amyís transition to raw food
by jimmysgirl117

132 pounds   11 y  
4 days later
I was expecting to gain back a few pounds but hoping not to and even though I got what I wanted, Iím very surprised. Either way the cleanse was a total success. I feel great and all I crave is healthy food. Iím eating a lot of fruit and green smoothies. Yesterday I had a portobello burger (no meat or bread of course) and today I had rice and stir fried veggies. Iím still sipping on the lemonade throughout the day as well. I spent the weekend in Palm Springs visiting my friend and outside her gated complex there are tons of grapefruit trees with fruit rotting on the ground. I loaded up my ...   read more

132 pounds   11 y  
day 1 - after the cleanse
All day yesterday I was planning to end the cleanse but at night changed my mind and decided to continue for another week. This morning I still had every intention to continue but it just didnít feel right. The temperature in my room was 80 degrees and I was wearing a sweater and my microfleece bathrobe on top and still freezing. Plus I was very weak and wondering if I shouldnít spend the whole day in bed. I had done the SWF already and consumed quite a bit of lemonade but had strong cravings for fruit. After an hour of just lying in bed with the lights off I decided that my body is tellin ...   read more

134 pounds   11 y  
day 13
I have no explanation as to what caused the weight gain. I know itís water because the input and output of water was not equal yesterday but I donít know why. I drink lots of water per day. Between the lemonade, tea and water I get more than a gallon; at times even a gallon and a half. Yesterday I walked a total of 7 miles and then did not have senna tea at night. I woke up really early and therefore weighed really early. Had I been able to go back to sleep things might have looked different. This morning I didnít do the SWF because I wanted to get an early start on my practice half marat ...   read more

132.5 pounds   11 y  
day 11
I canít believe Iím still losing weight, that I havenít at least plateaued for a couple of days. For the last year or so my weight pretty much fluctuated between 135 and 140 until I totally lost it and started bingeing a little over two weeks ago. Being an overeater the same way an alcoholic is an alcoholic, meaning for life whether or not Iím currently in control of my eating, means that at the end of this three or four day binge, exactly on March 5th, my weight was 149 pounds. Thatís an 11 lb gain in four days. I knew Iíd be able to stop the binge but at the same time feared that slowly ...   read more

134.5 pounds   11 y  
day 9
Iíve done many mastercleanses before - four of them successfully. The ones I donít count are the ones I ended before the 10-day minimum or the ones where I started eating everything in sight on day 11. Each time, sussessful or not, I hated every minute of it. Well except for the few seconds it took me to step on the scale in the morning. Whatís different this time is that I love every second of it and have absolutely no plans of stopping any time soon. My goal weight is 117 pounds. I donít plan on staying that skinny forever but it would be nice not having to worry about weightgain once I ...   read more

136.5 pounds   11 y  
day 6
Iíve been on this fast for a while now and Iím doing great. The cane juice elixir tastes super which of course means that I had to mess with it. I got some pure cane juice (w/o lemon & cayenne) and mixed it myself because even though the premix seems to be doing a great job and the weight is coming off I thought I could have better results if I used more lemon amd more cayenne. As a result tomorrow I have to drink my own mix which tastewise was not a success. Iíve also noticed that with the cane juice my tongue hasnít developed the M/C fuzz. Is it possible the fuzz has more to do with map ...   read more

138.5 pounds   11 y  
day 4
The reason Iím calling this a MasterFast rather than a Master Cleanse is because Iím doing my own version. I live in Los Angeles and found a place that sells a drink made from raw cane juice, lemons and cayenne. Many people who buy that drink use it to do the Master Cleanse. The cane juice supposedly has more vitamins and minerals than processed maple syrup and it even has amino acids, the building blocks of protein. A 32 oz bottle has only 400 kcal. The 32 oz bottle is a concentrate and needs to be diluted with 96 oz of water for a one day supply. I love the elixir. It tastes so much bett ...   read more

140.5 pounds   11 y  
day 2
Good day. Not too hungry. Enjoying the cane juice elixir tremendously. Had successful swf this a.m. Miralax the night before and kleritea tonight.   visit the page

145.5 pounds   11 y  
day 1
spent an hour writing a wonderful entry. hit publish but for some reason the entry wasnít complete and was therefore erased. thanks a lot. for my own purpose iíll post my weight daily and if i find another hour to waste maybe iíll post my experiences   visit the page


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Iím doing a cleanse from march 8th until april 5th. more...

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