My 14 day juice fast.
by shergold

Day 11   14 y  
Day 11
Had a very hetic day yesterday, so was unable to update, am down to 166lbs now, but admitt that I have been eating soup and green salads. More for the reason that I am travelling to Europe in the morning, Just until Thursday evening, but none the less know that im going to be on my feet for the majority of the time :( and really dont want to feel ill whilst abroad, so have decided to tentitavly ease off of the fast until I get back. I wont do much more than soups and salads and maybe a smoothie/fruit juice. Will Update when I am back Weight: 166lbs   visit the page

Day 9   14 y  
Day 9
I have actually put on 1lb today, I think maybe because I had a smoothie and a green salad yesterday, and didnt get a chance to excersise, which to be honest I feel is a little harsh, but who am I to argue with my body? I felt very weak, quite sick, and received confirmation of my travel next week, and felt it better that I feel well and fit to travel more than maybe feel worse out there ): I going to see how today goes, and may well do the same again if I need to (its just a shame if through doing so I will gain weight ): but as I have said from the begginging my health comes first. Bu ...   read more

Day 8   14 y  
Day 8
Day 8 and I am down another 1lb. I did feel a little weak yesterday and had quite a busy day, so had a smoothie, and a red bull alongside my water, which seemed to help quite a bit. But I will see how today goes. Still keeping up with my excersise. but am not sure if im going to have the time to do it today ): Will update again tomorrow. Weight: 167lbs   visit the page

Day 7   14 y  
Day 7
Day 7 and I had 1lb of weight loss today bringing my total weight loss to 12lbs in 7 days (: I officially have 7 more days to go (: but have found out that I may have to travel in the next 4 days (day 10 for my fast)which im hoping wont throw a spanner on the works ): But we will see. Im still excersising which seems to be getting a lot easier (: Will update again tomorrow. Weight: 168lbs   visit the page

Day 6   14 y  
Day 6
Day 6 and I am down another 2lbs. Bringing my total weightloss down to 11lbs in 6 days. Still keeping up with the excersize, and am feeling fine (: Will update again tomorrow. Weight: 169lbs   visit the page

Day 5   14 y  
Day 5
Day 5 and I have lost another 2lbs bringing my weight loss to a total of 9lbs in 5 days! which I am quite suprised about, as I believed that the weight loss would have slowed by now, but im not going to complain (: Also I feel a lot better today, I did feel quite lethargic yesterday, nothing too bad, but a little tired at points, but feel much better this morning, but will keep an eye on this throughout the day (: And I have still kept up with my 45 minuets of excercise, which I am doing ok with. But I will update again tomorrow. Weight: 171lbs   visit the page

Day 4   14 y  
Day 4
Its the morning of day 4 and I am down another 2lbs bringing my total weight loss down to 7lbs in 4 days. I am quite pleased, I feel a little lathargic, but that is to be expected, and as far as I have read it should subside either today/tomorrow, but on the whole im feeling fine. Still doing my excercise, which I will attempt to do again today, but again it all depends on how I feel. Will update again tomorrow. Weight: 173lbs   visit the page

Day 3   14 y  
Day 3
It day 3 and I have lost another 3lbs! bringing my total weightloss in the first 3 days to 5lbs which I think is a good start (: (ecen though I know the majority of it is water weight, but who cares, lol) Im still on a water fast, which I think I will stick with for the time being, but may add some juice in within the next few days (all dependign on how I feel) At the moment im feeling fine, just a little hungry (which is to be expected) and I have still be working out, for 45mins, which I will attempt to keep up with, but again its all gonna depend on how I feel. But I will keep you upda ...   read more

Day 2   14 y  
Day 2
Just weighed myself and am down by 2lbs! which I am very happy about :) I didnt actually consume anything apart from water yesterday, as im not sure if im going to turn this in to a water fast as opposed to a juice fast, so im going to see how today goes before I decide. But on the whole im feeling good! and am not in any discomfort (yet lol) I also did a 45min work out yesterday, which was ok. I will try and keep this up, but it will depend on how I feel. Weight: 178lbs   visit the page

Day 1   14 y  
Day 1
This morning I have decided to give my weightloss regime a kick start after, watching a very inspirational video on You Tube. For the next 2 weeks, I am going to aim to consume only juices and smoothies, in a bid to lose a few pounds, and inprove my skin (plus the fact that I will be vacationing in late September is also a factor, lol.) My aim ideally would be to lose 14lbs, but I will be happy with any weightloss. After which depending on how I feel, I will decide on either continuing or slowley transgressing on to another form of weight loss program (but I will cross that bridge when ...   read more


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