Water Fasting for Weight Loss
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Fail!   11 y  
I'm truly disappointed.
Need I say more... I failed and Iíve had some gains upon that.   visit the page

Day 1.5   11 y  
Slow weight loss
Last time I was at a full 1.5 days on water I had lost 6 pounds before I broke. Wondering whatís going on with this fast. Miraculously I feel great. No headaches, breath and tongue still clear. Eyes are whiter and free of irritation. Iíll update when I feel Iíve got day 2 down.   visit the page

Day 1   11 y  
Finally back to it.
Soo many potential day 1ís have passed. Wasnít feeling motivated till today. Made it through the day but I feel like I cheated since I slept in super late and I plan on sleeping earlier than usual. Drinking distilled water. Feeling alright... just the heartburn so far. Tomorrowís going to be bad though, I know it. Pre-fast measurements same as last time I posted. Will post on that later.   visit the page

Nevermind   11 y  
Tomorrow again
Man, I woke up feeling motivated. I was thinking today was going to be a good day 1 because I made my boyfriend breakfast (longanisa, eggs, salted tomatoes, and toasted pan de sal) and I didnít have any! I just had my distilled water. Anyways, we got a call - an invite. I tried to get out of it because I was trying to be strong. Who wants to turn down a paid for lobster dinner - not me. But I did! Well, Iím countered with, if you donít go then nobodyís going and you technically havenít even started yet. So as for today as day 1... same old story - thereís always tomorrow.   visit the page

Re-do: Starting tomorrow   11 y  
Diet Coke fiend.
Was going to start on Monday. My excuse - I went home for the weekend and theyíre fully stocked with diet coke all the time, so I literally drank a case to my head. Stupid - I know. So, when the headaches started kicking in Monday morning, I postponed the fast till I had a few days of non-caffeinated beverages. Caffeine withdrawal sucks but is much more tolerable when you can eat. I think 2 days is enough for me. I know Iím going to get headaches still but I think I can handle it better now. Got my distilled water on hand. Tomorrow should be day 1. Letís see if I can make this happen.   visit the page

Water Fast try #2   11 y  
Pre-fast measurements and calculation error.
Starting again tomorrow... but first things first. Found out I was calculating my fat loss wrong. So when I thought that I lost 2.5 pounds of pure body fat, I was completely mistaken. Iím pretty sure the formula is as follows... (Original weight x body fat) - (current weight x body fat) = pure fat loss. So then, (Total weight loss - fat loss) = lean body weight loss Right? It was more like 1.125 in pure fat and 1.375 loss in lean body weight. Anyways, I gained back all the weight since the start of my last fast now. But Iíve lost 1% in body fat. So now I know that Iíve lo ...   read more

Update   11 y  
Maintained 2.5 pound loss of pure body fat.
Itís been a few days since my last fasting attempt. Good news is I didnít gain it all back. Iíve worked out 3 times weight training since then. I guess thatís helped my numbers because Iím pretty much eating the same way. Iím going to try again in a few days though. Iím thinking now that intermittent fasting could be for me. If I could just not gain all the weight on the days off. I really, really want to do a long one though. I want to see the numbers go waaay down and I want to experience a healing crisis too. As far as my numbers - Iíve lost 2.5 pounds of pure fat and .5 off my ...   read more

Day 2   11 y  
5 pounds down.
Ate twice today. The menu: Sashimi, croquettes, and corn. Stayed away from caffeine though... those withdrawal headaches are terrible. So glad I didnít go back to square 1 with the weight loss. Gonna try to lose more weight tomorrow. My goal is not to do intermittent fasting but a whole string of days to get the ketosis and detox going. Hopefully Iíll have stronger will power tomorrow. CW: 201 - 198 - 196 BF: 45% - 46% - 46% Neck: 15 - 14.75 - 14.75 Bicep: 12.5 - 12 - 12 Bust: 46 - 45.5 - 45 Waist: 37.5 - 36.5 - 37 Stomach: 44.5 - 43.5 - 44 Hip: 44 - 43 - 43.5 Thigh: 27 - ...   read more

Day 1.5   11 y  
lunch... lack of will power
I just weighed myself and I weigh in at 195 with 44% body fat. I lost a 1/2 inch in my bust and stomach, everything else is the same. Iím gonna break right now for lunch, no will power... I just wanted to log this so I can measure how much the gains are afterward so I donít get too out of control.   visit the page

Day 1   11 y  
Slept on and off all day... which will probably make me stay up all night. I have a constant headache that wonít go away. Iím going through caffeine withdrawal. I didnít really prepare myself as well as I could have because I got too excited to start. So far my tongue feels a little fuzzy, but itís not quite white yet. CW: 201 - 198 BF: 45% - 46% Neck: 15 - 14.75 Bicep: 12.5 - 12 Bust: 46 - 45.5 Waist: 37.5 - 36.5 Stomach: 44.5 - 43.5 Hip: 44 - 43 Thigh: 27 - 26 Calf: 15 - 15   visit the page

The Beginning   11 y  
Pre-fast goals and measurements.
I used to be a thin girl... unbelievable if you were to see me now. I started my twenties weighing in at 115-120. Itís about 10 years later and you wouldnít even recognize me. Iíve put on so much weight itís affected me significantly. I hate the way I look and feel... the way I move, the clothes I wear. I want to do a water fast for as long as I can so I can make a significant change in the way I look. Iím a little scared because Iíve never water fasted before, but Iíve read that water fasting for 10 days is just as effective as juicing for 30 days. Thatís pretty amazing. So tomorr ...   read more


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