10 days SWF + 40 day water fast
by fasting_forever
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Day 18   12 y  
day 18
Today is day 18 of my fast, suddenly I am feeling very hungry and feel like I want to throw up. The last four days were pretty good, occasionally I felt very weak that I couldn’t even climb up the stairs. Slowly my energy levels are rising up a bit. I weighed myself today and I lost about 27 pounds in total, which is pretty good. I think I am going to continue fasting as long as I can. I definitely want to go beyond 21 days. Happy Fasting :) For me prayer is what got me through the rough times.   visit the page

Day 14   12 y  
day 14
Officially two weeks of my fast is done, I feel pretty good but during the evening I get very weak and dizzy. My goal is to fast for 21days, if I can I will try to fast longer. I doing some light exercise by walking and stretching. So far everything is good, I still have some lower back pain. The fast got a lot easier and better since i first started. Now my body is so used to fasting that I sometimes forget which day I am on. Happy fasting everyone, stay focused.   visit the page

Day 11   12 y  
Day 11
Today is day 11 of my fast, So far everything is good. Slowly my hunger pangs are disappearing. I was too tired to blog the past two days. Nothing interesting to report, besides that I walked for about 2hours and had a bm without any laxative tea or anything. I feel great, I feel like I am finally at peace, even though I am not hungry anymore, there is a mental temptation to eat. I find that keeping myself busy, keeps my mind of food and sometimes I even forget I am fasting.   visit the page

Day 8   12 y  
day 8
Today is end of day 8, I have nothing to really report, I did weigh myself again and I lost about 13pounds as of today. I feel very very tired and I have a hard time sleeping at night. Everyone fasting hang in there, its worth it and just do not over think it.   visit the page

Day 7   12 y  
Day 7
It is end of day 7 and I weighed myself today and I have lost 11 pounds, which is pretty good. I have started to feel a bit nauseous and dizzy. Overall everything is going good and still staying focused.   visit the page

Day 6   12 y  
Day 6
It is end of day 6 and everything is going good so far. For some reason I am still having feeling of hunger. one week is almost done, 2more weeks to go. Nothing exciting to report today. Happy fasting   visit the page

Day 5   12 y  
Day 5
It is day 5 of my fast and I am about 7 hours away from ending day 5. Today I feel very hungry and my stomach is grumbling, but it is not something I cannot handle. For some reason today I feel very depressed and feel like everything around me is falling apart. I will weigh myself on Friday and see how much weight I lost. Life can be tough sometimes, I made it to day 5 and I am proud of myself for that. I have to keep reminding myself if I can make it 5days, I can definitely get to the end. I have 16 more days left to completing my fast. I am just going to rest all my worries and pai ...   read more

Day 4   12 y  
Day 4
I am at the end of day 4. Today the feeling of hunger hit me so hard that I thought I was going to break my fast. I was able to re-focus with some duduk music. I am starting to get a very bad back pain and feeling a bit tired. I pray to god to carrying through out this fast. It is very important to me that I finish this fast as I planned. I am going to stay strong and everyday I will remind myself of all the reason I am doing this fast. I do not wish to waste any more time, I really want to finish this fast and reap the benefits it has to offer.   visit the page

Day 3   12 y  
Day 3
I am 3 hours away from finishing day 3 of my fast and going to be day 4 soon. I feel great, I do feel hungry sometimes, but I feel like I lost my appetite to eat. I bought some ketone strips to test if my body is in fat burning mode. So today I tested my urine and it shows slight above moderate amount of ketones present in my urine. So my body is using fat for fuel. So far everything is good.   visit the page

Day 2   12 y  
day 2
Today is day 2 of my fast, I am about 5 hours away from completing the fast. So far I feel good. I just feel like everything is going in slow motion. I did feel very hungry last night, I just drank few bottles of water and tried to sleep. But so far everything is good, I just feel like my emotions are at it heights, I feel like I would easily get mad, upset, sad, determined. Its interesting how water fasting can bring out all these emotions out. This time I am going to face my emotions and deal with it. Good luck to everyone fasting, Those people who are hesitating to fast, please ...   read more

Day 1   12 y  
Day one of the fast
Today is day one of my water fast. I feel pretty good, I do have slight feeling of hunger. My mind is telling me ” oh its only day one, just eat something and you can start tomorrow”. But I have to stay committed and be strong. When fasting your mind can turn against you and tell you all kinds of things to make you feel like its ok to break the fast. I usually find day 2 to be the most hardest, I find on day 2 temptation is the strongest. I am about 7 hours away from completing day one of the fast. I feel pretty good and keep reminding myself of all the benefits of fasting. 20 more ...   read more

Pre-Fast-Starting a new 21 days Water Only fast   12 y  
new fast
I am starting a new water fast, I had attempted to fast for 40days on my previous fast and failed. Even though I did not reach my goal I gained a lot of experience. I will be fasting for 21 days on only water. I have stopped eating at 6pm today on Nov 10th, 2011. I will be blogging everyday and posting my weight loss on a weekly basis.   visit the page

Day 7   13 y  
day 7
Today is day 7 of the water fast, I feel pretty good. I have finished first week of the fast. I have decided that instead of blogging daily, I am going to blog every other day. Today I weighed myself to see how much weight I lost. In 7 days I have lost 12 pounds, which is pretty good, that’s about 1.7 pounds of weight loss per day. So far everything is going smoothly and I know that at the end its all going to be worth it.   visit the page

Day 5   13 y  
Day 5
Today is day 5, I have finally passed the 3-4 day mark. Usually the first few days are the hardest. Things got really busy yesterday and I couldn’t post day 4. But so far everything is going really good. I do feel a bit tired and light headed. I did some light exercise and walked in the morning for some fresh air and sunlight. Overall everything is going good and I am staying focused on my goal.   visit the page

Day 3   13 y  
day 3
Today is day three of the fast. I feel great and I do not feel hungry. Feeling little light headed but that is normal during a fast. I feel more alive and happy when fasting, rather than when eating. I am not hungry but my mouth waters whenever I smell food. Mentally I am staying strong and I think about all the reasons for fasting. I am trying to keep myself warm because it is freezing here. Some of the obstacles to fasting is temptation, boredom, fear and family and friends. When fasting you have to prepare yourself to face any obstacle and say to yourself you will not let your mind talk ...   read more

Day 2   13 y  
day 2
Today is day 2 of the fast. Everything is going pretty good, I do feel hungry most of the time. I try to keep myself occupied, to get my mind of food. I was thinking what would be a good whole body workout. I came to the conclusion that jumping rope would be the best exercise and cheap. So tomorrow I am going to go get a jump rope. I know that when fasting plenty of rest is required. But I feel that you need to do some sort of exercise or stretching to help release toxins through skin. Overall, I am taking everything one day at a time and staying strong.   visit the page

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