12 cycles of 10 day fasts for weight loss
by 6ft_beauty

adriannr curry weight loss and diet tips   13 y  
weight loss diet exercise
Diet is always key in building up your frame. You want enough protein, but dont go overboard, otherwise you will look more like Chyna than you will me. NO sugar, NO carbs...that means no chips, no bread, no ice cream, no butter, no salts (or barely a dash) no rice, no pasta, nothing but nuts, protein, salads, veggies, fruits, and that’s about it. if you cannot dedicate yourself to a good diet, you can work out all you want and never see any results. Drink tons of water, green tea (hot or cold) w/splenda and if you must have pop (or as you east coasters like to correct me ”soda” though BOTH ...   read more

day 6 yeah   13 y  
10 day fast
woke p this morning and i lost 3 more lbs so that makes 5 days 15lbs while i’m on my period so that means i will lose even more weight when im off my period.   visit the page

still day 5   13 y  
fasting/water/liquid/dry depends on the day but NO FOOD!SOLIDS
i believe that i wll have no prolem compelteing this 10 day fast and doing more after this. I have do miss the taste of food i was feeling a little wozzy so i had a cup of milk. Then i went to the maket and bought hand cup of soup by campbells 70 calories if i feel that way aai during this fast. I going back to work monday and i really dont want to! i mean who does? But i want to write here all my thoughts and what i drink so i can compare weightloss in the future. so today i hd milk and i will drink 3 cups of water beore i go to bed! 1oz 48 ounces   visit the page

Day 5 not so yeah   13 y  
10 water/dry fast
I didn’t lose any weight so at day five I’m stil at 12lbs and that siucks cuz I wanted at least 1lb because my goal buy Easter is 20lbs so I have six days to lose 8lbs. If it wasn’t raining for the past week and the next couple of days I would walk for and hour. I’ll just wait and see!   visit the page

Day 4 yeah   13 y  
Water/dry /liquid fasting depends on the day
Okay woke up today and weighed I lost 2lbs so three days and 12lbs is how much I have lost already on this ten day fast! I have 7 days left and I’m really hoping to lose 8 more lbs to make my goal of 20lbs for the fast. I might go for some walks the last five days depends on how I’m feeling. So my weigh on goal is 267 lbs for theis ten day fast I decided to do a 14 day after Easter because I think it was my blog that I mentioned my fiancé birthday is coming up and we will go out for dinner.I will eat a salad of course. My goal for that fast will be 12 lbs so my goal weight will be 255lbs! ...   read more

day 3 done and over with   13 y  
day three of liquid/water/dry fast really depends on the day and how i am feeling!:-)
I went shoe shopping today that is one thing that never changes on me my shoe size a 11 in women is a 11 in women thats it.Okay i also sat next to the whloe family while they chowed down beeff patties and coco bread with cheese my ultimate best from golden Crust!I asked my mother what she was cooking foe easter sunday, she said ham, so i asled her if i brought over some chicken could she bake it for me and she said of course darling. I am going to keep it light because the day fter is another fast that one will be maybe ten or 14 days i havent decided. my fianc birthday is coming up and im ...   read more

Day 3   13 y  
10lbs 2 days goal is 20lbs 10 days, half way through what will the number be at day 10
So today is day three which leaves 7 days left yah. I weighed in this morning at 277 so i lost 10lbs in 2days. I excited to finish through this ten day fast til Easter and to see the numbers go down. Stay tuned after the beep!   visit the page

day 2   13 y  
12 cycles of fasing for weight loss
yesterday i did a dry fast to day it will be water. I lost weight and held my ground. I am going to try to drink 56oz of water and have 8 oz of chrystal light for a treat. can’t wait til tomorrow.   visit the page

Today is offically Day 1   13 y  
fasting weight loss
well i read a couple of emails please people dont se past experinces to judge someone, people thought and beliefs and motivations can change at a blink of an aye. Well i have taken apic of todays weight and will post pics every 20lbs lost to i reached my desired weight loss goal. today weight is well the scale says 286.8 so let go with 287lbs.In the next en days i am hoping to lose 15lbs I ma trying to achieve tara weightloss from the biggest loser eason 7n as inspiration. This is her weekly weight los results.she lost 20 lbs her first week at the ranch.will try for 15 becuas ethe second w ...   read more

Preparing for DAY 1   13 y  
Fasting weight loss
I do believe the first three days are the hardest. I found the Jewish woman who fated three 40 days fasts back to back with having a 8 day feeding period in between. She lost 120lbs. She said to have light meals before. See that has been my problem I been having large meals before because I know I won’t eat for the next ten days. That cause hubry to kick in faster and I fail. So theis next two days I have to prepare my body for the fast. So Thursday I will start my ten day fast til Easter . I’m going to do 12 10 day fasting cycles with one day feeding in between! Wish me luck!   visit the page

day 1 fasting til Easter   13 y  
fasting weightoss
well i logged on and recieved a mesage from a nice lasy named Nadia and she gave me some words of wisdom. I have not been taking this fasting and weighgtloss seriously enoug. I been saying i was going to doand didnt. so today i told my husband dont even think about asking whats for dinner(i would go the whole day fasting then cave when he brought home dinner). I am going to take this and my health more serious. so..... day 1 290 fast 13 days weight loss goal I am hoping for 20lbs (since im so overweight it is possible based on other fasters weights and dayas they have fasted) end of fa ...   read more

menu for days off   13 y  
food resturants
Shrimp ’N Parmesan Sirloin It’s our surf ‘n cheesy turf. Succulent grilled shrimp and rich Italian cheeses atop our juicy 9 oz. House Sirloin. garlic mashed potatoes (March 16th) Fajitas Steak Your choice of grilled steak, juicy chicken or a combo of both, on a skillet that sizzles like the Southwest sun. Served with Southwest rice, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, caramelized onions, green peppers and Jack-cheddar cheese.(March 28th) Roasted Garlic & Asiago Chicken Grilled seasoned chicken breast topped with savory roasted garlic Asiago cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes & basi ...   read more

day1 of 10   13 y  
i minute on the lips forever on the hips! hell yeah
i going to list the number of cycles to achieve with my weightloss goals and everyday i will post my feelings and thought plus methods ive used to surpass the felling of hunger.okay so day weight weight 284lbs goals 145lbs (toned and trimmed)weightloss prediciton 12 lbs per cycle! cycle 1 March 5-15 goal 272 cycle 2 march 16-26 goal 260 cycle 3 March 28-april 6 goal 248 cycle 4 April 8-18 goal 236 cycle 5 April 20th- 30th goal 224lbs cycle 6 may 2-12th goal 212 cycle 7 may 14-24th goal 200lbs cycle 8 may 26-june 4th-188lbs cycle 9 june 6th-16 goal 176 60 day challenge for insan ...   read more


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