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Hcg Raw Vegan works with higher calories and fat   12 y  
Readjustment works!
3-08-10 Look at that, It worked! 844 calories and 53 grams of fat and I still lost 1.6 lbs! To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous going against the hcg protacol. But, Raw vegan is so much more nutritious. My body just craves the energy soup. And I sure did have a lot of energy today! 2nd Day: Phase 2, Monday 3-08-10 Weight: 201.4 lbs,-1.6 lbs BMI: 31.54 7:00 am, BP: 142/92, P: 74, BS: 195 10:00 am Hcg, 10 drops Lunch: 12:00 pm 2 quarts Energy Soup eaten throughout the day 410 calories 7:15 pm hcg, 10 drops Dinner: 8:30 pm Alfredo with Kelp Noodles and dehydrated Zucchi ...   read more

Back on the Hcg Raw Vegan Diet   12 y  
Readjusting the Hcg Raw Vegan Diet
3-07-10 I got some more Hcg, so Iím restarting the Hcg Raw Vegan Diet Today. This time I will be experimenting and adjusting this diet to my specific Diabetic needs. Iím not going to be eating any fruit. Just vegetables, mostly greens. Because I noticed my blood sugar does alot better when I eat lots of greens. Iím going to try to eat a regular Raw Vegan diet, minus fruits. That means Iíll be eating nuts and avacados. So, instead of just 500 calories, Iíll be counting my calories but not limiting them. If I donít progress, Iíll adjust in these areas. I am using a different brand of Hcg h ...   read more

Food Addiction   12 y  
Back to regular raw vegan diet Grains turn into sugar
I ran out of HCG, so Iíve just tried to stick with Raw Vegan until I have the money for more Hcg. I started noticing I do not want the sweet form of green smoothies. Iím still craving the greens, but not the sweetness. So, Iíve tried several different recipes. I found one I really like and Iíll post it later. Itís more like soup. I started noticing Iím not craving sweets anymore. Not even when people eat them in front of me. I used to have to have something sweet before bed. I think it was because it made me sleepy and helped me sleep more deeply. But, now I sleep very deep and sound all ...   read more

Is it Selfish for me to take care of myself?   12 y  
I blew it!
I havenít written anything for a while. I can summarize the week in one word STRESSFUL. It all started when the one daughter, whoís watching her sisterís kids until a nanny is found, calls in a panic. Sheís been having anxiety attacks and ran out of her medication. (Because she took too much!) So, she took off in the truck we loaned her and was making a fast trip back to fill her prescription early (which I told her they wouldnít do) and she got lost! She calls me up crying because she doesnít know where she is. I told her to call her sister and she could direct her better than I could to ...   read more

Even Great Healthy Foods Can Be Bad For You   12 y  
Don't Overeat!
I gained weight from the raw vegan potluck. My vitals arenít very good today either. But, what did I expect. One thing I learned is that even great healthy meals can be bad for you, if you over eat which puts stress on your body. I didnít eat until late today because I didnít want to eat until my blood sugar was down. 15th day: Phase 2, Day 13: Sunday 2-14-10, Weight: 198.2 lbs, +1.4 / - 15.8 total, BMI: 31.04 8:45 am, BP: 152/103, P: 101, BS: 247 Breakfast: None 12:30 pm Hcg BP: 131/90, P: 85, BS: 212 3:45 pm BP: 129/91, P: 85, BS: 185 7:00 pm BP: 147/101, P: 75 BS: 170 Dinner: g ...   read more

Raw Vegan Potluck   12 y  
Iím so excited; I got to go to a Raw Vegan Potluck tonight. I found the group on meetup.com. My husband and I drove two hours to get there, but it was so worth it! It was a valentine party with 2 ladies entertaining us with their multi-talented musical abilities. I brought Kale Chips, Rawioliís with a marinara sauce, Raw Vegan crumb donuts and brownie bites. There was so much food! I was in heaven! And hungry! There were all kinds of salads, lasagna, wraps, sushi, Pad Thai with kelp noodles, Coconut noodle soup, flax crackers and guacamole, veggies and raw BBQ sauce, and huge nut balls. An ...   read more

Raw Vegan On A Busy Stressful Day   12 y  
Wow, I survived!
I found out my daughter miscarried her baby last night. And my other daughter lost her babysitter and called for help so she could still go to work. So, I was helping another daughter get her truck fixed and packed up with her two kids, so she could drive the two hours and help her sister with baby sitting. So, Iíve been on the run since early this morning. When I got hungry about 1:00 pm, I realized I hadnít taken my vitals or brought anything with me to eat. With fast food restaurants and their smells at every corner, I was tempted. But, I went to the grocery store instead, determined ...   read more

Blood Pressure Brought Down on Raw Vegan Diet   12 y  
Great Day
My weight was the same for the last 2 days and then today it was up .8 of a pound. But, you know what Iím so excited about my blood pressure and blood sugar that it doesnít bother me! My blood pressure is better on raw vegan than when I was on my blood pressure medication! And considering I havenít taken my blood sugar meds or insulin, my blood sugar is coming down very steadily. All in all a great day! 12th day: Phase 2, Day 10: Thursday 2-11-10, Weight: 198.8 lbs, +.8 / - 15.2 total, BMI: 31.13 11:15 am, BP: 117/87, P: 77, BS: 187 Breakfast: None 11:00 am Hcg 3:00 pm: BP: 136/87, P ...   read more

Is Inflammation The Cause of All Diseases?   12 y  
Info to think about
Iíve been reading a lot of articles today stating all disease is caused by chronic low grade inflammation. The articles listed every disease & disorder you could think of including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and stroke. As we go through life our body fights one infection after another causing inflammation. And when we eat the wrong types of food it causes low grade inflammation. This chronic low grade inflammation can also be inherited or have genetic factors. The body responds by increasing inflammatory cytokines which leads to increased levels of insulin resistance. ...   read more

Hcg Raw Vegan Diet Is The Best Diet   12 y  
Better Results
When I did the Hcg Diet with the Simeon Protocol, it took me 28 days to lose 16 lbs. With Hcg Raw Vegan Diet it only took me 8 days to lose 16 lbs. I canít wait to see what I can do in 20 more days! 10th day: Phase 2, Day 8: Tuesday 2-09-10, Weight: 198.0 lbs, -1.0 / - 16.0 total, BMI: 31.01 10:15 am, BP: 143/98, P: 74, BS: 194 Breakfast: None 2:00 pm: BP: 135/94, P: 87, BS: 183 Lunch: 5:30 pm: 1 glass green smoothie (Banana, apple, grapes, spinach, kale) 8:00 pm, BP: 140/96, P: 79, BS: 167 Dinner: Berry Salad (Lettuce, Spinach, blueberries, blackberries, OJ, Rice Vinegar) 10 ...   read more

15 lbs lost in 7 days. Iím Now Under 200 lbs!!!   12 y  
Big Milestone!
Can I say this out loud? Iím now under 200 lbs! I havenít seen under 200 in 20 years! Itís going to be great when I go to the doctors and the nurse weighs me. Sheíll be sliding that big weight marker down to the 200 mark and Iíll say, ďNo, youíll have to slide it to the lower notch now!Ē I have 18 more days of weight loss before I go back to the doctors. I really want to show him I made a great choice of canceling my meds. Well, OK, Maybe Iím asking too much. I hope heíll just not be mad and start lecturing me and maybe even cancel me as a patient because I want to still monitor myself by ...   read more

Green Smoothies For Depression   12 y  
greens are superfoods!
I didnít lose one pound from yesterday and youíd think Iíd be disappointed, but I am so happy I could cry for joy. I feel soooÖ good! Iíve eaten raw vegan before, but now I know I didnít eat enough greens. GREENS ARE SUPERFOODS! I found out through some research that when you have a stroke in the right brain hemisphere, you have a tendency to suffer from depression brought on by the physical damage to this area of the brain. Let alone the emotional depression that one suffers from the disabling effects of a stroke. I have suffered depression in the past and my sister committed suicide f ...   read more

My leg is now Strong again after the stroke.   12 y  
Stroke effects getting better.
Today, while walking into Walmart, I realized my left leg wasnít dragging anymore. In fact, it was strong with every step! I also feel my mind is a lot sharper. And my recall is much better. Now, if I can just get my left fingers to work better. I did have a tough moment today. My husband cooked some Mexican Soup. It filled up the whole house. It was very temping! I just stayed in my room and didnít get to eat until 4:oo pm when the smell died down. This was my first weekend with everyone home. Maybe, I should make up food on Fridayís, so on weekendís I can rush in and out of the kitchen ...   read more

I lost 12.4 lbs in 4 days!   12 y  
Great progress on Hcg Raw Vegan
I just canít tell you how much better I feel! But, I will try. I lost 12.6 lbs in 4 full days! Yeah! Iíve never lost weight this fast. So much faster than the regular Hcg protocol. It must be all the weight I gained taking my meds. I think it must of been a lot of water weight, but I drink a gallon of water a day. So, go figure! My blood sugar is coming down a lot faster than I expected. My blood pressure is still high. Hopefully, when I lose more weight, it will come down. 6th day: Phase 2, Day 4: Friday 2-05-10, Weight: 201.4 lbs, -1.6 / - 12.6 total, BMI: 31.54 9:20 am, BP: 134/94 ...   read more

Hcg and Raw Vegan   12 y  
I started on the Hcg Raw Vegan Diet.
So, I started the Hcg protocol. The loading days where hard to figure out raw vegan meals on short notice. I was supposed to load with a lot of fat, so I compromised and ate what I had. Sorry, for so much details. But, If I donít I wonít remember. 1st Load Day: Phase 1: Sunday 1-31-10, Weight: 214.0 lbs, BMI: 33.51 7 am: BP: 130/93, P: 78, BS: 143 Meds: Hcg, 10 mg Benzepril, 500 mg Metformin, 100 mg Januvia Breakfast: Almond Butter Lunch: Soy Sloppy Joe mix with baked corn chips, Salad: lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, olives, blue cheese dressing Dinner: 2 marinated portabella mus ...   read more

Stroke! Big Wake Up Call!   12 y  
What I've done before and after the stroke.
Thursday, February 4, 2010 Time for a big change! A stroke will kinda do that to ya. Iím lucky it was a mild stroke. I still have numbness in my upper left lip, three left fingers and weakness in my left leg. The worst part is my mind isnít sharp anymore. Iím fine talking, but if someone asked me a question, the retrieval is slow or not at all. Canít seem to connect. I am determined to change my life for the better and lower my risk factors by losing weight. I decided to start this blog to help me commit to this lifestyle change and to help others that might need encouragement on the ...   read more

Beginning My Journey To Cure My Diabetes   12 y  
After I had a stroke, I decided to cure my diabetes the nautral way.
January 3, 2010 I ate a Sad diet(Standard American diet) most of my life until I had a stroke at age 51. Now, Iím on a journey to cure my diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and morbid obesity on a Hcg Raw Vegan Diet, mostly green smoothies and detoxing. Visit: http://www.rawveganforhealth.blogspot.com   read more

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