends. When I hear them talk about the things they do or if I see them in the hallways I want to know how they can be so calm open and not scared to do it. Sex and sexua| actions have become more casual in my school and in my age group. ...   read more

Questions answered   18 y  
I havent been able to talk to my father since the day of his sentencing. In a way I miss the contact with him, but in others it makes me feel safe. I havent heard his side of things and I dont quite know if I want to. He wrote myself and my brother a letter the night he was arrested, byt we cant have it until we turn 21. I dont really talk to my mom all that much because while I was growing up I always hung around with my father. I never really got to know her. I dont feel regret anymore. I believe things happen for a reason and this has made me a stronger and better person because of it. ...   read more

Next   18 y  
There is always a way or an answer.
The next morning rolled around and at 5:30 mom woke me up. We got ready and packed for school. My brother slept most of the way home. She asked me if I was going to go to shcool that day. I told her I couldnt. I didn’t think I could even open my door and walk into the school without crying. My brother got dropped off clueless to what was going on around him. My mom had to go to court that morning so I got dropped off at my grandfathers house. My grandfather is the greatest. He feels so bad in the sence that he dosent know what to do or say. Just the fact that hes there for me and tries ...   read more

More   18 y  
It reckes your whole life
I got out of the car and walked behind my mom up the gray, concreate stairs and just listening to my heartbeat. We were brought downstairs into a room where I met a young lady who told me what was going to happen. The investigator came in and brought me into another room. He began asking me simple questions such as my birthday and my full name. There was a note taker off to the right of me she was with child pretective services. She wrote everything I said. I told him everything he wanted to know. I tried not to cry knowing once I started I wouldnt be able to stop. A couple of tears excap ...   read more

Hurt continued..   18 y  
The next section of my life.
I went up to my aunts house and I couldnt eat. All I could remember is me hanging up on my father. I felt so bad. I didnt want to get him introuble because it was over and it had been over for a while now. I just wanted my mom to know I didnt want her to do anything about it. She spent most of her time talking to her sister. As I spent most of my time with my cousin who is the world to me. It continued to get later and later out I just wanted time to stop so I could gather myself. 7 o’clock turned to 8 o’clock and before I knew it we had to go. We said our goodbyes and hoped into the car. ...   read more

Hurt   18 y  
Abuse drives you nuts and no one ever desirves it.
Ever since I was just above the age of 4 my dad began to abuse me. I didnt know what to do or think. I used to think this was suppost to happen because this happened to him and his brother. It happened every weekend and every time my mom was out of the house. That is if he thought he could get away with it. He used to forever tell me crazy things as this was going on. For instance ”I love you” or ”When I was younger your what I described to my mom of what I wanted” or ”When you get older and you have your own house Ill tell your mom Im just going over to fix a pipe.” This made me think wou ...   read more


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How I have delt with my abuse and how I deal with being a teen more...

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