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I Had to Break the Master Cleanse   13 y  
I really feel sick!
3-22-10 I woke up really sick today! This day was really hard on me. I was so weak; I couldnít get out of bed for very long. I really wanted to go at least 10 days, but itís like my body just shut down. I made my lemonade mix and I couldnít drink it. It was so weird. My throat just closed up. I couldnít even drink my water. I used to be able to guzzle a Ĺ gallon of water at a time. But now, every time I drink something, my throat would close up. I could only drink little sips at a time. I started getting really worried that I would dehydrate when I noticed I probably only drank 2 cups ...   read more

Show Off Day   13 y  
Looking Good!
3-21-10 I went to church today in a dress suit that I couldnít put over my hips when I first got it years ago. It still had the tags on it. It was fun being able to wear it without it even being tight on me. But, I ended up leaving church early, I felt really weak. I continued the day pretty much in bed today. 8th Day:Master Cleanse, Sunday, 3-21-10 Weight: 186.8 lbs, -1.6 lbs, -14 lbs total, BMI 8:00 am: BP: 128/89, P: 86, BS: 176 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Lemonade; 12 tsp lemon juice, 16 drops Stevia, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 48 oz water 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Lemonade; 12 tsp lemon juice ...   read more

Great News Today!   13 y  
I'm No Longer Obese Today!
3-20-10 Lost 3.2 lbs overnight! That makes up for yesterday!I am no longer in the obese catagory. Iím now overweight. Just 29.4 more lbs to be NORMAL!I felt a lot better today. 7th Day: Master Cleanse, Saturday, 3-20-10 Weight: 188.4 lbs, -3.2 lbs -12.4 lbs total, BMI 29.50 9:00 am, BP: 114/87, P:88, BS: 157 10:30, Epsom Salt Flush, 2 tsp Epsom salt, 16 oz. water 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Lemonade; 12 tsp lemon juice, 16 drops Stevia, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 48 oz water 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Lemonade; 12 tsp lemon juice, 16 drops Stevia, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 48 oz water 10:00 pm, Choc ...   read more

Nauseated and Weak Today   13 y  
Not a very good day
3-19-10 I donít know why my blood sugar is so high this morning. I wonder if itís because I did some errands this morning and didnít take my vitals until later? Anyways, My blood pressure is down to normal! I didnít lose very much weight. I felt very tired today. And nauseated at times. I felt like I needed more water, but couldnít handle drinking more. 6th Day: Master Cleanse Friday, 3-19-10 Weight: 191.6 lbs, -.4 lbs -9.2 lbs total, BMI 30.00 11:00 am, BP: 112/88, P:94, BS: 181 11:00 noon, Epsom Salt Flush, 2 tsp Epsom salt, 16 oz. water 1:00 pm Chocolate Smooth Move Tea, 12 drop ...   read more

wow!   13 y  
Blood Sugar lower on Master Cleanse
3-18-10 At night my blood sugar has been normal 3 times in the last 5 days. WITHOUT INSULIN! 5th Day: Master Cleanse Tuesday, 3-18-10 Weight: 192.0 lbs, -2.6 lbs -8.8 lbs total, BMI 30.10 8:30 am, BP: 121/85, P:79, BS: 155 12:00 noon, Epsom Salt Flush, 2 tsp Epsom salt, 16 oz. water 12:30 to pm 2:30 pm, Lemonade; 12 tsp lemon juice, 16 drops Stevia, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 48 oz water 2:30 pm, Emergen-C Immune Defense,16 oz water 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Lemonade; 12 tsp lemon juice, 16 drops Stevia, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 48 oz water 8:00 pm, Epsom Flush, 2 tsp Epsom Salt, 16 oz wa ...   read more

I'm So Excited!   13 y  
Fast results on Master Cleanse
3-17-10 Iím so excited! I havenít had any eye problems today! It must be the luck of the Irish! Itís been a long time since I havenít dealt with this on a daily basis. I really didnít expect the detox to work this fast on my allergies. I havenít had any itching, nor have I taken anything for my allergies today! And I feel so good! Lotís of energy! Iíve gotten a lot done today. I even cooked my family a special St. Patrickís Day Dinner. I made Leprechaun Smoothies, Cheesy Cream of Broccoli Soup, Cabbage, potatoes, Meat & Onions andI made Irish Soda bread with cranberries. No, I didnít e ...   read more

Progress - No Eye Swelling Today!   13 y  
More great results form Master Cleanse
3-16-10 Progress - No Eye swelling today! My eye allergies felt better. My eyes started itching this morning and I took some Homeopathic Adrenal Support as usual. This time it worked! No more itching until this afternoon. Then another Homeopathic Adrenal support and again relief. I didnít need anything else for the rest of the day. Usually, I use Visine A.C. drops and cold washcloth compressions to bring the swelling down. And Iím not able to drive or see very well on the computer. Also, it amazes me that I havenít been hungry this whole time. I think because Iím always filling my s ...   read more

Shoulder Inflammation Gone!   13 y  
Great results with Master Cleanse
3-15-10 This morning I woke up and my shoulder pain is gone! And I have full range of motion. Last year when this happened, it took about a month with hot pool therapy treatments. I do credit the detox for this fast recovery. But, my eye allergies are still in full bloom. Iíve had this problem for over 3 years so Iím sure it will take some time to clear up. This is what motivates me to do this detox. I am so sick of the eye allergies. It got so bad I canít see to drive so; I bought some 24 hour non-drowsy allergy medicine. It didnít make me drowsyÖ..until about 7 hours later and then I ...   read more

Time to Detox   13 y  
Master Cleanse - Lemonade Diet
3-14-10 My progress has been slowing down so, itís time to re-evaluate what Iím doing. I was thinking about re-adjusting my diet, but I have been so miserable with eye allergies and shoulder inflammation from sleeping on it wrong, that I have decided I need to detox. Mainly, because it scares me that my inflammation in my body is out of control and that it can lead to another stroke. My raw foods are slowly healing my body but I decided I needed to have a faster relief. I have had the eye allergies for over 3 years and the shoulder inflammation is a sign to me that my body is not contr ...   read more

Salty Foods Still A Problem   13 y  
Food Addiction raises it's ugly head again
3-12-10 Today, I was busy getting ready to drive 2 hours to my grandsonís birthday. I had no problem avoiding the cake and ice cream. It didnít look good to me at all. But, I did get into some chips again. It was the Terra chips with taro, ruby taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata, and parsnips with sea salt but I ate too much of them. 6th Day: Phase 2, Friday, 3-12-10 Weight: 199.2 lbs, -.8 lbs, -4.8 total, BMI 31.04 8:30 am, BP: 111/93, P:81, BS: 213 12:oo noon HCG 10 drops 3:00 pm 1 quart Energy Soup, Garlic Flax crackers, calories 232 8:30 pm Hcg 10 drops 8:45 pm Raw Vegan Chili, ...   read more

Let's Talk Poop   13 y  
Don't Run Away!
3-11-10 I know itís not a pleasant subject. But, when youíre talking about weight, poop is a big factor. People carry a lot of poop around in their colon. One time I weighed myself after I I eliminated and I lost 6 lbs! So, I do try to weigh myself after my bowel movement in the morning. Now, for some people who donít poop but once a week, this would be a disadvantage. But for me, especially when eating lots of raw food, poop happens 2 times a day and if I get a bonus round, 3 times a day! Iíve noticed I can weight myself pre-poop and then post-poop and I have lost several pounds. So, thi ...   read more

Coconut Oil Hasn't Slowed Down Weight Loss   13 y  
Readjusted morewith success.
3-10-10 Another thing Iím not doing in following the Hcg protocal is in using oil on my skin. I put coconut oil on my face, neck, hands, arms, elbows and feet almost every day since I started this Hcg Raw Vegan Protocal. So far, it hasnít slowed down my weight loss. Although, I ate until I was full yesterday I only ate 686 calories. And I only lost .8 lbs. My body either needs more calories or my body is adjusting and losing slower. So, today I ate 1022 calories and weíll see what happens tomorrow. Iím really not very hungry though and it takes me hours to finish off the soup. At night ...   read more

2.4 lbs lost in one day!   13 y  
Great progress in readjusting Hcg Raw Vegan
3-09-10 All with 958 calories and 74 grams fat! Wow! And Iím full. Not like the small amount of Hcg soup that left me still wanting more on the regular Hcg protocal. I thought I had to be hungry on the Hcg diet in order to lose weight. But, when I drink the raw vegan soup it takes me all afternoon and I get so full, I have to remind myself to finish it off. I canít wait to see how this plays out. How high can I go with the raw vegan calories and still lose weight? 3rd Day: Phase 2, Tuesday 3-09-10 Weight: 199.0 lbs,-2.4 lbs -4.0 lbs total, BMI: 31.16 7:30 am, BP: 122/93, P: 80, BS: ...   read more

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