My attempt at a 10 day water fast
by clr0717

day two (again)   15 y  
day 2 again
hi guys. Well, I managed to get back on track and now im on day 2...again. My weight started the same, (because of the food i ate, it came all back and fast) but i've lost it again. Actually i've l...   visit the page

day 4 was failure. Starting again.   15 y  
Ok, so last night i caved in and prepared "italian hot dogs" for my husband and myself. For those of you who dont know what an italian dog is, its probably the most delicious way to eat a hot dog. ...   read more

day 4   15 y  
day 4
Well hello there everyone. Its day 4 and surprisingly I feel much better. Maybe its the fact that i actually have fruit juice and cabbage soup in my diet, so i guess technically its no longer a fas...   read more

day 3 nightly update   15 y  
day 3 update
ok, night of day 3 and ive drank prune juice and mango-strawberry-lemon juice. Right now i'm preparing a cabbage-carrot-onion-garlic-tomato soup, of which i will only drink the broth. but going ...   read more

day 3 ...a little better, and a huge decision   15 y  
day three, changes
Ok, this morning like about 7am, I think I hit rock bottom. I was so sore and nauseated that all I could do was whimper and cry, everytime i had to get up and go to the bathroom, was hell. I feel s...   read more

night of day 2....uffff it hurts   15 y  
day 2 night report
ok, along with my BK whopper (which has magically converted into a triple whopper with bacon) i want french fries and kraft maccaroni and cheese with a cut up hot dog. Yep. I'm a little scared that...   read more

Day 2 afternoon   15 y  
day 2 afternoon update
Ok, so I woke up this morning very weak, I'm nauseas and my head hurts. I feel like ive been hit by a truck. And yes, I still want the whopper, but the sensation isn't as strong. I made a cool wall...   read more

day 1 hell   15 y  
i need help
ok. It's been 7 hours since I posted my blog, and i'm ending day 1 and I report the following: IM IN HELL. I dont know why or what evil force is trying to sabotage this for me but all I can thin...   read more

Starting: the decision   15 y  
blog 1
Ok so as I mentioned in the description of the blog, i'm a female, age 30, 5 foot 7 and I weigh 170 pounds (77 kgs) I have decided to take control of my body and my life in the attempt to lose weig...   read more


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Ok, so I am about to start a 10 day water fast for the purposes of clensing my body, gaining energy, getting out of the depression, losing weight, gaining self control and control over my habits and life in general. We shall see day by day what happens. I'm 5'7 and weigh 170 pounds.… more...

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