28 lbs via Juice Fasting
by apstan222
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Days 1 and 2   12 y  
First hurdle...
During day 1 I didn’t have any urges to eat until about 2pm. However, I busied myself with having a lot of water and tea. Managed to stay on the juices which was good. Focussed on other things that kept my mind busy - very important. Also, read other people’s blogs for inspiration. My husband commented that I was looking radiant - thought wow, already? I didn’t feel hungry at night time or when I woke up in the morning. However, I felt quite cold (no fuel in the body, see). Have lost 2lbs or so, which is the norm. Made some more grapefruit and orange juice and filled 2 250 ...   read more

Back to where it's best...   12 y  
Back for more
Hello all! How have things been? Are you fasting yourself, thinking about doing so, or just reading out of interest? Why not follow me then, I will be doing yet another fast starting today so feel free to ask me any questions. I have been meaning to have another cleanse for ages. I started the day today with 6 naval oranges and 2 pink grapefruits (my favourite). Do you have a favourite that you would like to share? At present I am drinking tea (redbush) and my stomach is growling, so time for more juice. I only had two small 250ml bottles so have half a litre at work today. ...   read more

Re-Juicing - Days 1 to 7   13 y  
2nd fast in a month
After breaking my fast two weeks ago for a period of one week, I got back on the juicing wagon for a further 7 days. I re-started on Monday, 2 August 2010, and today is Sunday, 8 August. My weight has been as follows: Day 1 - 10st 1.6lbs Day 2 - 10st 0.2lbs Day 3 - 9st 12.2lbs Day 4 - 9st 11.0bs Day 5 - 9st 9.6lbs Day 6 - 9st 8.8.lbs Day 7 - 9st 8.8lbs That equals a 6.8lb weight loss in 6 days, and a total of 15.2lbs since starting nearly four weeks ago. If I had not broken my fast for a week, I would have been so close to my target of 28lbs. On Day 6 I did not have a ...   read more

Juicing days 9 to 12, and End of Fast   13 y  
"You have nothing to lose except everything you have gained so far"
Today is Monday 26 July and yesterday I ended my fast. I did 12 days, and wanted to do more, but had to break my fast due to the wedding I will be attending tomorrow, where I would have to eat. Every 5 days of fasting requires 1 day to break it apparently, so 12 days would equal a 2-day break. So, sensibly I think, I decided to break my fast yesterday as otherwise if I did eat at the wedding (or someone forced food down my throat, as is the norm) I would not have a painful reaction. Which is a shame as I was very confident that I could do a long stretch. Does not help that I will be ...   read more

Juicing Days 6 to 9 Update   13 y  
"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about"
I will not give up! I am currently on Day 10 and in the last 9 juicing days I have managed to lose 10.8lbs. I am now 9st 13.6lbs (139.6lbs - yay, finally in the 130s!), which is great. I have been having pineapple juice with lemon the last few days, but got sick of it yesterday so have changed to grapefruit, which tastes absolutely delicious. I am however feeling tired and not drinking as much as I should. I will from today incorporate more water as otherwise the cleanse will not work fully. And also, must get vegetables inside me as it has all been fruit so far, and acidic ones a ...   read more

Juicing Day 5   13 y  
"It's a case of results and actions. If you don't like the results, don't do the actions" (from Marionnette's blog)
I was sent a message on curezone by Marionnette so after responding to her kind message I thought I would read her blog. She used the above in one of her posts and I quite like it. So I woke up quite a few times this morning and wondered why I was feeling so uneasy. I decided to wake up as I thought I must be hungry. So decided to make some juice and had some. I realised I was feeling nauseous so immediately after sipping some juice I had temporary relief. However, after about 10 minutes it became worse, to the point I had to run to the bathroom and then I proceeded to vomit all th ...   read more

Juice Fasting - Days 1, 2 and 3   13 y  
"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"
The quote above was from Kate Moss apparently, and I have been thinking about it for a while. Although Kate got slaughtered for saying it, I am trying to use it to stick to my juice fasting! So I started fasting again this week but thought let’s wait until I get back to my previous juice fasting weight a couple of weeks ago which was 10st 4.4lbs. That day is today. I started fasting on Tuesday 13 July and this is how my weight has been: Tue 13 July: 10st 10.4lbs (150.4lbs) Wed 14 July: 10st 8.2lbs (148.2lbs) Thu 15 July: 10st 5.8lbs (145.8lbs) Fri 16 July: 10st 4.4lbs (144.4l ...   read more

Preparation for Stage One   13 y  
Stages of my Fast
So it’s been about 10 days since my last post, and I have put on 3.8lbs. Which is so surprising seeing that I have been eating non stop. Am wondering if it is because I am slowly starting to incorporate virgin coconut oil into my diet. For the last two days I have fried some potatoes in coconut oil, and they tasted really good. Not sure if its because potatoes themselves taste great, or because of the added coconut flavour. Anyway, in order to continue with my mission of losing 28lbs through juice fasting, I am creating some stages. They will be as follows: Stage 1 - 10st (140lb ...   read more

End? of Mini Fast   13 y  
10st 4.4lbs
So I have woken up today just before 9am. It is the weekend and usually I like to lie in a little, but whenever you are on a fast, and because I am so hungry, I tend to wake up earlier than usual. Which is good, as I can be lazy at times. Did my usual weigh ins and have found I am 10st 4.4lbs (144.4lbs). That’s an exact 2lb loss since yesterday, and a 3.4lbs loss in 2 days. Has immediately made me wonder if I should be continuing the fast instead of breaking it today as I am doing so well. Yesterday evening we went to my sister-in-law’s for a barbeque. It was raining so it was q ...   read more

Mini fast Day 2 of 2   13 y  
10st 6.4lbs
At 7.40am this morning, weighed myself and am now 10st 6.4lbs. Haven’t been this weight for the last six months I think. That’s 1.4lb loss since yesterday. Thought to myself would it have been more if I had not drank all that water? (But then water has no calories!!) Did my oil pulling with sesame seed oil for 20 minutes. My teeth do feel a lot cleaner after doing that. I have been doing it on and off twice a day for the last three weeks I think. Will continue, as it can only be doing me good, surely. It is the night of the England match (World Cup in South Africa) and we’ve b ...   read more

Mini-fast Day 1 of 2   13 y  
10st 7.8lbs
Woke up this morning at 7.40am and weighed myself immediately. I am 10st 7.8lbs (147.8lbs) exactly. Seems I have managed to put on 0.8lbs since yesterday. Well, I did have an evening meal yesterday for the first time in two weeks. It consisted of four fish fingers in a pitta bread with ketchup and tartare sauce. I know, probably not one of the healthiest choices, but my pitta breads were going bad so had to find a way to finish them! Also had two alfonso mangoes - these are so sweet and delicious! So that was my fruit intake anyway. Stopped myself from touching those muffins in t ...   read more

10st 7lbs   13 y  
28lbs through juice fasting begins...
In the last two weeks I have been on a diet which I call the ’5pm diet’. Basically I have to drink 2 litres of water a day and add a couple of fruits/vegetables, whilst eating a sensible breakfast and lunch and stop eating at 5pm every day. I have done that for the last two weeks. My calories have been around 1,000. So far I have managed to lose about 4 lbs in the last two weeks. Which is good, but since I have been exercising as well I thought it would be much more. For the last week or so my weight has been stuck on 10st 7lbs (147lbs). Last year I was 9st 6lbs (132lbs). My idea ...   read more

Oil Pulling   13 y  
Oil Pulling
I am slowly making myself prepare for my juice fast. I am not sure how many days I will be able to do it, but I must try to nonetheless. I indulged in some oil pulling yesterday, after a very long time. I have bought cold-pressed sesame oil to test it out, last time I did sunflower. My entire health is very poor, and most recently I have become concerned about my teeth. I am an ice cream lover, and I was starting to get worried when my teeth started to get really sensitive. Even when I brush them! Not good. Also, they bleed every time I brush them. I am pleased to say that a ...   read more

How did this happen!!   13 y  
How did this happen?! I am now 10st 10.4lbs!! I’ll tell you how. Moving house and not having a proper kitchen for a month, and then eating take outs all the time. Then, being on my period for SIX WEEKS so felt too tired to exercise. Now I have ballooned up and now need to lose an extra 6lbs, which means a total of 34lbs! I can’t believe I am 150lbs, my clothes are so tight, it’s embarrassing. Must get started on the juices, that is the only thing that makes me keep to a healthy weight. I am prepping and will insha’allah start a juice fast in the very near future. What I need ...   read more

Day Two - 10st 1.1lbs (26.1lbs to go)   14 y  
Loss of 2.7lbs in one day
It is Day 2 today (Friday, November 6th) and weighed in at 10st 1.1lbs - a loss of 2.7lbs in one day. I consumed about 1.5 litres of liquid yesterday - should up this to 2 litres today. Today’s juice is made up of 11 apples (9 golden delicious/2 cooking apples (ripe)) and 1/4 lime. Breakfast yesterday was at 10am, very bad seeing that I woke at 7.30am. So today, before leaving for the office, took some sips of the apple juice. Breakfast - 8am apple juice sips/250ml juice at 10am Lunch - 250ml juice (12pm) RECORD: Day One: 10st 3.8lbs (143.8lbs) Day Two: 10st 1.1lbs (14 ...   read more

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